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Adam Driver Criticizes Streaming Giants, Throws Support Behind SAG-AFTRA at ‘Ferrari’ Venice Debut

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In a surprising twist of events, Adam Driver has emerged as a vocal advocate for SAG-AFTRA’s interim agreements concerning independent films, while simultaneously taking aim at streaming behemoths like Netflix and Amazon for their failure to comply with these terms. What makes Driver’s stance even more noteworthy is his prior collaborations with these very streaming platforms, lending his words considerable weight.

Joined by director Michael Mann, Driver has underscored the value of solidarity and the fiercely independent nature of their latest film “Ferrari.” This cinematic endeavor, centered around the life of the iconic Italian car designer Enzo Ferrari, is a testament to their commitment to producing art outside the traditional studio system.

Driver’s role in championing this cause has brought him into the spotlight amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, as he takes center stage at the Venice Film Festival to promote “Ferrari.” This film, a creation of the collaboration between Driver, Mann, and their team, has been granted a waiver for participation, facilitating its presence at the festival. This strategic move aligns with SAG-AFTRA’s strategy of extending interim agreements to select film productions to allow them the opportunity to showcase their work. However, there’s a catch – these agreements are contingent upon the producers and distributors maintaining their independence from entities affiliated with the AMPTP, and wholeheartedly endorsing the terms set forth by SAG-AFTRA. Notably, these terms are not applicable to movies like “Ferrari,” which are neither produced nor distributed by streaming giants.

Speaking on the matter, Driver remarked, “I’m very proud to be here to be a visual representation of a movie that’s not part of the AMPTP and to promote the SAG leadership directive, which is an effective tactic, which is the interim agreement.” He continued his assertion by taking a direct jab at major streaming platforms that have failed to meet these demands.

Adam Driver’s Brazen Call-out of Streaming Titans

At the premiere event, Driver went on to express:

“The other objective is obviously to say, why is it that a smaller distribution company like Neon and STX International can meet the dream demands of what SAG is asking for — this is pre-negotiations — the dream version of SAG’s wishlist, but a big company like Netflix and Amazon can’t? And every time people from SAG go and support a movie that has met the terms of the interim agreement, it just makes it more obvious that these people are willing to support the people that they collaborate with, and the others are not.”

This candid stance from Driver carries a unique potency, given his past fruitful collaboration with Netflix, which featured his standout performance in 2019’s “Marriage Story,” earning him an Academy Award nomination alongside co-star Scarlett Johansson. He also graced the screen in “Paterson,” a film by Jim Jarmusch released by Amazon in 2016.

Mann, too, echoed Driver’s sentiments, emphasizing the grit and determination behind “Ferrari’s” creation: “Ferrari got made because the people who worked on Ferrari made it by forgoing large sectors of salaries, in the case of Adam and myself. It was not made by a big studio — no big studio wrote us a check. And that’s why we’re here, standing in solidarity.”

In addition to Driver’s prominent presence, the film boasts an impressive cast, including Penélope Cruz as Enzo’s wife Laura, and Shailene Woodley as Enzo’s mistress Lina Lardi. The ensemble also features Patrick Dempsey, Jack O’Connell, Sarah Gadon, Gabriel Leone as Alfonso de Portago, and Erik Haugen as de Portago’s navigator Edmund Nelson. The highly anticipated “Ferrari” is set to premiere later this year, making it an exciting Christmas gift for cinephiles everywhere. To catch a glimpse of what’s in store, be sure to check out the trailer below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about solidarity

Who is Adam Driver and why is he in the spotlight?

Adam Driver is a prominent actor known for his roles in films like “Marriage Story.” He’s in the spotlight for supporting SAG-AFTRA’s interim agreements for independent films and criticizing streaming platforms.

What are SAG-AFTRA’s interim agreements?

SAG-AFTRA’s interim agreements are arrangements allowing specific film productions to promote their work. These films must maintain independence from companies affiliated with the AMPTP and adhere to terms set by SAG-AFTRA.

Why is Adam Driver critical of Netflix and Amazon?

Adam Driver questions why smaller distribution companies meet SAG’s demands for indie films, while big platforms like Netflix and Amazon don’t. He believes supporting films that meet these terms shows collaboration.

What’s special about the film “Ferrari”?

“Ferrari” is an independent film about the life of Enzo Ferrari. It’s unique because it was created without the backing of a major studio, highlighting the importance of independent filmmaking.

Who else supports the cause?

Director Michael Mann also supports the cause. He emphasizes that “Ferrari” was made by forgoing large salaries and not relying on a big studio’s funding, showcasing the essence of indie filmmaking.

When will “Ferrari” premiere?

“Ferrari” is set to premiere later this year, making it an anticipated Christmas release for movie enthusiasts.

Who are some of the stars in “Ferrari”?

The film stars Adam Driver, Penélope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey, and others, portraying various roles in Enzo Ferrari’s life.

What’s the message behind the solidarity emphasis?

Adam Driver and Michael Mann stress the significance of solidarity in the film industry and the impact of supporting independent projects outside the influence of major studios and streaming platforms.

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