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Hollywood Studios Plan to Leave Writers in Financial Distress Before Resuming Discussions

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Hollywood Strikes

Deadline reveals that irrespective of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) deciding to strike this week, studios are not planning to engage in negotiations with the protesting Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) members for several additional months. An insider, with a close understanding of studio CEOs’ stance, was quoted saying, “It seems we’re gearing up for an extended strike, where they’re planning to exhaust it.”

The studios’ harsh and misguided assumption is that the economically strained writers might press the WGA leadership to restart discussions with studios and streaming platforms, especially considering the upcoming holiday season. In such a scenario, the studios and streamers foresee they would hold substantial leverage to dominate the terms in any potential agreement. “The final play is to let things extend until union members start losing their apartments and homes,” a studio executive confessed to Deadline. Despite acknowledging their distasteful tactics, multiple sources have validated this strategy. One insider even dubbed it as “a brutal yet essential evil.”

While the writers’ strike has paused operations on numerous productions globally, filming continues on certain projects with completed scripts. Nevertheless, should the actors decide to strike, the production process would have to stop entirely, regardless of the script’s status. The studios show a clear preference for actors over writers, a fact evident in their choice to prioritize the “celebrity faces” over the minds crafting the dialogues they deliver on screen.

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All You Need To Know About The Impending SAG Strike

Wastefully Spending Their Own Money to Uphold a Misguided Belief

In the incredibly obstinate action of hurting oneself to make a point, studios persistently resist engaging appropriately or compensating writers fairly, even though it’s costing them an unthinkable fortune. The amount of money lost could have easily funded the writers’ demands, but the necessity to maintain dominance has led to the impending shutdown of the industry. Ironically, many writers have been preparing for a possible strike and are ready to stall the entertainment factory of Hollywood to claim what’s justly theirs.

Since the start of the picketing, studio heads have provided insincere compliments and vague reassurances to the striking writers, despite receiving criticism for their behavior, but offered no solution to end the strike or initiated any negotiation talks. Even though a new agreement under SAG-AFTRA might not instantly revive production, it could offer actors a chance to promote projects already slated for release.

For more details on why SAG-AFTRA is on the verge of striking, visit this link. For insight on the WGA’s side of the strike, visit this link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hollywood Studios’ Negotiation Strategy

What is the studios’ strategy during the Writers’ Guild of America strike?

The strategy is to delay negotiations for several months, hoping the financially struggling writers will press their leadership to restart talks, particularly with the upcoming holiday season. This, they believe, would provide them with significant leverage to determine the terms of any potential agreement.

Are any productions still ongoing during the writers’ strike?

Yes, filming continues for specific projects that have already completed their scripts. However, if the actors under SAG-AFTRA also decide to strike, all production would have to stop, regardless of the script status.

How are the studios responding to the writers’ demands?

The studios have so far refused to properly engage with or adequately compensate the writers. Instead, they have offered insincere compliments and vague reassurances, while not proposing any means to end the strike or initiating negotiation talks.

What are the potential consequences of the studios’ negotiation strategy?

The studios are risking a shutdown of the industry and significant financial loss, greater than the cost of meeting the writers’ demands. The stubbornness to maintain control could lead to a crippling halt in the entertainment output from Hollywood.

What could a new agreement under SAG-AFTRA imply?

While it may not lead to an immediate resumption of production, a new agreement could provide actors with opportunities to promote projects that are already scheduled for release.

More about Hollywood Studios’ Negotiation Strategy

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