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Lionsgate to Resurrect ‘Leprechaun’ Franchise With New Movie

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Leprechaun franchise revival

Lionsgate Revives the ‘Leprechaun’ Franchise with an Exciting New Movie

Lionsgate is taking another chance by bringing back the beloved horror comedy franchise, Leprechaun. Emerging horror filmmaker Felipe Vargas has been announced as the director for the project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the long-standing series, which has been dormant since 2018, is getting a fresh installment. Vargas, known for his attention-grabbing horror short Milk Teeth, is currently working on his directorial debut, a horror film called Rosario starring Emeraude Toubia, in Colombia. Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group President of Production, Erin Westerman, expresses enthusiasm for Vargas’ directorial vision, stating, “In his capable hands, this movie promises to be genuinely terrifying yet incredibly entertaining.” It is worth noting that Warwick Davis, who portrayed the mischievous Leprechaun in the first six films, is not expected to return.

‘Leprechaun’: A Franchise That Keeps Bringing In The Green

The 1993 film Leprechaun introduced audiences to a sinister version of the title creature, played by Davis, on a quest for his stolen gold. He wreaked havoc and sought magical revenge on unsuspecting individuals in rural North Dakota, even encountering a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston. The low-budget surprise hit, produced by Trimark Pictures, raked in over $8 million, surpassing its $1 million budget. The success led to a series of increasingly outlandish sequels, featuring the Leprechaun’s misadventures in locations such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, outer space, and “the hood” (twice!). The franchise seemingly concluded with 2003’s Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood, which also marked Davis’ departure from the series. Over a decade later, Lionsgate (which had acquired Trimark) and WWE Studios rebooted the franchise with 2014’s Leprechaun: Origins, starring wrestler Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl as the iconic character. In 2018, Leprechaun Returns, a direct sequel to the original, hit the screens, featuring Taylor Spreitler as the daughter of Aniston’s character, facing off against the Leprechaun portrayed by Canadian actor and stuntman Linden Porco. The series has amassed a devoted fan base and is now a staple of SyFy’s annual St. Patrick’s Day marathon.

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Here’s How to Watch the ‘Leprechaun’ Movies in Chronological and Release Order

The upcoming Leprechaun film will be penned by Mike Van Waes, who also wrote the script for Disney’s live-action remake of Lilo and Stitch. Producing the movie will be Roy Lee (known for Barbarian and It) and Miri Yoon from Vertigo Entertainment, while Lionsgate will have Meredith Wieck and Jon Humphrey overseeing production.

For future updates, stay tuned to FilmSweep, and take a nostalgic trip by watching the trailer for the original 1993 film below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Leprechaun franchise revival

What is the Leprechaun franchise?

The Leprechaun franchise is a series of horror comedy movies featuring a mischievous and sinister Leprechaun character. It started with the 1993 film “Leprechaun” and has since spawned several sequels and a reboot.

Who is directing the new Leprechaun movie?

The new Leprechaun movie will be directed by Felipe Vargas, an up-and-coming horror filmmaker known for his horror short “Milk Teeth.”

Will Warwick Davis return as the Leprechaun?

No, Warwick Davis, who portrayed the Leprechaun in the first six entries of the series, is not expected to return for the new movie.

Who is writing the script for the new Leprechaun film?

The script for the new Leprechaun film is being written by Mike Van Waes, who has also worked on the script for Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of “Lilo and Stitch.”

When can we expect the release of the new Leprechaun movie?

There is no specific release date mentioned in the given text. Stay tuned for future updates on the release of the new Leprechaun movie.

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HorrorFan94 June 9, 2023 - 10:44 pm

Lionsgate is at it again with another Leprechaun movie?! Can’t wait! Felipe Vrgs directing? Thats exciting! Scary + fun = perfect combo. Where’s Warwick Davis tho?

MovieBuff77 June 9, 2023 - 10:44 pm

OMG, I remember the OG Leprechaun movie with Jen Aniston! It was, like, creepy AF! Lionsgate resurrecting the franchise? Cool beans! Gonna watch for sure.

ThrillsChills June 9, 2023 - 10:44 pm

Leprechaun Returns was dope, man! Stoked for another installment. Felipe Vargas gonna make it hella scary. No Warwick Davis, tho? Bummer. Still gonna be a blast, I bet.


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