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New Images Reveal Sophie Wilde’s Character in a Demonic State in ‘Talk To Me’

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The latest images from the upcoming supernatural horror film, Talk To Me, shine a spotlight on demonic possession. Released by Fandango, these photos display Mia (portrayed by Sophie Wilde) standing beside the demonic entity she has inadvertently invited into her house following a viral challenge. She and her friends must evade the curse before it claims them. It’s always a perilous game to engage with anything apparently possessed, but when a group of youths are ready to do anything to trend on social media, the entity attached to the object finds itself with no alternative.

The initial trailer for Talk To Me offered a more in-depth insight into the film’s plot, gradually revealing the malevolent artifact that lies at the heart of the conflict. One of Mia’s friends discovers a disembodied hand, capable of movement on its own, suggesting it is inhabited by a potent consciousness. Instead of promptly disposing of the hand in the closest fire, the youngsters choose to record their direct interactions with it. Indifferent to the potential threats of engaging with an object filled with malevolent forces, they continue filming on their smartphones while they still can.

However, the disembodied hand is not to be taken lightly, and as the high school students start to place their trust in it, the demon within seizes control of their minds. It falls on Mia, Jade (Alexandra Jensen), and Riley (Joe Bird) to stay clear of their own friends to prevent them from inflicting harm. In a complex situation, the monsters out to destroy them end up being the ones they hold dear. This supernatural horror story, set in Gen-Z culture, takes a dramatic turn when the friends allow the disembodied hand to take over their lives. Nothing will be the same again.

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‘Talk To Me’: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, And Everything We Know So Far About The A24 Horror Movie

Meet the Makers Behind the Monster

If Talk To Me proves to be a hit, directors Danny and Michael Philippou have further narratives lined up. During a FilmSweep interview, the duo discussed their plans for potential sequels: “There’s a deep mythology and a story behind everything, even the inscriptions on the hand, the spirits connected with each character’s emotions. We’ve thoroughly fleshed out and encapsulated this mythology in what we refer to as the mythology bible. Hopefully, we can broaden this if a sequel happens. We wanted the characters to feel out of their depths. We’ve only hinted at it in this film, but yes, it’s all planned and there’s an extensive background story.”

Before the movie premieres in theaters on July 28, take a look at the new images from Talk To Me below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Talk To Me movie

Who is the lead actress in ‘Talk To Me’?

Sophie Wilde plays the lead role in ‘Talk To Me’.

What is the film ‘Talk To Me’ about?

‘Talk To Me’ is a supernatural horror film focusing on a group of friends who inadvertently invite a demonic entity into their lives via a viral challenge, leading to a series of horrifying events.

When is ‘Talk To Me’ releasing in theaters?

‘Talk To Me’ is set to release in theaters on July 28.

What do the directors Danny and Michael Philippou have planned for the future of ‘Talk To Me’?

If ‘Talk To Me’ proves to be a success, directors Danny and Michael Philippou have several other narratives planned for potential sequels.

What do the new images from ‘Talk To Me’ reveal?

The new images from ‘Talk To Me’ reveal Sophie Wilde’s character, Mia, standing beside the demonic entity she has inadvertently invited into her house.

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TerrifiedTina July 18, 2023 - 2:25 pm

the plot sounds…scary. Not sure I can handle this one. Anyone else feeling me?

HorrorFan101 July 18, 2023 - 2:47 pm

wow! cant wait for this. sophie wilde in a horror movie, count me in!

SpookySpice July 18, 2023 - 3:46 pm

sequel plans already huh? let’s hope the first one’s any good…

FreddyFanatic July 18, 2023 - 4:30 pm

viral challenges & demons – sounds like my kinda movie!! lol

TheGhostlyGamer July 19, 2023 - 1:09 am

disembodied hand moving on its own?? thats some next level horror! Can’t wait 😀

BingewatcherBilly July 19, 2023 - 4:56 am

Demons and Gen Z, sounds like an interesting mix, am i rite?

MikeR July 19, 2023 - 5:07 am

Just saw the trailer and it’s lit!! definitely gonna watch this on the big screen.


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