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Get Ready For Love in The ‘Carl’s Date’ Trailer, a New ‘Up’ Short Film

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Introducing the ‘Carl’s Date’ Trailer: A Heartwarming Pixar Short Film

Prepare yourself for an enchanting tale of love as Pixar presents a delightful follow-up to one of their cherished classics. Join Carl and Dug from the beloved 2009 film, Up, as they embark on a new adventure in the short film, Carl’s Date. Alongside Pixar’s upcoming feature, Elemental, this endearing story will warm your heart and captivate your imagination.

In Carl’s Date, voiced by the talented Ed Asner, we witness Carl’s journey as he faces his most significant challenge yet: preparing for his first date since the loss of his beloved wife, Ellie. Despite Ellie’s passing early in the original film, her presence resonates throughout as Carl grapples with the pain of her absence. The poignant opening sequence of Up, depicting their remarkable bond, remains etched in our memories as a powerful portrayal of love and grief. Through the support of his newfound family—Dug, the lovable canine companion voiced by Bob Peterson, and the well-meaning boy scout Russell, portrayed by Jordan Nagai—Carl continues to discover the beauty of life after loss. The film’s synopsis teases:


Join Carl as he reluctantly ventures into the world of dating, relying on the guidance of his loyal friend, Dug, to ease his pre-date nerves and offer valuable tips on friendship, from a dog’s perspective.

Following Up’s successful sequel series, Dug’s Day, released on Disney+ in 2021, which followed the adventures of Carl’s lovable dog in five heartwarming shorts, the focus now returns to Carl himself. Paired with the highly anticipated film Elemental, Pixar rekindles its tradition of presenting animated shorts alongside their feature films on the big screen. This marks the first time since 2018’s Incredibles 2, which featured the delightful short Bao, that audiences will be treated to this special pairing.

Witness the Spark in ‘Elemental’: Wade and Ember Light Up Element City in Thrilling Clip

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Element City in the extraordinary film Elemental, where the unlikely bond between Wade Ripple, portrayed by Mamoudou Athie, and Ember Lumen, portrayed by Leah Lewis, takes center stage. Representing the elements of Water and Fire, their relationship unfolds amidst a breathtaking setting. Directed by Peter Sohn, known for his work on Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur and his contributions to Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, this film promises to captivate audiences with its stunning visuals and heartfelt narrative. Additionally, Sohn lends his voice to Pixar’s Ratatouille as Remy’s brother, Emile.

Directed and written by Bob Peterson, an esteemed Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner, and produced by Kim Collins, Carl’s Date promises to enchant viewers with its touching story. You can experience this heartwarming short alongside Elemental when they both hit theaters on June 16. Watch the enchanting trailer below:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pixar’s

What is “Carl’s Date”?

“Carl’s Date” is a short film by Pixar and a follow-up to the beloved movie “Up.” It focuses on Carl, the main character, as he navigates his first date since the passing of his late wife, Ellie.

Who are the main characters in “Carl’s Date”?

The main characters in “Carl’s Date” are Carl, voiced by Ed Asner, and Dug, voiced by Bob Peterson. They were both featured in the original film, “Up,” and return for this heartwarming short.

Is “Carl’s Date” connected to the sequel series “Dug’s Day”?

While “Carl’s Date” is not directly connected to the sequel series “Dug’s Day,” which follows the adventures of Carl’s dog, it does continue the story of Carl and his journey after the events of “Up.”

When will “Carl’s Date” be released?

“Carl’s Date” will be released in theaters alongside Pixar’s feature film “Elemental” on June 16.

What is “Elemental” about?

“Elemental” is a film set in Element City and tells the story of the unlikely relationship between Wade Ripple and Ember Lumen, who represent the elements of Water and Fire respectively. It is directed by Peter Sohn and promises stunning visuals and a heartfelt narrative.

Are there any other Pixar shorts included with “Elemental”?

No, “Carl’s Date” is the only Pixar short film included with the release of “Elemental.” However, Pixar has a tradition of pairing their feature films with animated shorts, and “Carl’s Date” continues that tradition.

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