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The Eerie ‘V/H/S/85’ Trailer Signals the Comeback of the Terrifying Found Footage Series

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“V/H/S/85,” the fresh chapter in the famed horror saga, delves into an unseen period of the series, adopting an aesthetic akin to ancient video equipment. The preview unveils unsettling footage of unfamiliar assaults on fresh characters, making escape from the malevolence pursuing them impossible. A distinguished group of filmmakers, such as David Bruckner and Scott Derrickson, guarantees the continued mesmerizing confusion of the franchise’s enigma-infused pandemonium.

A little over ten years since the franchise’s maiden installment hit the screens, Shudder has unveiled the initial trailer for “V/H/S/85,” hinting at the imminent horror escapade arriving on the platform on October 6. This fresh film will investigate a previously unexplored year in the series, utilizing a method akin to the recording technology prevalent at the time. By fusing found footage with elements that could easily be hidden within someone’s old home videos, “V/H/S” has emerged as a potent force in contemporary independent horror, as the tale of the elusive antagonist persists through time.

Once again, the trailer emphasizes the enigmatic tapes encountering the anthology’s new faces, who are warned that they’re entering uncharted territory. Alarming visuals of strikes carried out by a mysterious beast are projected onto these latest victims, with gore sprayed throughout the room. As of the present moment, clues regarding how the protagonists of this new anthology will evade the wickedness pursuing them are scant, with additional tapes guiding their twisted journey when the curse descends. When “V/H/S” resumes on Shudder, escape will become a distant fantasy.

These films have consistently dabbled in the found footage theme, drawing inspiration from “The Blair Witch” to craft anthologies that have amused followers for over a decade. The inaugural “V/H/S” depicted a band of criminals tasked with pilfering a tape from a dwelling, only to discover that an elderly man had expired while viewing the content they sought. Before the team could even devise a plan, an invisible entity was already in pursuit, leading to a rejuvenating horror rendition that gave birth to a franchise.

The Craftsmen Conjuring the Horrors

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The upcoming “V/H/S” installment boasts an illustrious assembly of filmmakers, including David Bruckner, Scott Derrickson, and Gigi Saul Guerrero, all of whom have previously been announced as collaborators. Bruckner, the director behind last year’s “Hellraiser” rendition, has applied his own flair to a bone-chilling tale that has haunted audiences for generations, while Derrickson has been immersed in projects like “The Black Phone” and “Deliver Us From Evil.” All is in place for Shudder’s time-honored franchise to make its grand return, as the enigma entwined with the tapes continues to sow chaos in its wake.

Mark your calendars, for you can preview the official trailer for “V/H/S/85” before it makes its grand appearance on Shudder come October 6. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the series, prepare for a journey into terror that will leave you on the edge of your seat, and possibly checking your old home videos with a newfound sense of apprehension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Horror Franchise

What is “V/H/S/85” all about?

“V/H/S/85” is the latest installment in the horror franchise, exploring an unseen year using old filming equipment style. It’s a mix of found footage and chilling storytelling.

Who are the filmmakers behind “V/H/S/85”?

Impressive directors like David Bruckner and Scott Derrickson contribute to the film, ensuring a captivating continuation of the franchise’s mystery-filled chaos.

When does “V/H/S/85” release?

The movie premieres on Shudder on October 6, offering a thrilling horror adventure for fans of the series.

What can we expect from the trailer?

The trailer showcases disturbing footage of new characters under attack, hinting at the malevolent force chasing them. It promises a gripping and terrifying experience.

Is “V/H/S/85” part of the found footage genre?

Yes, the film draws inspiration from the found footage concept, adding a fresh spin to the horror anthology genre.

Will there be ties to previous “V/H/S” movies?

While each installment has its own unique story, “V/H/S/85” maintains the franchise’s core elements, including the enigmatic tapes and unsettling mysteries.

Who is the target audience for “V/H/S/85”?

Horror enthusiasts, fans of found footage, and those seeking suspenseful storytelling will likely find “V/H/S/85” appealing.

Can I watch the trailer before the release?

Absolutely! You can watch the official trailer for “V/H/S/85” to get a taste of the eerie atmosphere and suspenseful scenes.

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