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‘Evil Dead Rise’ Sets Streaming Date on Max

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Evil Dead Rise’ Secures Streaming Date on Max

Warner Bros. has revealed that the highly anticipated horror film ‘Evil Dead Rise’ will be available for streaming on Max starting from June 23. Directed by Lee Cronin, the movie will make its debut on the platform after initially premiering in theaters this past April.

As the fifth installment of the renowned ‘Evil Dead’ series by Sam Raimi, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ delves into the story of two estranged sisters, Beth (Lily Sullivan) and Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland). According to Warner Bros., the sisters’ “long-awaited reunion is abruptly cut short when flesh-possessing demons rise, plunging them into a primal fight for survival against a terrifying version of family.” Unlike its predecessors, which primarily took place in forested areas, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ shifts the series’ setting to an urban environment. The film also features Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols, and Nell Fisher in prominent roles.

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The decision to release ‘Evil Dead Rise’ on Max ensures that the film reaches its intended audience. Initially announced in 2021, the movie was slated for release on Warner Bros.’ streaming platform, then known as HBO Max. Excitement surrounding the film was heightened as it was reported that Raimi, executive producing alongside Bruce Campbell, personally selected Cronin to direct. Additionally, the fresh urban setting contributed to the studio’s decision to opt for a theatrical release following positive test screenings. ‘Evil Dead Rise’ premiered worldwide at South by Southwest and hit theaters on April 23, 2023.

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Impressive Box Office Performance of ‘Evil Dead Rise’

Warner Bros.’ decision to switch to a theatrical release before streaming has paid off significantly. Despite having a reported budget of around $20 million, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ has amassed $146 million at the global box office, with $67 million originating from domestic sales and $78 million from international markets. This achievement crowns the film as the highest-grossing entry in the ‘Evil Dead’ series, surpassing the previous record held by 2013’s ‘Evil Dead,’ which grossed a total of $97 million. Furthermore, fans without access to Max will have the opportunity to purchase ‘Evil Dead Rise’ on June 27 in formats such as 4K UHD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, or DVD.

‘Evil Dead Rise’ materialized after numerous attempts to continue the franchise following its last appearance in the television series ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ in 2018. Given the film’s success, Campbell has hinted at the potential for more movies in the pipeline, and plans for an animated revival of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ are also in the works. It appears that fans can anticipate an abundance of ‘Evil Dead’ content on the horizon.

Watch FilmSweep’s interview with Cronin below:

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