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The Unforeseen Journey of Slash to the ‘Barbie’ Movie Soundtrack

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The unexpected involvement of Slash in the Barbie film resonates well with Barbie’s characteristic unpredictability and oddness. Mark Ronson, the soundtrack’s producer and songwriter, proposed the idea to Slash, who took a liking to it and decided to get on board. Despite the challenging process due to unforeseen alterations during the recording of “I’m Just Ken,” Slash found it enjoyable and relished the opportunity to step outside his typical rockstar image.

In the slew of surprises packed within the Barbie movie, the one that completely caught viewers off guard was the participation of the legendary rockstar Slash. Given Barbie’s eccentricity and unpredictability, Slash’s contribution to the film seems to align seamlessly when put into perspective. In a conversation with FilmSweep, the guitarist from Guns N’ Roses gave an insight into how he ended up contributing to the power ballad “I’m Just Ken.”

Throughout the discussion, Slash disclosed to our correspondent Christina Radish that, as most of us would guess, being a part of the Barbie movie never crossed his mind. However, he admitted to his knack for dabbling in ‘crazy stuff,’ attributing his involvement in the project to the person who proposed it to him, making it virtually impossible for him to turn it down:

“Mark Ronson, the soundtrack’s producer and possibly the writer of the entire score, approached me to play a piece for the movie. I have a lot of respect for Mark. He is an amazing person, an incredibly talented producer, and a fantastic songwriter. So, I told him, ‘Send it over to me, and I will check it out.’ He sent me a demo, and I found it amusing that it was a song about Ken. I thought, ‘Sure, I can work with this.’ It was a session where Mark provided a basic structure. He would send over materials, and I would record them in the studio and send them back.”

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Rock Is Subversion, and So Is Slash

Slash mentioned that the session for “I’m Just Ken” turned out to be a little challenging as it underwent a complete transformation once drummer Josh Freese (The Vandals/Foo Fighters) came on board, making him reassess the composition. However, he found it “fun,” despite the unexpected changes. Furthermore, Slash expressed how he’s not confined to the ‘serious’ rockstar persona:

“I don’t adhere to a rigid image of who I should be, nor do I fear stepping outside that box and surprising people. I’m simply not that person. I do what I feel like doing.”

The power ballad “I’m Just Ken” is set to make more headlines in the near future. Following the film’s impressive debut this weekend, the song is poised to climb music charts as viewers seek out the movie’s soundtrack. Barbie is currently playing in theaters. You can listen to the power ballad and experience the ‘Kennergy’ below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Soundtrack

How did Slash end up contributing to the ‘Barbie’ movie soundtrack?

Slash unexpectedly contributed to the ‘Barbie’ movie soundtrack after being approached by Mark Ronson, the producer and songwriter for the film. Ronson pitched the idea to Slash, who loved it and agreed to participate in the creation of the power ballad “I’m Just Ken.”

What was Slash’s experience recording “I’m Just Ken”?

Recording “I’m Just Ken” was not an easy session for Slash due to unexpected changes that occurred during the process. Drummer Josh Freese’s involvement led to a complete transformation of the song’s composition. However, Slash ultimately had fun with the recording and enjoyed the opportunity to venture outside of his usual rockstar persona.

How did Slash feel about being part of the ‘Barbie’ movie?

Initially, Slash had never considered being part of the ‘Barbie’ movie. However, he was persuaded by Mark Ronson’s proposal and found the idea amusing. Despite not being tied to a strict rockstar image, Slash embraced the opportunity and felt comfortable contributing to the soundtrack.

What is the potential impact of the song “I’m Just Ken”?

After the impressive debut of the ‘Barbie’ movie, “I’m Just Ken” is expected to gain popularity and stand out on music charts as audiences search for the movie’s soundtrack. The song’s unique collaboration with Slash is likely to draw attention from both fans of the rockstar and Barbie enthusiasts.

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