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‘The Boy And The Heron’ Kicks Off Animation Is Film Festival with IMAX Screening

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Prepare to be transported to the magical world of animation as Animation Is Film’s 6th edition unveils a mesmerizing lineup of animated wonders from across the globe. This festival is a paradise for enthusiasts like you, dear geeks who revel in the realms of sports, music, cinema, and technology. And to kick off this cinematic extravaganza in grand style, we’re bringing you an IMAX presentation that will leave you in awe: the latest masterpiece from the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, ‘The Boy and the Heron.’

A Star-Studded Lineup

Our festival is not holding back, folks. Besides the enchanting ‘The Boy and the Heron,’ you can look forward to a screening of ‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.’ But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The competition section boasts an array of animated treasures that will have you on the edge of your seats. And if you’ve ever dreamt of trying your hand at creating your own clay models, well, we’ve got workshops for that too!

A Glimpse into the Magic

Animation Is Film (AIF) has unveiled its dazzling film roster for the 6th edition, and it’s a showstopper. The festival kicks off with a bang at the TLC Chinese Theater on October 18 with the IMAX presentation of ‘The Boy And The Heron.’ But that’s just the beginning of this five-day cinematic journey filled with theatrical presentations, special events, and mesmerizing short films.

Closing with a Cluck

As the festival draws to a close, we’ll be bringing you the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Chicken Run: Dawn Of The Nugget,’ followed by a Q&A session with the illustrious director Sam Fell and the creative genius behind the original ‘Chicken Run’ (circa 2000), Peter Lord. It’s going to be a cluckin’ good time!

International Flavors

This year has been a treat for animated movie lovers, and AIF is serving up a delectable selection from around the world. Keep an eye out for Annecy International Animation Film Festival Prize Winners ‘Robot Dreams’ and ‘Chicken For Linda!’ making their West Coast and US debuts, respectively. Japan’s ‘Phoenix: Reminiscence Of Flower’ will make its North American Premiere, and Dreamworks Animation will dazzle you with a special presentation of ‘Trolls Band Together.’

Spidey Senses Tingling

Spider-Man fans, brace yourselves for ‘Sony’s The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story.’ This new short film takes Miles Morales on a journey where he faces a panic attack, teaching us all that reaching out for help is as heroic as protecting a city.

Disney Magic

Walt Disney Animation Studios isn’t holding back either. Get ready for a special theatrical presentation of the narrative short ‘Once Upon A Studio,’ featuring iconic voices from Disney Animation’s past, including Dwayne Johnson, Paige O’Hara, Jodi Benson, and Josh Gad. And that’s not all; attendees will also get an exclusive “Work-In-Progress” sneak peek of the studio’s upcoming gem, ‘Wish.’

A World of Competition

The competition section promises a global showdown of animated excellence. Films like ‘Art College 1994,’ ‘The Concierge,’ ‘Mars Express,’ ‘Phoenix: Reminiscence Of Flower,’ ‘Sirocco And The Kingdom Of The Winds,’ and more are ready to vie for your attention. Matt Kaszanek, Executive Director of AIF, describes the lineup as nothing short of seismic cinematic events and a cause for celebration among movie lovers of all tastes.

Diversity Shines

Our festival isn’t just about the big names; it’s about celebrating diversity and talent. The popular shorts showcase, in partnership with Annecy and Women In Animation, spotlights the best in female-directed animated films. We also have an annual student film program and an exciting Aardman Animations-hosted workshop where kids can mold their own clay models.

Mark Your Calendar

So, dear readers, mark your calendars for a five-day journey into the mesmerizing world of animation. From October 18-22, Hollywood will be the epicenter of animated magic, and you won’t want to miss a second of it. Get ready to be spellbound by ‘The Boy and the Heron’ and a host of other animated wonders that will ignite your passion for sports, music, cinema, and technology. See you there!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Animation Is Film Festival

Q: When and where will the Animation Is Film Festival take place?

A: The Animation Is Film Festival will run from October 18 to October 22 in Hollywood, offering five days of animated cinematic wonders.

Q: What is the highlight of the festival’s opening?

A: The festival’s grand opening will feature an IMAX presentation of ‘The Boy and the Heron,’ the latest masterpiece by renowned filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki.

Q: Are there any other notable films being showcased?

A: Absolutely! Alongside ‘The Boy and the Heron,’ you can also catch the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Chicken Run: Dawn Of The Nugget.’ Plus, there’s a diverse lineup of animated films from across the globe, including award-winning titles like ‘Robot Dreams’ and ‘Chicken For Linda!’

Q: Are there any special events or presentations to look forward to?

A: Yes, indeed! Sony’s ‘The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story’ offers a unique take on Miles Morales, while Walt Disney Animation Studios presents ‘Once Upon A Studio’ with iconic voices. There’s also a sneak peek of Disney’s upcoming project, ‘Wish.’

Q: Is the festival promoting diversity in animation?

A: Absolutely. The festival emphasizes diversity with a popular shorts showcase of female-directed animated films, an annual student film program, and an Aardman Animations-hosted workshop where kids can create their own clay models.

Q: Who are some of the notable directors and personalities attending?

A: The festival promises Q&A sessions with Oscar-nominated Director Sam Fell and Peter Lord, director of the original ‘Chicken Run.’ Additionally, voices like Dwayne Johnson, Paige O’Hara, Jodi Benson, and Josh Gad will grace the event.

Q: How can I attend this festival?

A: You can attend the Animation Is Film Festival by purchasing tickets and passes, which are likely available on the festival’s official website. Keep an eye on their official channels for ticketing information and updates.

Q: Is this festival suitable for a youth audience?

A: Absolutely! This festival caters to geeks and enthusiasts who are fond of sports, music, cinema, and technology, making it an engaging and exciting experience for a youthful and tech-savvy crowd.

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