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Unveil the Wonder of ‘Barbie’ Universe in Fresh 20-Minute Behind-the-Scenes Footage

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Live-action Barbie Film

The Barbie mania is at its peak, with the world getting a pink makeover, and no one seems to mind. The upcoming film, led by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and directed by Greta Gerwig, is set to wow audiences. The movie aims to encapsulate everything Barbie, from triggering a pink paint shortage to manifesting a universe where Barbie experiences an existential crisis. This upcoming feature promises to be a delightful revelation.

Gerwig, discussing the film’s cast in the behind-the-scenes footage, said, “We were tasked with creating a Barbie and Ken world that mirrored the exceptional diversity Mattel has incorporated in their Barbie and Ken lines. It was a natural choice, considering we wanted it to be on display.” She further praised the crew’s talent, adding, “These are some incredibly talented individuals, and they’re exceptionally funny and great. It felt like crafting a fantasy realm that was… I wouldn’t term it perfect because the Kens lack substantial power and Alan possesses no power, but there’s a kind of reverence in terms of the team that united to produce it.”

The Barbie Universe

The cast’s diversity isn’t the only inspiration derived from the toy company. Robbie, who also produced the movie, commented, “Our starting point was the Mattel line, and when it comes to costumes, you get a Barbie in a pack with all the matching accessories and outfit pieces, or in some cases, outfits that can transition from day to night. We embraced that idea and pushed it further.” All the fantastic costumes Robbie dons in the film draw inspiration from the various outfits Barbie has sported over the years.

While Barbie is content in her flawless world, things shift when she experiences an existential crisis that draws her towards the real world. Will Ferrell, playing the Mattel CEO in the movie, describes, “I am at the helm of this large corporation that despite making toys has a somewhat ominous aura. We introduce my character and our team when we discover a rift has formed between Barbie Land and the real world.” To help the audience piece together the story, Helen Mirren will be narrating the tale, much like David Attenborough’s nature film narration. “I am the sagely, informed, detached, and objective voice unfolding the story of Barbie,” she amusingly states.

A Glimpse at John Cena’s Kenmaid

Although Gerwig hinted that Ken possesses no power in Barbie’s world, Gosling remains tight-lipped. “There’s Ken Scott, Ken Kingsley, Ken Simu, and there’s Alan. How are they Ken? They’re Ken-ing all over.” Gosling chuckles, “They are out-Ken-ing each other. They are Ken-ing so intensely they’re going to blind themselves with Ken. They need to stop Ken-ing.” Simu Liu, however, gives us a hint, “Ken Simu is best described as a contender to Ryan’s.”

Cena’s Kenmaid, replete with blonde hair, neck draped in seashells, and a blue tail, is another aspect fans are excited about. Cena’s casting was unexpected and has stirred great curiosity among fans about his role in the film. “I believe it’s going to be a film that all audiences will enjoy, one that sparks dialogue. And I think it’s going to be visually stunning,” Cena said, without disclosing much about his character. He adds, “the audience will leave with a varied set of opinions, which I believe is the ultimate form of entertainment.”

The director, elucidating the themes of Barbie, shares, “I’m very conscious about how every time girls and women make progress, we also set ourselves a new, different, and unreachable ideal as if ‘we just raised the bar.’” Gerwig believes that an essential point Gloria, played by America Ferrara, makes is, “There’s no right way to do it,” and further adds,

“I sense that for many girls and boys, the expectation to be exceptional all the time feels like a precondition to earning your place, and I want to instill in people the belief that, ‘you’re okay and you have worth just as you are. It’s not something you have to earn or achieve.’”

Barbie premieres on July 21. You can watch the new featurette below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Barbie movie, behind-the-scenes, creativity

What is the behind-the-scenes video about?

The behind-the-scenes video offers a captivating glimpse into the magic and creativity of the upcoming Barbie movie, showcasing the production value, costumes, and themes explored in the film.

Who are the lead actors in the Barbie movie?

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are the lead actors in the Barbie movie.

Who is the director of the Barbie movie?

The Barbie movie is directed by Greta Gerwig.

How does the movie celebrate diversity?

The movie celebrates diversity by creating a world of Barbies and Kens that mirrors the incredible diversity found in Mattel’s lines of Barbie dolls. The ensemble cast of the movie showcases talent from various backgrounds, contributing to a more inclusive representation.

What is the premise of the Barbie movie?

The movie revolves around Barbie’s existential crisis, as she transitions from her perfect world into the real world. A rift between Barbie Land and reality sets the stage for an engaging narrative that explores themes of self-discovery and empowerment.

How are the costumes inspired by Barbie dolls?

The costumes in the movie draw inspiration from the concept of Barbie doll packs, where a Barbie comes with matching accessories and interchangeable outfit pieces. The film takes this idea and expands upon it, resulting in stunning and visually appealing outfits.

What role does Helen Mirren play in the movie?

Helen Mirren lends her voice to narrate the story of Barbie in the movie, offering a wise, knowledgeable, and objective perspective, akin to David Attenborough’s narration in nature films.

Who plays Ken in the movie?

Ken is portrayed by actors such as Ken Scott, Ken Kingsley, Ken Simu, and Alan. Their interactions and dynamics within the Barbie universe add an entertaining element to the story.

When does the Barbie movie release?

The Barbie movie is set to premiere on July 21.

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dreamer_girl July 13, 2023 - 9:32 pm

the barbie movie seems to address important themes about self-worth and societal pressure. it’s refreshing to see a film that encourages people to embrace their uniqueness. can’t wait to be inspired by it!

cinemafanatic July 14, 2023 - 12:38 am

wow! the behind-the-scenes video gives such an interesting peek into the making of the barbie movie. i’m excited to see how they bring barbie’s existential crisis to life. the diverse cast sounds amazing too!

ken4ever July 14, 2023 - 9:20 am

ken is finally getting the spotlight in the barbie movie! i can’t wait to see all the funny and ken-tastic moments. john cena as kenmaid is a surprising choice, but i bet he’ll rock it! gonna be a must-watch!

barbieFan97 July 14, 2023 - 5:37 pm

omg! i can’t wait 4 da barbie movie!!! it’s gonna b soooooo amazing! margot robbie n ryan gosling r gonna rock it! greta gerwig iz a great director 2! gonna watch it with all my bffs!! #excited

pinklover123 July 14, 2023 - 5:41 pm

the barbie movie looks so cool! i luv how they r celebrating diversity with the cast. the costumes r gonna b amazin too, just like barbie dolls! i’m counting down the days till it comes out!


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