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Carrie Fisher’s Final Film, ”Wonderwell,’ Gets Enchanting First Trailer

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Fantasy adventure

Carrie Fisher’s final film, titled “Wonderwell,” has unveiled its captivating first trailer. The movie, a fantasy adventure, will have a limited theatrical release starting next week. The recently released trailer by Strange Quark Films introduces us to Violet, a curious American girl played by newcomer Kiera Milward, who embarks on a journey from an ancient Tuscan town to a mysterious well hidden within a forest. This well serves as a portal to a mesmerizing fantasy world, where Violet encounters the enigmatic Hazel, portrayed by Carrie Fisher herself. It remains uncertain if Hazel is a witch, but she tends to a garden filled with both regular-sized and colossal meat-eating Venus flytraps.

Violet unwittingly disrupts Hazel’s arrangement with her rival, the sinister fashion designer Yana, portrayed by Rita Ora (known for her role in Fifty Shades of Grey). The complications arising from Violet’s actions place her at risk of being trapped in this alternate realm forever, compelling her to make a crucial decision—to return to her own world or face eternal entrapment. Alongside Fisher and Milward, the film features Nell Tiger Free (known for her role in Servant) and Sebastian Croft (from Heartstopper).

Filmed in 2016, just six weeks prior to Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing at the age of 60, “Wonderwell” encountered numerous setbacks, including delays caused by COVID-19 and challenges in completing its special effects. Consequently, the release date was postponed by seven years. However, the film will finally receive a limited release in AMC theaters on the forthcoming Friday, June 23, thanks to the distribution efforts of Vertical. A digital release is expected to follow shortly after.

In this Collider video, we revisit the legacy of Hollywood icon Carrie Fisher, who was born into the world of showbiz as the daughter of actor Debbie Reynolds and musician Eddie Fisher. Fisher’s journey in the film industry began with her debut in the Warren Beatty comedy “Shampoo.” However, it was her portrayal of Princess Leia in George Lucas’ groundbreaking Star Wars franchise that truly defined her career. Fisher reprised this iconic role in subsequent installments of the original trilogy and, years later, in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. She also showcased her talent in timeless comedies such as “The Blues Brothers,” “The ‘Burbs,” and “When Harry Met Sally.” Additionally, Fisher gained recognition as an accomplished writer, penning several memoirs and four novels. Among her notable literary works is the semi-autobiographical “Postcards from the Edge,” which was adapted into a film starring Meryl Streep. In addition to her acting and writing, Fisher contributed to the film industry as a respected “script doctor,” infusing her scripts with sharp wit and humor. Off-screen, she candidly shared her personal struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction in her writing and one-woman stage shows.

Directed by Vlad Marsavin in his feature directorial debut, “Wonderwell” is based on a screenplay by William Brookfield (known for “Kidnapping Mr. Heineken”), adapted from his own short story titled “Drainhole Dreaming.” The movie was produced by Marsavin, Fred Roos (of “Apocalypse Now” fame), Alexander Roos, Orian Williams (“Shadow of the Vampire”), Lee Rudnicki, and Robert Bernacchi (“Snowpiercer”).

For updates on “Wonderwell” and more, stay tuned to FilmSweep. Watch the enchanting trailer for “Wonderwell” below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fantasy adventure

What is “Wonderwell”?

“Wonderwell” is Carrie Fisher’s final film, a fantasy adventure that takes viewers on a captivating journey into a mysterious realm.

When will “Wonderwell” be released?

The film will have a limited theatrical release starting next week, with an AMC theaters release scheduled for June 23. A digital release is expected to follow.

Who stars in “Wonderwell”?

The film features newcomer Kiera Milward as Violet, Carrie Fisher as the enigmatic Hazel, and Rita Ora as the sinister fashion designer Yana. Nell Tiger Free and Sebastian Croft also have roles in the film.

What challenges did “Wonderwell” face during production?

Filming for “Wonderwell” took place in 2016, just weeks before Carrie Fisher’s passing. The film encountered delays due to complications with COVID-19 and the completion of its special effects, resulting in a seven-year postponement of its release.

What is Carrie Fisher’s legacy in Hollywood?

Carrie Fisher was a Hollywood icon known for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. She had a successful acting career, wrote memoirs and novels, and worked as a “script doctor.” Fisher was open about her struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction.

Who directed “Wonderwell”?

“Wonderwell” is directed by Vlad Marsavin in his feature directorial debut.

What is the story behind “Wonderwell”?

The film follows Violet, an inquisitive American girl who stumbles upon a mysterious well in an ancient Tuscan town. She is transported to a fantasy world where she meets Hazel, played by Carrie Fisher, and gets entangled in a rivalry that puts her own world at risk.

How can I watch the trailer for “Wonderwell”?

You can watch the enchanting trailer for “Wonderwell” below or through the provided link.

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