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Win Passes to Our Exclusive IMAX Premiere of ‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice’

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Prepare yourselves, dear FilmSweep aficionados, for a spine-tingling adventure on the grandest of screens! The esteemed Kenneth Branagh, an Academy Award winner in his own right, returns to dazzle us once more. This time, he graces the silver screen as the iconic detective Hercule Poirot in ‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice.’ But that’s not all, folks! Joining Branagh is an ensemble of stars, including the incomparable Tina Fey, the mesmerizing Michelle Yeoh, and the captivating Kelly Reilly, making this cinematic experience an absolute must for anyone seeking thrills and chills. In this cinematic adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic tales, prepare to be transported into a world where mystery meets the supernatural. And the best part? You have the chance to win tickets to this unforgettable spectacle!

The season of spookiness has arrived, FilmSweep enthusiasts! If you happen to find yourself in the City of Angels, we’ve teamed up with 20th Century Studios and the IMAX crew to embark on a journey alongside the legendary Hercule Poirot, courtesy of director, producer, and star extraordinaire, Kenneth Branagh. Continue reading, if you dare…

As autumn’s cool embrace descends, our Academy Award-winning maestro, Branagh, steps back into the shoes of the enigmatic Hercule Poirot. Post-World War II, Poirot finds himself disillusioned with the world and decides to retire to the enchanting city of Venice. Instead of solving mysteries, he now indulges in the pleasures of pastries and the beauty of his garden. However, tranquility eludes him when the best-selling author and dear friend Ariadne Oliver (portrayed by the hilarious Tina Fey) invites him to a séance hosted by the renowned clairvoyant, Joyce Reynolds (the illustrious Michelle Yeoh). This eerie event takes place in a palatial mansion owned by opera diva Rowena Drake (the mesmerizing Kelly Reilly). What was intended as a night of fun and an attempt to debunk the supernatural quickly spirals into a murder mystery, with Poirot and Oliver finding themselves amidst a slew of suspects and specters!

‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice’ Screening Details

For all you Los Angeles residents and those willing to make the journey, FilmSweep and 20th Century’s IMAX screening of ‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice’ will grace the big screen on Wednesday, September 13th, starting at 7 pm. Mark your calendars and clear your schedules because this is a cinematic adventure you won’t want to miss on the IMAX canvas, where every scare and clue comes to life!

![Image via Disney](Image via Disney)

Supernatural Sleuthing & a Stellar Cast

Derived from the timeless tales and beloved characters penned by the literary luminary, Agatha Christie, ‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice’ comes to life through the masterful adaptation and writing of Academy Award nominee Michael Green (known for ‘Logan’). Branagh, ever the virtuoso, not only stars but also directs this cinematic marvel, and he’s joined by a constellation of stars. Alongside Fey, Yeoh, and Reilly, you’ll find Jamie Dornan (of ‘The Fall’ fame), reuniting with Branagh after their collaboration in ‘Belfast.’ In a manner reminiscent of Branagh’s previous Christie adaptations, such as ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and ‘Death on the Nile,’ this film boasts an ensemble cast that promises to leave you spellbound. But here’s the twist, my dear readers: ‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice’ dabbles in the supernatural, making it more of a ghostly narrative than your typical crime thriller. Prepare for a cinematic journey that blurs the lines between the earthly and the otherworldly!

How to Secure Your ‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice’ Tickets

To throw your hat into the ring for a chance to win these coveted tickets, simply follow this link and provide us with your email address. Don’t forget to let us know if you’d like to bring a guest along for this thrilling ride. Hurry and RSVP as soon as possible because you don’t want to be left out in the cold on this one. The screening commences at 7 pm on September 13th, so keep your eyes peeled. We’ll be reaching out to the lucky winners in the days leading up to the grand event. Get ready for an evening filled with intrigue, suspense, and spectral surprises!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Supernatural Cinema

Q: When and where is the IMAX screening of ‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice’ taking place?

A: The screening will be held on Wednesday, September 13th, in Los Angeles.

Q: What time does the screening start?

A: The screening will begin at 7 pm, so be sure to clear your schedule for an eerie evening adventure.

Q: How can I win tickets to the IMAX screening?

A: To enter for a chance to win tickets, simply follow the provided link and provide us with your email address. You can also indicate if you’d like to bring a guest with you.

Q: When will the winners be notified?

A: We’ll be contacting the lucky winners in the days leading up to September 13th, so keep an eye on your inbox for the exciting news.

Q: What makes ‘A Spooky Sojourn in Venice’ different from other Hercule Poirot mysteries?

A: This adaptation takes a supernatural twist, turning the classic mystery into a ghost story, offering a unique and thrilling experience.

Q: Who are the stars of the film?

A: The film boasts an ensemble cast, including Kenneth Branagh, Tina Fey, Michelle Yeoh, and Kelly Reilly, promising a stellar performance.

Q: Is this screening suitable for all ages?

A: The screening is intended for fans of supernatural mysteries and thrilling cinema, so it may not be suitable for very young audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

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