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Get Ready for an Exciting Adventure with ‘Renfield’: Blood, Car Chases & Nicholas Hoult

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Renfield’s newly released behind-the-scenes clips are giving people a sneak peek at Christopher McKay’s unique retelling of the Dracula story. The horror-comedy film stars Nicolas Cage as Dracula and Nicholas Hoult as Renfield, his faithful helper. We can expect to see a really interesting relationship between these two supernatural characters full of craziness!

Usually, movies about Dracula center around him but the new movie “Renfield” will do the opposite. After spending 93 years listening to Count Dracula’s orders, Renfield falls in love with a feisty police officer (played by Awkwafina). This puts poor Renfield in an awkward position since he felt obligated to his vampire boss. Actor Nicolas Cage stated that when reading this script it was “brave and unique”.

The new featurette gives us scenes of a very dramatic version of Dracula, played by Nicholas Cage. According to Hoult, he is an extremely narcissistic vampire who is the “boss” of the movie, but they still infused it with humor. Cage thinks that when you put together horror and laughter, it creates something truly special.

We visited the set of the Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult horror-comedy movie ‘Renfield’. What did we learn during our time there? Read on to find out what exactly we learned!

The new featurette also shows us some exciting action scenes that are about to hit the theaters. In Renfield, a bug-eating habit gives Dracula’s servant superpowers, making him able to punch people so hard their heads come off! We get to see some of this grossness in the clips from behind the scenes but the movie is rated R, so we can expect it will be even more violent when it hits screens!

Breaking Free of Codependency

Renfield is a movie directed by The Lego Batman Movie director, McKay. Its original story is written by Robert Kirkman from Invincible, and it’s considered a direct sequel to the 1931 movie Dracula which was the start of Universal Monster movies.

Renfield is going to be shown in theatres across the world from April 14 onwards. But, if you’re lucky enough, you can watch it first at the Overlook Film Festival! There’s a featurette available now where you find out more about this movie and check out its synopsis.

Nicholas Hoult plays Renfield, the long-suffering servant of Dracula – who is played by Nicolas Cage. For hundreds of years, Renfield had to do whatever his master asked of him no matter how horrible it was. But now he wants to see if there’s a life away from Dracula so he has to figure out how to break free from this codependent relationship.

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