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Nicolas Cage’s Superman Soars on ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ Cover

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Nicolas Cage's Superman

Following the release of The Flash, a film filled with cameo appearances from DC’s rich history, Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Superman is finally revealed after over 25 years of anticipation. This unexpected revelation is part of the grand multiverse adventure, adding an extra layer of surrealism. Cage’s Superman continues to soar, as he’s set to grace the cover of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #19, as per Rolling Stone’s exclusive report.

The cover artwork by Dan Mora shows Cage not as he was intended to appear in the never-realized Superman Lives but as a fresh version of the DC hero in a red and black suit. The characteristic “S” emblem on his chest has been swapped with an “N,” a clear homage to Cage’s name, with a “C” emblazoned on his belt to match his initials. This Superman outfit seems to be inspired by Red Son’s villainous version, yet the classic Superman is seen approvingly in the backdrop with Batman preparing for a clash beside him. The scenario is set in the Batcave, filled with intricate details and hidden references. Michael Keaton’s Batman and his Batmobile feature prominently, alongside Cage’s Superman sporting Batman’s iconic bladed gauntlets.

In his conversation with Rolling Stone, Mora commented, “Being a lifelong fan of Nic Cage’s movies, I was thrilled when he finally got the opportunity to play Superman in The Flash. I endeavored to honor him in that role.” The artist concluded, “Nic is a fantastic actor, always bringing a vibrant energy to his roles. It’s hard not to envision what his version of Superman would be.” This unique blend of DC and Cage will delight any comic book aficionado. The sight of these three heroes standing united is pure magic.

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‘The Flash’: Is THAT Cameo the Future Batman?

Superman Lives!

Tim Burton’s Batman redefined the movie industry with its groundbreaking success in 1989. This led to the director quickly proceeding to its sequel Batman Returns. However, its milder reception and gloomier tone saw Warner Brothers chart a different course for the hero. Yet, the desire for a new Superman film remained. The unmade Superman Lives, penned by Kevin Smith, would have seen Burton directing and Cage playing the lead. Clips of Cage’s costume trial as Superman are readily available online, and wild speculations regarding the film spread rapidly after its cancellation. These include a potential showdown with a giant spider in the film, a scenario that finally transpired in The Flash and was depicted in the acclaimed documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?. Cage, best known for his roles as Ghost Rider and Spider-Man Noir in Marvel’s universe, has always had a soft spot for Superman. Before The Flash became a thrilling reality, Cage lent his voice to Superman in the underrated 2018 animated film, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #19 Release Date?

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #19 is set to hit the stores on September 19, 2023. Mark Waid penned the story, with artwork by Travis Moore. You can check out the Cage-focused cover below. Cage also stars in The Flash, currently playing in theaters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nicolas Cage’s Superman

When will Nicolas Cage’s Superman debut in ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’?

Nicolas Cage’s Superman will make his debut in ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #19, which is set to be released on September 19, 2023.

What is the inspiration behind Nicolas Cage’s Superman suit on the cover?

Nicolas Cage’s Superman suit on the cover of ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #19 is a new version of the DC hero, featuring a red and black suit. The “S” symbol on his chest has been replaced with an “N” as a nod to Cage’s name, and a “C” can be found on his belt to complete his initials.

Is the cover artwork of ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #19 related to the ill-fated Superman Lives movie?

No, the cover artwork by Dan Mora for ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #19 does not depict Nicolas Cage’s Superman as he would have appeared in the unmade Superman Lives movie. It showcases a fresh version of the character, distinct from the planned film.

Where does the scene on the cover take place?

The scene depicted on the cover of ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #19 takes place in the Batcave, with classic Superman giving a thumbs up in the background while Batman prepares for a battle beside Nicolas Cage’s Superman.

Who is the artist behind the cover artwork for ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #19?

The cover artwork for ‘Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’ #19 is created by Dan Mora, who expressed his excitement and admiration for Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Superman in The Flash and aimed to pay tribute to him through his artwork.

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