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Greta Gerwig Shares Why ‘Barbie’ Shines in Dolby Cinema [Exclusive]

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In an exclusive interview with FilmSweep, renowned filmmaker Greta Gerwig delves into the immersive experience she envisions for her live-action Barbie film and why she believes Dolby Cinema is the ultimate way to embrace its vibrant world. Gerwig, celebrated for her critically acclaimed work, expresses her desire for audiences to indulge in the magnificently pink spectacle of Barbie through the lens of Dolby Vision and accompanied by a Dolby Atmos mix. She considers this combination to be the truest representation of her creative vision, stating, “That’s when I truly felt like, ‘This is my movie.'”

While Gerwig enthusiastically welcomes viewers to enjoy the film in any format, she emphasizes the personal impact of witnessing Barbie in a Dolby Cinema setting. She reminisces, “There was something about Dolby Vision with Atmos that made me think, ‘Wow, this is simply breathtaking; I could almost shed tears.’ I discovered shapes in the background clouds that were entirely new to me. Everything in Barbie Land became remarkably vivid and vibrant, and the same held true for the real world. Emotionally, it intensified the entire experience.”

Recognizing Barbie’s enduring presence over the decades, Gerwig describes her involvement with the project as a deeply personal journey. She eagerly anticipates initiating conversations across generations, challenging the unrealistic expectations society places on individuals and advocating for their deconstruction. Merging intellectual and aesthetic elements, Gerwig characterizes the movie as a creative path she has never explored before, and she eagerly awaits unleashing the Barbie frenzy upon the world.

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‘Barbie’ Promises to Be a Musical Extravaganza

“I wanted it to feel like a lively pop fantasy rock concert, reminiscent of the musical Fantasia,” Gerwig explains when discussing the numerous song and dance sequences that bring the denizens of Barbie Land to life. Returning to the topic of experiencing the film in Dolby Cinema, Gerwig affirms, “I wanted the music to be like the actors in the movie, as if they were constructing this world themselves. I wanted it to envelop everyone. The Atmos mix is the only way to truly appreciate its beauty.”

Discover more about Gerwig’s creative vision in the full interview featurette below and secure your tickets now for Barbie, arriving in theaters on July 21.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dolby Cinema

What does Greta Gerwig say about watching ‘Barbie’ in Dolby Cinema?

Greta Gerwig expresses her preference for watching ‘Barbie’ in Dolby Cinema, specifically in Dolby Vision with a Dolby Atmos mix. She believes this provides the most immersive and emotionally impactful experience for viewers.

Why does Greta Gerwig recommend Dolby Cinema for ‘Barbie’?

Greta Gerwig recommends Dolby Cinema for ‘Barbie’ because she feels it enhances the visual and audio elements of the film. Dolby Vision brings out vibrant colors and details, while the Dolby Atmos mix envelops the audience with immersive sound, creating a truly breathtaking and emotional viewing experience.

What personal impact did Dolby Cinema have on Greta Gerwig while watching ‘Barbie’?

Greta Gerwig describes her experience of watching ‘Barbie’ in Dolby Vision with Atmos as “outrageously beautiful.” She noticed new details in the background and felt that the vibrant world of Barbie Land and the real world became even richer and more vibrant. It intensified her emotional connection to the film, turning everything up to a 10.

How does Greta Gerwig describe the music in ‘Barbie’?

Greta Gerwig wanted the music in ‘Barbie’ to feel like a pop fantasy rock concert, reminiscent of the musical Fantasia. She envisioned the music as an integral part of the movie, building the world of Barbie and enveloping everyone. She recommends experiencing the music in Dolby Cinema with its Atmos mix to fully appreciate its beauty.

When is ‘Barbie’ set to be released?

‘Barbie’ is set to be released in theaters on July 21.

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FilmFanatic101 July 18, 2023 - 10:34 pm

omg i can’t wait for barbie!! greta gerwig is a genius. dolby cinema is da best way 2 watch it, trust me. dolby vision n atmos = mind-blowing experience. itz gonna be a pop fantasy rock concert!! get ur tix nowww!

BarbieFanGirl July 19, 2023 - 4:16 am

yesss!! greta gerwig knows how 2 make barbie come alive on the big screen. dolby cinema = the only way 2 go! dolby vision n atmos r like magic. u’ll c shapes in the clouds u neva seen b4. barbie land gonna b soooo vibrant n real world 2! im soooooo excited!!

MovieLover23 July 19, 2023 - 1:48 pm

greta gerwig is soooo right!! u have 2 see barbie in dolby cinema!! itz like, mindblowing! dolby vision n atmos makes it gorgeousss. i cried wen i saw it. pink n vibrant and the music, omggg. dolby cinema = perfecto!


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