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‘The Marvels’: Dar-Benn Is Very Different From the Comics Says Nia DaCosta

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The Marvels’: Nia DaCosta Highlights Distinct Differences of Dar-Benn from Comics

In the realm of “The Marvels,” Nia DaCosta, the director, brings attention to the considerable divergence of the character Dar-Benn in the film compared to her original depiction in the comic books. Throughout the evolution of the screenplay, alterations were introduced to the character’s narrative.

Mary Livanos, the executive producer, characterizes the cinematic portrayal of Dar-Benn as a “deep-cut” from the comics. This rendition symbolizes a fresh era within the Kree empire, forged in the wake of a significant clash with Captain Marvel.

Several challenges confront “The Marvels,” including grappling with superhero fatigue, addressing critiques of Marvel’s diminishing quality, navigating the unionization of VFX professionals, and managing potential hurdles in promoting actors due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

The advantage of following a franchise derived from an extensive series of comic books is the ability to glean insights from the source material about characters and storylines’ significance to the overarching narrative. However, with “The Marvels,” understanding the particulars of the new antagonist, Dar-Benn (Zawe Ashton), proves to be less straightforward. In an interview with Total Film Magazine, director Nia DaCosta, known for “Candyman,” disclosed that the character significantly deviates from her comic book roots, with the differences extending beyond gender.

DaCosta revealed that although certain parallels exist between the two versions, the trajectory of Dar-Benn’s story underwent transformations as the screenplay developed. The comics indeed provided inspiration, and the director affirmed that Dar-Benn’s fundamental vision aligns between the page and the screen. However, beyond these commonalities, does the on-screen villain bear resemblance to her comic book origins?

“In essence, I can confidently state that the likeness is not very strong, aside from their perspective on the Kree and the Kree’s role in the universe. We drew inspiration from the period in the comic books involving two emperors, and some of that narrative was initially woven into the early script versions. However, as we assumed creative control and charted our unique narrative course, much of that was shed. Yet, in terms of exuding the energy of a Kree imperialist, there are similarities.”

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Mary Livanos, Executive Producer of “The Marvels,” further elaborated on these distinctions in an interview with Total Film. She described the cinematic rendition of Dar-Benn as a “deep-cut” from the comics, representing a profound layer of the source material. Livanos underscored the decision to emphasize the essence of what the character symbolizes: “a new era of the Kree empire following a cataclysmic clash with Captain Marvel in the past.” She concluded by suggesting that Dar-Benn would be a comprehensible antagonist, one whose motivations are easily graspable, making her belief in her actions quite understandable.

“The Marvels” readies itself to confront a challenging landscape both in terms of its narrative world and its audience reception. As the forthcoming addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “The Marvels” shoulders several expectations. Marvel Studios aspires to build upon the success of “Captain Marvel,” which garnered over a billion dollars at the box office in 2019. Yet, the film’s release comes amidst a backdrop of superhero saturation, coupled with critical voices highlighting a decline in Marvel’s content quality.

Amidst these concerns, the effort by VFX professionals to unionize spotlights the need for better working conditions within the Avengers’ creative hub. Additionally, the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike raises the prospect of the movie premiering without the usual promotional efforts involving its cast. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of Marvel enthusiasts to witness Brie Larson’s reprisal of Carol Danvers on the big screen remains high, potentially leading to a successful box office performance.

“The Marvels” is slated to debut in theaters on November 10. The latest trailer can be viewed below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Marvels film

What changes have been made to the character Dar-Benn in “The Marvels” film compared to the comics?

Director Nia DaCosta reveals that Dar-Benn in the film has undergone significant alterations from her comic book counterpart, with the story evolving in the screenplay.

How does Dar-Benn differ from her comic book version in the film?

Director Nia DaCosta explains that while there are similarities, the cinematic Dar-Benn’s story deviated as the screenplay evolved. The character’s role as a Kree imperialist is retained, but other aspects have been reimagined.

How does the movie version of Dar-Benn relate to the comics?

Mary Livanos, the executive producer, describes movie Dar-Benn as a “deep-cut” from the comics. The character signifies a new era of the Kree empire following a significant encounter with Captain Marvel.

What challenges does “The Marvels” film face?

The film confronts challenges like superhero fatigue, criticism of Marvel’s content quality, unionizing of VFX professionals, and potential actor promotion issues due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

When is “The Marvels” film set to premiere?

“The Marvels” is scheduled to debut in theaters on November 10, continuing the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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omg this movie sounds so excitin cant wait 2 c new Dar-Benn, thx 4 all the g8 info bout the changes, hope it does well at the box offce!

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nia dacosta seems 2 b puttin her own spin on Dar-Benn, intrsting 2 c how it turns out, superheros r evrywhr tho, they shud try sumthin diffrent

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luv how they’re takin chances with Dar-Benn, kudos 2 the team 4 adaptin the story, hope it stays tru 2 Kree empire vibes, can’t wait 4 nov 10!


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