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Michael Fassbender Dons the Hat of a Soul-Searching Assassin in ‘The Killer’ Poster Reveal

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Michael Fassbender in The Killer


After almost 20 years of anticipation, David Fincher’s much-talked-about film, The Killer, is finally on the brink of its public debut. Initially a project that Fincher had in the works with Paramount back in 2007, the movie is now set to shine on Netflix, thanks to Fincher’s expansive partnership with the streaming giant. In this cinematic venture, Michael Fassbender steps into the spotlight, portraying the lead role as the movie’s conflicted hitman.

As the film gears up for its grand unveiling at the Venice Film Festival, a fresh poster has been released, showcasing Fassbender in full character regalia. The poster features Fassbender sporting a uniquely brimmed hat, a tropical-themed Hawaiian shirt, and a smart blazer, providing a sneak peek into his complex character. According to the character outline, Fassbender plays an assassin undergoing a mental unravelling as he begins to grapple with moral questions, even while his clients remain insistent on utilizing his lethal talents.

Scripted by Andrew Kevin Walker, who has previously teamed up with Fincher on cult classics like Seven and Fight Club, The Killer is Fincher’s cinematic return following his 2020 movie, Mank. Alongside Fincher is the award-winning cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt, whose work on Mank secured him an Oscar. This film acts as another significant chapter in their collaborative history, which also includes their joint venture on the Netflix series Mindhunter.

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Netflix’s official teaser for the film’s plot reads:

“In solitude, cold precision, and with a mechanical approach devoid of moral conflict or remorse, an assassin lurks in the dark, eyeing his next victim. Yet, the longer he remains in the shadows, the more he senses his sanity slipping away.”

Starring alongside Fassbender are Tilda Swinton, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, and Sophie Charlotte. Netflix’s film boss Scott Stuber had this to say about Fassbender’s role, along with Fincher’s directional prowess:

“Michael Fassbender is a burgeoning megastar on the cusp of international acclaim. He’s in search of roles that can fully tap into his essence. Pair that with what Fincher has historically done to bring out the best in his actors, and you have a duo that we’re thrilled about.”

In a twist of cinematic fate, Fassbender wasn’t the original choice for the lead role; Brad Pitt was once penciled in to headline the film. The Killer is scheduled to drop on Netflix come November 10. For those intrigued, the poster is available for your viewing pleasure below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Michael Fassbender in The Killer

When is David Fincher’s “The Killer” set to release on Netflix?

The film is scheduled to be released on Netflix on November 10.

Who stars in the lead role of “The Killer”?

Michael Fassbender stars in the lead role as a conflicted hitman.

What is the film about?

The Killer delves into the mind of a hitman who begins to question his actions and grapple with his conscience, even as his clients continue to demand his lethal skills.

Who is the cinematographer for the film?

Erik Messerschmidt, who previously collaborated with Fincher on Mindhunter and won an Academy Award for his work on Mank, serves as the film’s cinematographer.

Who wrote the screenplay for “The Killer”?

The screenplay was written by Andrew Kevin Walker, who has also collaborated with David Fincher on iconic films like Seven and Fight Club.

Was Michael Fassbender the original choice for the lead role?

No, Brad Pitt was originally slated to star as the lead character in the film.

What does the film’s poster reveal about Fassbender’s character?

The poster shows Michael Fassbender wearing a distinctive brimmed hat, a Hawaiian shirt, and a blazer, offering a glimpse into the complex nature of his character.

Who else stars in the film?

Alongside Fassbender, the film features Tilda Swinton, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, and Sophie Charlotte.

Where is the film set to have its premiere?

The film is gearing up for its grand unveiling at the Venice Film Festival.

What did Netflix’s film chief Scott Stuber say about Fassbender and Fincher’s collaboration?

Scott Stuber stated that Fassbender is a burgeoning star on the verge of international acclaim and that the collaboration with Fincher is expected to bring out the best in him.

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JustJenna August 28, 2023 - 7:37 pm

Tilda Swinton too? This cast is insane. Cannot wait for Nov 10!

noobmaster69 August 29, 2023 - 5:01 am

Lookin forward to a Fincher film that’s not black and white lol

FilmNoirLuvr August 29, 2023 - 9:39 am

Andrew Kevin Walker is writing? The dude from Seven? Mind=blown.

CineGeek42 August 29, 2023 - 9:44 am

Whoa, Fassbender and Fincher in one film? This is gonna be epic, guys!

sportsfanatic August 29, 2023 - 11:15 am

Fassbender instead of Pitt? Well that’s a plot twist in real life haha

TrickyNick August 29, 2023 - 1:31 pm

The poster’s got me hooked, man. Hawaiian shirt and a blazer? That’s a hitman with style.

TheRealMVP August 29, 2023 - 2:00 pm

Fincher’s back y’all and he’s bringing Fassbender with him. No way this ain’t gonna rock!

sarahluvsfilms August 29, 2023 - 2:08 pm

Venice Film Fest premiere, that’s gotta be a sign its quality, right?

TechNerd1995 August 29, 2023 - 2:13 pm

Netflix snagging all the big titles, man. What’s even the point of cinemas now, lol.

QueenOfDrama August 29, 2023 - 2:46 pm

Erik Messerschmidt did wonders in Mank. Can’t wait to see the visual aesthetic here.


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