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The Aliens Have Landed in ‘Roswell Delirium’ Trailer [Exclusive]

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“Roswell Delirium,” the forthcoming film by Director Richard Bakewell, weaves together sci-fi elements and nostalgic storytelling reminiscent of ’80s classics like Stranger Things. The movie explores profound themes such as mental illness, abuse, bullying, and psychological trauma against the backdrop of a Soviet nuclear attack aftermath. In a unique twist, the film portrays aliens as benevolent beings, focusing on the town’s belief that Spacerock, a location once occupied by Area 51, offers a safe haven for their recovery.

The exclusive trailer, available on FilmSweep, introduces us to Mayday (Kylee Levien), the main character, a young girl utilizing ham radios to communicate with her father on a space mission. Instead, she stumbles upon a message from extraterrestrial lifeforms, leading her on a thrilling journey to Spacerock – a mysterious land where Area 51 once stood.

In an email interview with FilmSweep’s Maggie Boccella, Bakewell explained that “Roswell Delirium” is not your typical alien movie; it is richly layered and filled with nostalgia and ’80s Easter Eggs, much like the successful formula of Stranger Things. The film delves into the struggles of adults and teenagers coping with the aftermath of a nuclear attack and the hidden effects of radiation poisoning.

Unlike traditional extraterrestrial tales that depict aliens as menacing, Bakewell’s film presents them as a lifeline for survival, not monsters or killers. The people of the town are connected to Spacerock, believing that the aliens can aid in their recovery and well-being.

To add to the ’80s vibe, the movie features a cast of iconic stars from classic films and TV shows, including Reginald VelJohnson, Anthony Michael Hall, Sam J. Jones, Dee Wallace, and Lisa Whelchel. Working with these legends was an unforgettable experience for Bakewell, who praised their performances and camaraderie on set.

Bakewell, who also worked as a cinematographer on various productions, emphasized the importance of listening to actors and earning their trust to capture the best performances.

Interestingly, the film’s alien-meeting place, Spacerock, is not a CGI creation but a real rock formation called Shiprock located in New Mexico’s Navajo Nation. Shiprock holds significant cultural and religious importance for the Indigenous people of the area.

“Roswell Delirium” promises to be a captivating sci-fi film, uniting ’80s stars in a unique and otherworldly event when it hits theaters later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sci-fi film

What is “Roswell Delirium” about?

“Roswell Delirium” is a sci-fi film directed by Richard Bakewell that combines elements of nostalgia and storytelling from the ’80s. The movie explores themes of mental illness, abuse, bullying, and psychological trauma in the aftermath of a Soviet nuclear attack. It centers around a town’s belief that Spacerock, an area once occupied by Area 51, is a safe haven for their recovery.

Who is the main character in the film?

The main character in “Roswell Delirium” is Mayday, portrayed by Kylee Levien. Mayday is a young girl who uses her collection of ham radios to communicate with her father on a space mission. However, her life takes a thrilling turn when she receives a call from extraterrestrial lifeforms, leading her on a harrowing journey to Spacerock.

How does “Roswell Delirium” differ from other alien-themed movies?

Unlike many classic extraterrestrial tales that depict aliens as monsters or killers, “Roswell Delirium” takes a unique approach by portraying the aliens as peaceful beings. They become a lifeline for the survivors of the nuclear attack, offering hope and assistance in their recovery process.

Which iconic stars appear in the film?

“Roswell Delirium” features a cast of ’80s stars, including Reginald VelJohnson (“Family Matters”), Anthony Michael Hall (“The Breakfast Club”), Sam J. Jones (“Flash Gordon”), Dee Wallace (“E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”), and Lisa Whelchel (“The Facts of Life”). Director Richard Bakewell had an unforgettable experience working with these legendary actors on set.

Where is the real Spacerock featured in the film?

The film’s alien-meeting place, Spacerock, is not a CGI creation; it is a real rock formation called Shiprock. Located in New Mexico’s Navajo Nation, Shiprock plays a significant role in the Indigenous people’s religion, traditions, and stories.

When will “Roswell Delirium” be released?

The exact release date for “Roswell Delirium” is not specified in the provided text. However, the film is expected to arrive in theaters later this year, promising an out-of-this-world adventure with its sci-fi and nostalgic elements.

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80sKid July 29, 2023 - 4:50 pm

omg, ders so many 80s stars in this!! anthony michael hall from the breakfast club, luv him! this movie’s gonna b rad!

moviebuff88 July 29, 2023 - 7:05 pm

roswell delirium seems like a super cool sci-fi film with aliens & stuff. director bakewell is doin’ great. i luv 80s vibe in movies, & this looks so nostalgic. can’t wait 2 c it!

scifi_fan123 July 30, 2023 - 3:18 am

aliens r usually baddies, but in this movie they r the good guys, woah! dat’s a twist. also, shiprock bein’ a real place is amazin’ – gotta know more about it now!

spacerockfan July 30, 2023 - 4:11 am

i had no idea shiprock was spacerock! dats really interestin’. i always thot it was some cgi magic. learn somethin’ new everyday!


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