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‘John Wick’ Director Chad Stahelski Is Pushing The Academy to Create a Best Stunts Category

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Best Stunts Category

Chad Stahelski, the director of ‘John Wick,’ is advocating for the creation of a new category at the Academy Awards: Best Stunts. After numerous requests for such an award over the years, it appears that progress is being made. Stahelski has been engaged in discussions with the Academy, emphasizing the significance of stuntwork in the film industry. During an interview for the Blu-Ray release of ‘John Wick 4’ with ComicBookMovie, Stahelski disclosed that he has been in talks regarding this matter for several months. He expressed optimism that the Oscars could introduce a Best Stunts category as early as the upcoming ceremony or, if not, within the next three to four years.

One challenge in implementing this award is determining who should be recognized, considering the collaborative effort involved in creating successful stunts. Stahelski raises valid questions, pondering whether the stunt coordinator, the performer executing the stunt, the martial arts choreographer, the fight choreography team, the stunt double, the second unit director, or the editor should receive the accolade. Nevertheless, Stahelski firmly believes that achieving this goal is inevitable. He stated, “There is no one that we’ve met so far that thinks antagonistically to this like everybody on both sides wants this to happen. They want stunts at the Oscars. It’s going to happen.” Stahelski has long been passionate about this issue, as indicated in a 2020 interview with FilmSweep where he expressed his support for stunts to receive recognition and claimed their significant contribution, particularly in the visual aspect of major films.

Learn About Chad Stahelski’s Background

Stahelski initiated his career as a stuntman and worked as Brandon Lee’s stunt double on ‘The Crow.’ Unfortunately, Lee tragically passed away due to an on-set accident during that production. Stahelski later became Keanu Reeves’ stunt double in ‘The Matrix’ and transitioned to a stunt coordinator role for the film’s sequels. After establishing himself as a highly sought-after stunt coordinator on projects like ‘300,’ ‘Speed Racer,’ and ‘The Expendables,’ he made his directorial debut alongside David Leitch with ‘John Wick’ in 2014. Stahelski subsequently directed the three subsequent ‘John Wick’ sequels on his own, including the critically acclaimed ‘John Wick 4,’ released this year. His next venture entails directing Michael B. Jordan in the Amazon adaptation of Tom Clancy’s thrilling novel ‘Rainbow Six.’

Advocating for an Oscar Category: Best Stunts

Despite the increasing reliance on digital effects in action movies, exceptional stuntwork continues to captivate audiences. The ‘Mission: Impossible’ series, in particular, is renowned for Tom Cruise’s dedication to performing a series of daring stunts himself. The latest installment, ‘Dead Reckoning Part 1,’ promises a gravity-defying motorcycle jump off a cliff and a gripping fight scene atop a speeding steam train. While one awards show, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, acknowledges the importance of stunts by presenting two awards for Best Stunt Ensemble (one for movies and one for television), the call for recognition at the Oscars remains prominent.

Keep an eye on FilmSweep for future updates, and listen to Stahelski’s discussion about the stunts in ‘John Wick 4’ with FilmSweep below.

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