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An Unwise Cornfield Expedition Unfolds in ‘Dark Harvest’ Sneak Peek [Exclusive]

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Dark Harvest unfolds in a cursed Midwestern town where every harvest season becomes a life-or-death battle for its young inhabitants. The movie tracks the journey of four brave boys who venture into the eerie cornfields to confront the terrifying legend known as Sawtooth Jack, hoping to end its reign of terror. Directed by the master of spine-tingling tales, David Slade, this adaptation of Norman Partridge’s novel boasts a talented cast, featuring Casey Likes and Elizabeth Reaser.

When it comes to horror settings, one cardinal rule should always be observed: never venture into the cornfields. From classics like Children of the Corn to the nerve-wracking Signs or the recent suspense of A Quiet Place, history has taught us that nothing good ever arises from wandering through these fields when killers, aliens, or other monstrous entities are lurking about. This wisdom holds true for Dark Harvest, the latest horror film from the visionary director David Slade. Set in a cursed Midwestern town, this movie paints a chilling picture where every harvest season becomes a life-and-death struggle for the local children, all thanks to the menacing legend of Sawtooth Jack.

Now that the film is available on digital platforms, FilmSweep has the exclusive privilege to share a hair-raising clip that depicts four young boys who decide to confront this malevolent entity lurking in the cornfields, with the hope of ending its reign of terror.

Dark Harvest transports us back to Halloween in 1963 when the malevolent Sawtooth Jack emerges from the fields for a murderous rampage. Each year, groups of courageous boys embark on a perilous journey armed with pitchforks and other makeshift weapons, all with the shared mission of vanquishing the creature before midnight. The prize for the victor of this annual “run” is nothing short of life-changing – the opportunity to escape the town, an otherwise unattainable dream. Inspired by his brother’s victory the previous year, the daring Richie (played by Casey Likes) enters the contest, defying his family’s and the sheriff’s stern warnings. However, as he and his three friends embark on this eerie expedition, they uncover unsettling truths about the yearly tradition.

Dressed in masks and matching jackets, the four boys find themselves on the trail of Sawtooth Jack in the clip, encountering suspicious tracks that seem to lead to the creature. Their pursuit leads them to a stash of candy bars, which three of them consume hungrily, while Richie remains focused on their mission. But a strange noise interrupts their search, revealing that the creature is very much real. Soon, the tall, inhuman figure of Jack looms over the field, and the four young heroes charge into a harrowing battle. Unfortunately, rushing headlong into a fight with a supernatural beast proves to be a grave misjudgment, as one of their friends is swiftly captured and dragged away while another flees deeper into the fields, screaming in terror.

Director David Slade, no stranger to spine-tingling horror and novel adaptations, delivers another haunting masterpiece with Dark Harvest. His previous works include the star-studded and shocking thriller Hard Candy, featuring Patrick Wilson and Elliot Page, known for their roles in Insidious and The Umbrella Academy, respectively. Slade has also lent his talents to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. For Dark Harvest, he skillfully adapted Norman Partridge’s novel of the same name from 2007, with the screenplay penned by Michael Gilio, co-writer of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

In the cursed town’s cornfields, Casey Likes, E’myri Crutchfield, Jeremy Davies, and Dustin Ceithamer confront the monstrous Sawtooth Jack, giving life to the nightmarish legend. The film also features standout performances from Emmy nominee Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Richie’s mother, and Emmy winner Luke Kirby in the role of the town’s resolute Officer Ricks.

Dark Harvest is available now on digital platforms, and if you’re ready for a spine-tingling experience, check out the exclusive clip below. Don’t venture into the cornfields alone!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Horror Film

Q: What is the premise of “Dark Harvest”?

A: “Dark Harvest” is a horror film set in a cursed Midwestern town where children must battle for survival every harvest season against the terrifying legend, Sawtooth Jack.

Q: Who directed “Dark Harvest”?

A: The film was directed by David Slade, known for his work in spine-tingling thrillers like “Hard Candy” and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

Q: What is the significance of the annual “run” in the movie?

A: Every year, boys in the cursed town participate in the “run” armed with the goal of vanquishing Sawtooth Jack before midnight. The winner gets a life-changing prize: the chance to leave town.

Q: Who are some of the key actors in the film?

A: The movie features talented actors, including Casey Likes, Elizabeth Reaser, and Dustin Ceithamer, with Elizabeth Reaser playing Richie’s mother and Casey Likes as the daring protagonist, Richie.

Q: How can I watch “Dark Harvest”?

A: “Dark Harvest” is available on digital platforms, so you can catch the spine-tingling action from the comfort of your own home.

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