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Temuera Morrison Pursues Viciously for Intel in ‘Sons of Summer’ Clip [Exclusive]

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Sons of Summer Film

The film ‘Sons of Summer’, a gripping thriller, tells the tale of Sean and his friends who face unexpected challenges during their road journey to a surfing town, embroiled in drug trafficking and mob activity.
A clip from the film introduces us to Frank, portrayed by Temuera Morrison, who is in search of a debtor, only to be met with obstinacy and a resulting brawl.
The film showcases a star-studded cast, including Joe Davidson, Isabel Lucas, among others, under the direction of Clive Fleury. The narrative interweaves elements of crime and action alongside astounding surfing stunts.

As the saying goes, no summer escapade to a cozy surf-town is complete without a run-in with the local drug-peddling gangster. Despite fall’s impending arrival, there’s still room for one last summer misadventure, courtesy of Lionsgate’s forthcoming ‘Sons of Summer’. In a new excerpt from the movie, which FilmSweep is thrilled to share exclusively, Temuera Morrison, one of the film’s key figures, is relentlessly pursuing information, at any cost necessary.

The latest snippet displays Frank (Morrison) confronting another individual near the coastal cliffs, seemingly in an effort to reclaim owed money. When the man falls short of payment, attributing it to the rising cost of living, he tries to divert Frank’s attention to Rick (Alex Fleri), whom the man claims is indebted to numerous individuals, including himself. When he refuses to reveal Rick’s whereabouts to Frank, a brawl ensues, with Frank leaving his adversary in a rather perilous situation. While the cost of living might be on the rise, it appears the cost of dying is following suit.

Who are the Cast Members of Sons of Summer?

The ensemble cast includes not only Morrison and Fleri but also Joe Davidson portraying Sean, a youth whose surfing road trip with pals lands them in local trouble, and significant hot water with a mob boss. Isabel Lucas appears as Sean’s girlfriend Katie, who becomes the leverage for their wrongdoings. Additional cast members include Steve Nation, Jonathan Weir, Christopher Pate, David E. Woodley, Steve Younf, Phillip Avalon, and Pacha Luque-Light. The Australian production, directed by Clive Fleury and written by Avalon and Greg Clayton, is bound to intrigue viewers.

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Temuera Morrison to Star in Jason Momoa’s ‘Chief Of War’ on AppleTV+

‘Sons of Summer’ hits theaters and goes digital on July 28. Don’t miss the clip and official synopsis below:

Embodying the essence of the thriller ‘Point Break’, ‘Sons of Summer’ is a breathtaking crime-action movie, filled with extraordinary surfing feats. To commemorate his father’s death, Sean takes his friends on a trip to his surfer father’s beloved beach. However, Sean’s friend involved in drug dealing forces him into a risky act – to pilfer a heroin consignment from a local gangster. In retaliation, the crime boss kidnaps Sean’s girlfriend, aiming to reclaim his drugs. Will Sean be able to return to town soon enough to save both her life and his own?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sons of Summer Film

Who stars in the film ‘Sons of Summer’?

The film ‘Sons of Summer’ features an ensemble cast including Temuera Morrison, Joe Davidson, Isabel Lucas, Alex Fleri, Steve Nation, Jonathan Weir, Christopher Pate, David E. Woodley, Steve Younf, Phillip Avalon, and Pacha Luque-Light.

What is the storyline of ‘Sons of Summer’?

‘Sons of Summer’ tells the tale of Sean and his friends who go on a road trip to a surf town and get embroiled in a web of drug dealing and mob activity. When Sean’s friend forces him to steal a heroin shipment from a local mobster, the crime lord retaliates by kidnapping Sean’s girlfriend, leading to a series of thrilling events.

Who directed and wrote the film ‘Sons of Summer’?

The film ‘Sons of Summer’ was directed by Clive Fleury and the screenplay was written by Phillip Avalon and Greg Clayton.

When will ‘Sons of Summer’ be available in theaters and digitally?

‘Sons of Summer’ is set to be released in theaters and will be available digitally on July 28.

What other projects is Temuera Morrison involved in?

Temuera Morrison has been cast in Jason Momoa’s ‘Chief Of War’ on AppleTV+.

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Cinephile88 July 28, 2023 - 2:54 pm

they’ve mixed crime with surfing, huh? sounds unusual, hope it’s pulled off well. looking forward to the release!

ThrillSeeker July 28, 2023 - 2:59 pm

This film looks edge-of-seat stuff. But I’m a bit confused – is it a crime thriller or a surfing movie?? Anyway, Temuera Morrison is always a treat to watch.

SurfDude97 July 28, 2023 - 3:18 pm

woah, Sons of Summer sounds sick! cant wait to c Temuera Morrison in action, dudes got serious acting chops. The surfing scenes gonna be dope!!

Kris10 July 28, 2023 - 6:12 pm

I’m not usually into thrillers, but this one caught my eye, mainly cause of the cast. Cant wait to see Isabel Lucas in this one.

MovieBuff2023 July 29, 2023 - 3:19 am

Trailer was intense! hope the movie’s just as good. drug dealing, mob boss, surfing, has everything I like in a movie. going to watch it asap.


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