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Gross-Out Horror Classic ‘Street Trash’ Is Getting a Remake From ‘Fried Barry’ Director

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The classic horror film ‘Street Trash’ from 1987 is set to receive a remake directed by Ryan Kruger, the filmmaker behind ‘Fried Barry.’ The new version will be based in Cape Town, South Africa, offering a more pronounced political undertone that addresses the growing gap between wealth and poverty. Despite the change in location and thematic focus, the remake assures audiences that it will maintain the same visceral body horror as the original. It will feature the same mix of grotesque and comedic moments with lively characters and explosive scenes of gooey spectacle.

Prepare for a revival of the horror cult favorite ‘Street Trash’ as director Ryan Kruger, known for his work on ‘Fried Barry,’ takes the helm for this remake, scheduled to premiere on Screambox next year.

According to Variety, South African filmmaker Kruger, who introduced ‘Fried Barry’ on Shudder in 2021, will relocate the story of Street Trash from the New York slums to his home country. Kruger remarks, “Our reinterpretation of Street Trash unfolds in Cape Town, South Africa, where the growing disparity between affluence and impoverishment has reshaped the world we know.” This fresh adaptation will emphasize a more pronounced political message compared to the original, which primarily focused on the horrifying liquefaction of the human body. The narrative now delves into an effort to eradicate the homeless population in Cape Town. However, it doesn’t skimp on the body horror, as Kruger assures, “Our take on Street Trash will be unfiltered, uproarious, brimming with dynamic characters, and bursting with multi-colored eruptions of repulsive grandeur.”

What’s the Story Behind Street Trash?

Released in 1987, Street Trash follows a liquor store owner in New York who discovers a stash of decades-old “Tenafly Viper” alcohol in his basement. He sells this expired concoction to the local vagrant community, who soon realize that consuming the toxic brew leads to excruciating and gruesome transformations into slime. A local police officer endeavors to unravel the enigmatic deaths while also dealing with an unhinged Vietnam veteran who has assembled a group of homeless veterans in a local junkyard.

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Initially overlooked upon its release, Street Trash gained cult status on VHS thanks to its impressively chilling special effects and the distinct performances from its relatively unknown cast. Notably, R.L. Ryan, a cast member, also appeared in the Troma classic ‘The Toxic Avenger,’ and Tony Darrow later played Larry Barese on ‘The Sopranos.’ Directed by Jim Muro, Street Trash marked his sole directorial feature, although he subsequently directed episodes of ‘Shameless,’ ‘SEAL Team,’ and ‘Longmire,’ in addition to working as a Steadicam operator on films like ‘The Abyss,’ ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day,’ ‘Point Break,’ and ‘The Fast and the Furious.’

Muro and Roy Frumkes, the original writer and producer of Street Trash, will serve as executive producers for the remake, alongside Bad Dragon and Vinegar Syndrome. Justin Martell and Matt Manjourides from Not the Funeral Home will produce, with Chris McGurk, Brandon Hill, Brad Miska, and Yolanda Macias taking on executive producing roles for Cineverse.

The reimagined Street Trash is set to premiere as a Screambox exclusive in 2024. Stay tuned to FilmSweep for further updates, and catch a glimpse of the trailer for the original 1987 film below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Remake

What is the original ‘Street Trash’ film about?

The original ‘Street Trash’ film, released in 1987, revolves around a New York liquor store owner who sells toxic alcohol to the local homeless community, leading to gruesome transformations into slime.

Who is directing the remake of ‘Street Trash’?

The remake of ‘Street Trash’ is being directed by Ryan Kruger, known for his work on the film ‘Fried Barry.’

Where will the remake be set?

The remake of ‘Street Trash’ will be set in Cape Town, South Africa, shifting the location from the slums of New York in the original.

How does the remake differ from the original in terms of theme?

The remake will have a more pronounced political message, focusing on the growing divide between rich and poor in Cape Town, while the original was primarily centered on body horror.

Is the body horror aspect preserved in the remake?

Yes, despite the change in location and theme, the remake promises to maintain the same level of body horror as the original, with raw and hilarious moments and explosive scenes.

When is the remake expected to premiere?

The remake of ‘Street Trash’ is set to premiere on Screambox in the year 2024.

Who are the original creators involved in the remake?

Jim Muro, the director of the original film, and Roy Frumkes, the writer and producer, will serve as executive producers for the remake.

What are some keywords associated with the remake?

Keywords: horror film, remake, cult classic, Street Trash, South Africa, political theme, body horror, Ryan Kruger, Fried Barry.

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omg street trash is gettin’ a remake?? rly hope they keep da gross-out stuff. luv the old 1’s craziness!


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