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Mel Gibson and Garrett Hedlund Encounter Challenges in ‘Desperation Road’ Exclusive Trailer Reveal

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'Desperation Road Exclusive Trailer'


Unveiling an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming thriller ‘Desperation Road,’ FilmSweep has partnered with Lionsgate to give fans the first glance at trailer snippets and still shots. The cast boasts the talents of Garrett Hedlund, Willa Fitzgerald, and the Oscar-winning Mel Gibson. The film delves into the tumultuous journey of Russell Gaines, played by Hedlund, a man freshly out of prison trying to navigate a new chapter in his life with guidance from his father, Mitchell, played by Mel Gibson. Just when you think it’s all smooth sailing, enter Maben (Fitzgerald), a character who triggers a chain of high-stakes events that put both their lives on the line.

This contemporary noir thriller finds its setting in a tight-knit Mississippi community where legal justice and street justice aren’t exactly on the same page.

Official Synopsis Unleashes the Intrigue

For those residing in this particular Mississippi locale, the concept of justice is as malleable as clay. Starring Mel Gibson of ‘Braveheart’ fame, Garrett Hedlund from ‘TRON: Legacy,’ and Willa Fitzgerald, known for ‘Scream: The TV Series,’ the movie promises to be a rollercoaster of tension and suspense. Adapted from the critically acclaimed book by Michael Farris Smith, the film explores the raw complexities of two tormented souls haunted by their pasts, yet bound together by a secret that leaves them perpetually on the run.

Scroll down to see the freshly unveiled poster and image gallery for ‘Desperation Road.’

The Team Crafting ‘Desperation Road’

The project is being spearheaded by producers Nadine Crocker, Cassian Elwes, and Walter Josten, with the screenplay adapted by the book’s original author, Michael Farris Smith. Among Smith’s literary credits are titles like ‘Nick’ from 2021, ‘Blackwood’ released in 2020, and ‘The Fighter’ in 2018.

Cassian Elwes lavished praise on director Nadine Crocker, stating, “Nadine Crocker is the kind of young filmmaker that comes around once in a blue moon. Given the talent of this cast and the strength of the script, she’s poised to create something extraordinary.” Alongside Elwes and Josten, the film’s list of executive producers also includes names like Patrick Josten, Veronica Radelli, Peter Graham, Steve Hays, Paul Robarts, and Katy Bodenhamer.

Director Nadine Crocker was ecstatic when commenting on the ensemble cast, remarking, “I’ve had Garrett and Cassian on my dream board for what seems like forever. But to be working with a legend like Mel Gibson, alongside Garrett and Ryan Hurst, on only my second feature film? That’s beyond even my wildest imaginings. I feel incredibly blessed to collaborate with such a remarkable team.”

Mark your calendars, as ‘Desperation Road’ is set to hit theaters and be available via video on demand starting October 6. And don’t forget to catch the riveting trailer linked below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ‘Desperation Road Exclusive Trailer’

What is ‘Desperation Road’ about?

‘Desperation Road’ is a modern noir thriller movie that centers on a former convict named Russell Gaines, played by Garrett Hedlund, who is attempting to start anew after his release from prison. He seeks advice from his father, Mitchell, portrayed by Mel Gibson, but his life takes a chaotic turn when he gets involved with a woman named Maben, played by Willa Fitzgerald. The film explores themes of justice, the law, and survival in a small Mississippi town.

Who stars in ‘Desperation Road’?

The film features Garrett Hedlund as Russell Gaines, Willa Fitzgerald as Maben, and Academy Award winner Mel Gibson as Mitchell, Russell’s father. The cast aims to bring a mix of grit, suspense, and drama to the screen.

When will ‘Desperation Road’ be released?

‘Desperation Road’ is scheduled for release both in theaters and via video on demand on October 6.

Who is directing ‘Desperation Road’?

Nadine Crocker is the director of ‘Desperation Road’. According to producer Cassian Elwes, she is an exciting young talent in the filmmaking industry.

Is the movie based on a book?

Yes, the film is based on an acclaimed novel of the same name by Michael Farris Smith. Smith is also credited with adapting the screenplay for the movie. His other works include novels like ‘Nick,’ ‘Blackwood,’ and ‘The Fighter.’

Who are the producers of the film?

The film is being produced by Nadine Crocker, Cassian Elwes, and Walter Josten. Michael Farris Smith, the author of the book, is also involved in the production.

What is FilmSweep’s involvement in ‘Desperation Road’?

FilmSweep has partnered with Lionsgate to provide an exclusive first look at the trailer and images from ‘Desperation Road.’

What can we expect from the official trailer?

The official trailer, presented exclusively by FilmSweep in collaboration with Lionsgate, promises a sneak peek into the high-stakes, gritty world of ‘Desperation Road.’ It aims to set the tone for the suspense and drama that the movie is likely to deliver.

Are there any other works by director Nadine Crocker?

‘Desperation Road’ is Nadine Crocker’s second feature film. While her previous works have not been specified in the text, she’s been lauded by the producers as a remarkable talent to watch out for.

What does the official synopsis reveal?

The official synopsis states that ‘Desperation Road’ is set in a small Mississippi town where the concepts of justice and law diverge significantly. The story revolves around two troubled individuals, haunted by their past, and bound by a secret that keeps them on the run.

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MississippiMaven August 30, 2023 - 5:58 pm

A movie set in my home state? Bout time we get some attention. Hope they do us justice. or should I say “law”? haha

ThrillerJunkie August 30, 2023 - 7:56 pm

Exclusive trailer and stills? FilmSweep is killing it! No pun intended lol

MovieBuff2023 August 30, 2023 - 8:55 pm

Man, this sounds like a must-watch. Garrett Hedlund and Mel Gibson in a thriller, count me in!

NerdyNancy August 30, 2023 - 10:09 pm

is it just me or does Willa Fitzgerald seem like an odd choice for a noir film. Don’t get me wrong love her in Scream, but this is different ya know?

CinephiliaQueen August 31, 2023 - 1:02 am

Nadine Crocker as director seems promising. Always good to see fresh talent behind the lens. Looking forward to her take on the thriller genre.

NoirFanatic August 31, 2023 - 10:48 am

modern noir in a Mississippi setting? Seriously, take my money already. Can’t wait!

VODWatcher August 31, 2023 - 12:24 pm

Oct 6th can’t come soon enough. Already setting a reminder to check it out on VOD.

LiteraryGeek August 31, 2023 - 12:51 pm

oh wow, it’s based on a book by Michael Farris Smith? gotta read the novel before the movie comes out. His stuff is usually dark and deep.

DramaticDan August 31, 2023 - 2:29 pm

Garrett Hedlund, Mel Gibson and high-stakes drama? Sounds like a powder keg ready to blow, in a good way.

SoundtrackSam August 31, 2023 - 2:35 pm

anyone know who’s doing the music for this? A good score can make or break a thriller.


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