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Why Nicolas Cage Embraced Action Comedy in ‘The Retirement Plan’

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In a surprising turn of events, the iconic Nicolas Cage has ventured into the realm of action comedy with his latest film, ‘The Retirement Plan.’ The movie, which is already lighting up screens across the United States, has piqued the curiosity of fans and critics alike. But what made Cage, known for his diverse career, including roles in classics like ‘Raising Arizona,’ decide to take on this unique project? Let’s dive into the intriguing journey that led him to join the cast and explore why ‘The Retirement Plan’ is more than just another action-packed flick.

The Concept of Family Movies and Comedy

Director Tim Brown, the mastermind behind ‘The Retirement Plan,’ saw something extraordinary in Nicolas Cage’s comedic potential. He described Cage as “phenomenally talented” in the realm of comedy, praising his impeccable timing and the subtle nuances he brings to his characters. Brown affectionately coined this unique quality as the “Nic Cage spice,” a delightful seasoning that enriches any cinematic dish.

So, why did Cage say yes to this particular project? Well, it turns out that he has a soft spot for family movies. He admires Japanese cinema, particularly the works of legendary director Akira Kurosawa, known for his emphasis on family values in his films. This thematic connection drew Cage to ‘The Retirement Plan,’ where family takes center stage amidst the action and humor. It’s a departure from his typical roles, and Cage welcomed the opportunity to infuse his craft with a dose of comedy.

A Fresh Challenge for Cage

While Cage is no stranger to comedy, having left us in stitches with his role in ‘Raising Arizona,’ he’s primarily known for his prowess in action and drama. ‘The Retirement Plan’ posed a different kind of challenge for the seasoned actor. Director Tim Brown recognized that Cage’s comedic talent was a hidden gem in his repertoire and was determined to showcase it.

The film kicks off with Cage portraying Matt, a retired assassin who has bid farewell to a life of bloodshed, opting instead for a peaceful existence. However, the tranquil days are abruptly disrupted when Matt’s daughter, Ashley (played by Ashley Greene), becomes embroiled in a perilous conflict with ruthless criminals. To save his family from a grim fate, Matt must dust off his deadly skills and dive back into the world of mayhem. It’s a comedic adventure that follows a man who hasn’t thrown a punch in ages.

Inspired by ‘John Wick,’ but with a Twist

‘The Retirement Plan’ draws inspiration from the ‘John Wick’ franchise, known for its stylish and intense action sequences. Both films feature a retired hero returning to their former life for a high-stakes showdown. While Keanu Reeves’ John Wick is a force to be reckoned with, Cage’s Matt brings a comedic twist to the formula.

Although Matt may be older than Wick, he shares a knack for unconventional tactics when taking down his adversaries. Director Tim Brown’s unique vision infuses humor into every action-packed scene, creating a distinct and entertaining experience for the audience.

In summary, Nicolas Cage’s decision to join ‘The Retirement Plan’ was a combination of his love for family-themed movies and a desire to showcase his comedic prowess. Director Tim Brown recognized Cage’s untapped potential in the realm of comedy and was determined to bring out the “Nic Cage spice” in this action-packed, humorous adventure. Inspired by ‘John Wick’ but with a unique twist, ‘The Retirement Plan’ promises to be an exciting and amusing addition to Cage’s storied career. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind cinematic experience, currently playing in theaters near you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nicolas Cage, The Retirement Plan

Why did Nicolas Cage decide to take on the role in ‘The Retirement Plan’?

Nicolas Cage was drawn to ‘The Retirement Plan’ primarily because of his love for family movies and a desire to explore comedy in his acting career. The concept of family values in the film appealed to him, and he appreciated the thematic connection to Japanese cinema, particularly the works of Akira Kurosawa. Additionally, Cage’s comedic talent, known as the “Nic Cage spice,” was a significant factor that influenced his decision to join the project.

What makes ‘The Retirement Plan’ different from Nicolas Cage’s previous roles?

‘The Retirement Plan’ offers Nicolas Cage a unique challenge as it combines action with comedy. While Cage is known for his versatility in film, this particular role allows him to showcase his comedic timing and nuances in a way that sets it apart from his more action-oriented and dramatic roles. It’s a departure from his usual repertoire and showcases a different facet of his acting abilities.

How does ‘The Retirement Plan’ compare to the ‘John Wick’ franchise?

‘The Retirement Plan’ draws inspiration from the ‘John Wick’ franchise in terms of featuring a retired hero returning to their old life for action-packed conflicts. However, the film distinguishes itself by infusing a comedic touch into the narrative. While both films involve retired protagonists, ‘The Retirement Plan’ stands out with its humor and unconventional comedic elements, making it a unique and entertaining experience.

Who is the director of ‘The Retirement Plan’?

The director of ‘The Retirement Plan’ is Tim Brown. He is the creative force behind the film and played a crucial role in bringing out Nicolas Cage’s comedic talent, referred to as the “Nic Cage spice,” in the movie.

Where can I watch ‘The Retirement Plan’?

As of now, ‘The Retirement Plan’ is currently playing in theaters across the United States. Be sure to check local listings for showtimes and availability in your area.

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Nic Cage in a comedy? sounds like a blast! Plus, the Japanese cinema influence adds a cool twist. gonna check this one out for sure.

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wow, i din’t no cage could do comedy, bt the article says he got dis “Nic Cage spice,” lol, gotta watch this retirement plan!

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I’m a huge fan of John Wick and Nicolas Cage, so dis movie got my attention. can’t wait 2 see how dey mix action and comedy!

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The article really gives insight into why Cage chose this role. Love his versatility as an actor. Excited to see him in ‘The Retirement Plan’!


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