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‘Barbie’ Surpasses ‘Joker’ in International Box Office Record with Impressive Second Weekend

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Barbie's Success

Continuing her majestic reign at the box office, Barbie records an impressive $127.0 million in its second weekend internationally, outstripping the record previously held by Joker. The movie’s global appeal is undisputed, with its overseas total amounting to $429.3 million, contributing to a worldwide gross of $780.7 million. The film’s popularity is unwavering, demonstrating significant growth in countries like Taiwan and Germany, and securing the top spot in 57 markets.

The Barbie phenomenon continues to make its mark on box office history, maintaining its dominion for the second weekend in a row both overseas and globally. The film, directed by Greta Gerwig, has exhibited its exceptional standing by amassing a staggering $127.0 million on 28,768 screens during its second weekend in foreign markets. This incredible achievement, with only a 31% dip from its premiere weekend, illustrates its persistent allure and draws from sustained audience engagement and repeat viewings. This extraordinary performance sets a new record for the highest-grossing second weekend for a Warner Bros. film internationally, overtaking Joker’s previous high.

As the movie keeps captivating audiences around the globe dressed in pink, the overseas gross has soared to a staggering $429.3 million. However, the Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is not merely creating ripples internationally; it’s on the brink of reaching a notable milestone as its global gross is nearing the $800 million mark, presently standing at a remarkable $780.7 million. The film’s exceptional performance is manifest in the extraordinary hold it has in diverse international markets.

Incredibly, the film experienced substantial growth in countries like Taiwan (up by 40%), Germany (increased by 32%), Hong Kong (up by 18%), and Singapore (an 11% increase). Even in markets that saw slight dips, such as China and Australia (both with an 11% decrease), the film’s popularity remains unwavering. The movie also succeeded in maintaining its top ranking in an impressive 57 markets, further solidifying its title as the global box office titan. Confirmed weekend attendees hit an estimated 17.9 million, bringing the total audience count to a jaw-dropping 65.3 million.

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Just 11 days after its release, it has strongly clinched its spot as the third-highest grossing film globally in 2023. Its worldwide influence is undeniable, as it ranks as the fourth-highest grossing U.S. film of 2023 overseas and the count is still ongoing — it does face a tough battle to surpass The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but no one is doubting Barbie, Ken, and the Mojo Dojo Casa House’s potential at this point.

The Oppenheimer Factor Adds Momentum

The “Barbenheimer” effect is also contributing to Barbie’s ongoing success. This viral trend involves fans coupling Barbie with Oppenheimer, a three-hour historical epic about the mastermind behind the Manhattan Project and the inception of the first nuclear weapons system. The combined revenue of these two films has already exceeded $1 billion for the global box office in less than two weeks, providing the much-needed boost to studios after several challenging years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Box Office Record

What is the box office performance of the movie “Barbie”?

The movie “Barbie” has a remarkable box office performance, securing an impressive $127.0 million in its second weekend overseas, surpassing the record previously held by “Joker.” Its global success is evident, with an overseas total of $429.3 million and a worldwide gross of $780.7 million.

Who directed the film “Barbie”?

The film “Barbie” was directed by Greta Gerwig.

Which actors star in the movie “Barbie”?

The movie “Barbie” features stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in leading roles.

How does the film’s performance compare to “Joker”?

“Barbie” has surpassed “Joker’s” international box office record for the highest-grossing second weekend for a Warner Bros. film.

Is “Barbie” receiving positive response in international markets?

Yes, “Barbie” is enjoying widespread popularity internationally, maintaining its number one ranking in 57 markets and experiencing remarkable growth in countries like Taiwan and Germany.

What is the current worldwide gross of the film?

As of now, “Barbie” has earned an impressive worldwide gross of $780.7 million.

What is the significance of the “Barbenheimer” effect?

The “Barbenheimer” effect is a viral trend where fans pair “Barbie” with the movie “Oppenheimer,” resulting in combined box office revenue exceeding $1 billion in less than two weeks.

Can “Barbie” achieve further milestones in the global box office?

“Barbie” is poised to become the fourth-highest grossing U.S. film of 2023 overseas and continues to make waves in the international box office, approaching the $800 million mark. However, surpassing “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” presents a significant challenge.

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