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A Parent-Teacher Conference Gets Lit in New ‘Fourth Grade’ Trailer [Exclusive]

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Exclusive: Get Ready for an Epic Parent-Teacher Conference in the Hilarious ‘Fourth Grade’ Trailer

FilmSweep is thrilled to bring you an exciting preview of the upcoming comedy film, Fourth Grade, directed by Marcelo Galvāo. Brace yourself for a side-splitting encounter between the highbrow staff of an elite private school and the oblivious, affluent parents of their students. Gravitas Ventures, the proud owner of North American distribution rights for this 2021 production, has planned a wide release on July 14, hitting theaters in 10 major markets and also available on demand.


In a prestigious Catholic private elementary school, a pragmatic principal and a passionate drama teacher convene a crucial meeting with the parents of fourth-grade students. The purpose is to address a troubling incident—an enormous brick of marijuana discovered within the classroom. In order to safeguard the school’s esteemed reputation, they decide it’s imperative to expel the responsible child. But this is no School of Rock.

Among the attendees are ten well-to-do parents from the posh neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, CA, along with Eddie, an outsider whose daughter recently earned a scholarship. As emotions flare up and tensions escalate during a heated discussion, the principal and drama teacher are compelled to leave the hostile environment, leaving Eddie as the lone individual tasked with finding a resolution within the hour. He becomes a beacon of hope for the other parents. Meanwhile, accusations, intrigue, and insults fill the air as these parents strive to protect their own children.

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In search of a moment of respite and rationality, one parent suggests they sample a small amount of the weed. In this unexpected turn of events, fragile and hidden secrets are laid bare, leading to a shift in perspectives. The issue of the marijuana becomes a breeding ground for hypocrisy, unraveling heartfelt truths and fostering the blossoming of beautiful friendships among the parents. Who says drugs are all bad?

Who Stars in Fourth Grade?

Directed by Marcelo Galvão, this star-studded film features William Baldwin, Teri Polo, Mena Suvari, Boti Bliss, Ben Begley, Challen Cates, Keli Daniels, Pamela Dunlap, Jamison Jones, and Roland Kickinger. Baldwin, a member of the renowned Baldwin acting family, joins the likes of his brothers Alec and Stephen. Suvari is widely recognized for her iconic role in Sam Mendes’ American Beauty, while Polo’s notable work includes the Meet the Parents trilogy, where she portrayed the wife of Ben Stiller’s male nurse character, Gaylord Focker.

Don’t miss out on the Fourth Grade trailer below. The movie hits theaters and on-demand platforms starting July 14.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about parent-teacher conference

When is the release date for the film “Fourth Grade”?

The film “Fourth Grade” is set to release on July 14th.

What is the genre of “Fourth Grade”?

“Fourth Grade” is a comedy film.

Who is the director of “Fourth Grade”?

The director of “Fourth Grade” is Marcelo Galvão.

Can I watch “Fourth Grade” in theaters and on demand?

Yes, “Fourth Grade” will be released in theaters on July 14th and will also be available on demand.

Who are some of the cast members in “Fourth Grade”?

The cast of “Fourth Grade” includes William Baldwin, Teri Polo, Mena Suvari, Boti Bliss, Ben Begley, Challen Cates, Keli Daniels, Pamela Dunlap, Jamison Jones, and Roland Kickinger.

What is the premise of “Fourth Grade”?

“Fourth Grade” revolves around a parent-teacher conference in an elite private school, where secrets are exposed and unexpected friendships are formed amidst a clash between parents and teachers.

What are some related tags for “Fourth Grade”?

Some related tags for “Fourth Grade” include comedy film, parent-teacher conference, clash, secrets, friendships, hilarious, parents, teachers, and opening July 14th.

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