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Exclusive Trailer: ‘The Dive’ Traps Two Sisters Underwater

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Diving can be an exhilarating adventure, but even the most prepared individuals can find themselves at the mercy of nature’s surprises. In an exclusive trailer debut shared by RLJE with FilmSweep, we witness the gripping narrative of The Dive, where chance encounters give rise to impossible circumstances that create both terror and captivating cinema. Mark your calendars for August 25, when this heart-stopping film will hit the screens.

The Dive’s trailer wastes no time in immersing viewers into a harrowing reality. Drew (portrayed by Sophie Lowe) and May (played by Louisa Krause) embark on a diving expedition in a secluded location, only to face a catastrophic landslide that sends colossal rocks hurtling into the water, trapping one of them beneath the debris with limited oxygen supply. As the stage is set underwater, we are left with bated breath, accompanying the protagonists in their desperate attempts to escape the dire situation.

As if the situation wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, The Dive adds an additional layer of tension by introducing a ticking clock. At a pivotal moment in the story, one of the sisters will have a mere 20 minutes to reach the surface, find help, and return to rescue her sibling before oxygen levels deplete entirely. It’s safe to assume that these twenty minutes will be the most intense and gripping sequences of the entire film, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.

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Two Sisters, One Fight for Survival

Maximilian Erlenwein, known for directing Stereo and episodes of Netflix’s Skylines, takes the helm as director of The Dive. Co-writing the script is Joachim Hedén, a Swedish filmmaker who often doubles as cinematographer and screenwriter. The Dive is adapted from Hedén’s Swedish thriller Breaking Surface, which adds an extra layer of icy tension to the story.

The cinematic landscape has witnessed the compelling power of stories featuring two individuals in dire circumstances, forced to rely solely on themselves. Fall, a surprise hit from last year, captivated audiences by showcasing the tale of two best friends scaling a towering 2,000-ft television broadcasting tower.

Prepare to be submerged in suspense as The Dive makes its theatrical debut on August 25. Check out the official trailer below:


Deep in the ocean’s depths, sisters Drew and May embark on a once-in-a-lifetime diving expedition at one of the world’s most remote locations. However, their adventure takes a treacherous turn when a catastrophic landslide sends rocks cascading into the sea. May becomes trapped beneath the debris, lying 28 meters below the surface, with little hope of escape. With oxygen levels rapidly depleting, it falls upon Drew to fight for her sister’s life, risking everything and facing the ultimate sacrifice. As time dwindles and no help is in sight, their struggle for survival becomes a race against the clock…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about survival

When does “The Dive” premiere?

“The Dive” is set to premiere in theaters on August 25th.

Who are the main characters in “The Dive”?

The main characters in “The Dive” are Drew, portrayed by Sophie Lowe, and May, played by Louisa Krause.

What is the premise of “The Dive”?

“The Dive” follows the story of two sisters, Drew and May, who go on a deep-sea diving trip. However, a catastrophic landslide occurs, trapping one of them underwater beneath debris with limited oxygen. The film explores their fight for survival and the race against time to save each other.

Is “The Dive” based on a previous film?

Yes, “The Dive” is adapted from the Swedish thriller “Breaking Surface,” directed by Joachim Hedén.

Is there a ticking clock element in “The Dive”?

Yes, “The Dive” introduces a ticking clock element where one of the sisters has only 20 minutes to reach the surface, find help, and rescue her trapped sibling before oxygen levels run out.

Who directed “The Dive”?

“The Dive” is directed by Maximilian Erlenwein, known for his work on “Stereo” and episodes of Netflix’s “Skylines.”

What genre does “The Dive” fall under?

“The Dive” falls under the genre of an underwater thriller, combining elements of suspense, survival, and sisterhood.

Are there any other notable films similar to “The Dive”?

One notable film with a similar theme of two individuals facing danger and relying on themselves is “Fall,” a surprise hit that follows the story of two friends climbing a tall broadcasting tower.

Can I watch the trailer for “The Dive”?

Yes, you can watch the trailer for “The Dive” below the text.

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FilmFanatic42 June 28, 2023 - 12:27 pm

Woah, The Dive seems like an absolute thrill ride! Two sisters stuck underwater with a ticking clock? Talk about intense! Can’t wait to see how they fight for survival. The trailer gave me chills! #MustWatch

Cinephile101 June 28, 2023 - 6:01 pm

The Dive’s concept is intriguing! Sisters in peril underwater, battling for their lives? It’s a premise that promises suspense and adrenaline. The trailer sets the tone perfectly, and I’m already hooked. Counting down the days until the premiere! #Thriller #SistersInDanger


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