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When Kamala Khan Idolizes Carol Danvers in Fresh ‘The Marvels’ Snapshot

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In the soon-to-be-released film, The Marvels, get ready to dive deep into the complex family dynamics and frosty sisterly ties between Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau. The unease stemming from Carol’s broken promise to return and her absence at the time of Monica’s mother’s demise will add layers of conflict between the characters. Adding a fresh angle to the story is Kamala Khan, whose reverence for Captain Marvel and strong belief in family values will become integral plot points.

The forthcoming installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Marvels, is set to focus on the intricacies of dysfunctional family bonds. Director Nia DaCosta is steering the narrative of Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson) and Monica Rambeau (portrayed by Teyonah Parris), whose relationship can best be described as chilly—particularly after their parting ways post-Captain Marvel and following the cosmic mayhem known as “The Blip.”

“In an exclusive chat with Empire Magazine, DaCosta elaborated, “I thought it would be intriguing to overlay a narrative of family estrangement and a complex sisterly relationship onto these characters. Carol is the wayward elder sister, and Monica, the one in the middle, whom Carol vowed to return to but never did. Sure, all the body-swapping shenanigans are entertaining, but what really matters is their journey towards reconciliation.”

The dangling promise and the intricate backstory between the two characters are set to ignite major tension, exacerbated by Carol’s absence during the loss of her closest friend and Monica’s mom, Maria Rambeau (brought to life by Lashana Lynch in Captain Marvel). This tension is going to crackle even amidst the delightfully bizarre body-switching antics teased in the trailer. To spice things up, enter the effervescent Kamala Khan, portrayed by Iman Vellani, a proverbial wildcard in the unfolding drama. It will be especially captivating to witness Kamala’s interactions with her idol, Captain Marvel.

DaCosta further elaborated, “Kamala is the youngest in this equation. She may not have grown up with Carol as an older sister, but she’s her biggest fan. Carol might start off somewhat cynical, but Kamala will be there to remind her of her own greatness.”

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In her own series, Ms. Marvel, Kamala faced off against Earth-bound threats with exceptional courage. Now she’s stepping up to the cosmic big leagues. According to DaCosta, Kamala’s unwavering faith in family and humanity might just provide her the grit needed to confront these new challenges. “Kamala is venturing into space, meeting some rather unfriendly extraterrestrial sovereigns, yet she never loses her core strength and belief in family,” DaCosta added. “Even when she’s around Captain Marvel and clearly out of her element, she retains her inner resolve.”

Get ready to catch The Marvels as it bursts onto the big screen on November 10. And, oh, don’t forget to check out the most recent trailer below.

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