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A Glimpse into Love in the Digital Era: Riz Ahmed and Jessie Buckley Star in ‘Fingernails’ First Images

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‘Fingernails’ is a science fiction film that delves into the concept of love in the modern, digital era, examining relationships through a novel technology that scans the fingernails of couples to gauge their happiness. This unique blend of cutting-edge tech within a straightforward, emotionally-driven world sets it apart from conventional sci-fi narratives.

Known for his part in ‘Fingernails,’ Jeremy Allen White will take on a leading role in ‘The Iron Claw,’ a forthcoming film focused on professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich and his family’s story, slated for release later this year.

The initial images of ‘Fingernails,’ directed by Christos Nikou, have been unveiled, giving a sneak peek into a world where people are eager to know whether love can truly exist in our digitalized era. Starring Riz Ahmed, Jessie Buckley, and Jeremy Allen White, this upcoming science fiction tale explores what really keeps a relationship going beyond mere appearances. In an age dominated by rapid technological communication, the movie encourages us to pause and contemplate the broader human connections as it premieres in theaters and on Apple TV+ later this year.

The plot kicks off when a machine is invented that assesses the happiness of couples based on a simple scan of their fingernails. The study’s aim is to scientifically verify whether a relationship should continue, with the characters portrayed by the above actors participating in this unique experiment. Whether the humanity inherent in romantic relationships will be considered in this process is yet to be revealed.

What distinguishes ‘Fingernails’ from other sci-fi works exploring human emotion through logic is its contrasting setting. While the study’s machine will be highly advanced, the technological backdrop for the main characters will be surprisingly archaic. Unlike the futuristic vision presented in ‘Back to the Future,’ Nikou’s world is intentionally simple, centering on the emotional evolution of its characters.

Image via Apple TV+
Jeremy Allen White’s Upcoming Projects

After partaking in an unorthodox experiment to discover the existence of true love, Jeremy Allen White is set to star in ‘The Iron Claw.’ This Sean Durkin-directed film, chronicling professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich and his family’s triumphs and struggles in and out of the ring, will hit theaters later this year. Produced by A24, the movie will also feature Zac Efron and Lily James.

The official images from ‘Fingernails’ are now available for viewing, ahead of the movie’s theatrical and Apple TV+ release on November 3:

Image via Apple TV+
Image via Apple TV+
Image via Apple TV+

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sci-fi film

What is ‘Fingernails’ about?

‘Fingernails’ is a sci-fi film exploring love in the digital age, using nail-scan technology to study couples’ happiness.

Who are the lead actors in the film?

The film stars Riz Ahmed and Jessie Buckley, who delve into the complexities of modern relationships.

What is the unique aspect of the film’s setting?

‘Fingernails’ blends advanced tech with a simple, emotionally focused world, setting it apart from typical sci-fi narratives.

Who is Jeremy Allen White and what role does he play?

Jeremy Allen White, known for his involvement in ‘Fingernails,’ is set to star in ‘The Iron Claw,’ a movie centered on wrestler Kevin Von Erich’s family, exploring their successes and challenges.

When will ‘Fingernails’ be released?

The movie is scheduled to premiere later this year in theaters and on Apple TV+.

What is the central premise of ‘Fingernails’?

The story revolves around a machine that scans couples’ fingernails to determine their happiness, sparking questions about the validity of love.

How does ‘Fingernails’ stand out from other sci-fi works?

While featuring sophisticated nail-scan technology, the film’s world remains simple, focusing on emotional growth over high-tech surroundings.

What can viewers expect from Jeremy Allen White’s next project?

Jeremy Allen White’s next role is in ‘The Iron Claw,’ a film centered on wrestler Kevin Von Erich and his family’s journey, featuring Zac Efron and Lily James.

Are there images available from ‘Fingernails’?

Yes, official images from the film are accessible, offering a glimpse into the movie’s visual aesthetics.

When can audiences anticipate the release of ‘Fingernails’?

‘Fingernails’ is set to hit theaters and Apple TV+ on November 3.

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