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Amicus Productions Rises From the Grave With ‘In the Grip of Terror’ Horror Anthology

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Amicus Productions Revives Itself Through ‘In the Grip of Terror’ Horror Anthology

The renowned British studio, Amicus Productions, known for its captivating horror anthologies, is experiencing a resurgence with the announcement of a new film titled “In the Grip of Terror.” This upcoming anthology movie pays homage to Amicus’ legacy by adapting stories from acclaimed horror authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, and E.F. Benson. The studio’s objective is to once again establish itself as a prominent figure in the realm of independent British horror, effectively transporting viewers back to the heyday of British horror cinema.

After a period of dormancy, Amicus Productions, the iconic British studio celebrated for its anthology-style horror films, has returned to the forefront. The studio is making a comeback with a fresh anthology film, “In the Grip of Terror,” under its revitalized label. Notably, Scottish filmmaker Lawrie Brewster, known for his works “Lord of Tears” and “The Devil’s Machine,” has assumed the role of Amicus’ new president. Brewster’s intention is to pay tribute to the studio’s rich history through “In the Grip of Terror.” The film is set to feature notable actors including Laurence R. Harvey, Megan Tremethick, Jonathan Hansler, and Michael Daviot, as reported by Variety.

“In the Grip of Terror” will adapt stories penned by acclaimed horror writers H.P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, and E.F. Benson. The resurrected studio has collaborated closely with the family of the late Milton Subotsky, one of Amicus’ co-founders. The Subotsky family actively participated in selecting the stories to be adapted for the film. The title itself, “In the Grip of Terror,” was originally conceived by Subotsky during Amicus’ prime, intended for use in future anthology projects. Brewster elaborates on the studio’s vision:

“Our goal is to reestablish Amicus Productions as a prominent force in the realm of independent British horror. We are crafting a film that captures the essence and style that made the studio iconic. By prioritizing immersive storytelling, practical effects, and a genuine appreciation for the genre, our aspiration is to transport audiences back to the golden era of British horror.”

Amicus Productions: A Retrospective

Founded in 1962 by American producers Max Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky, Amicus gained prominence for its creation of a series of horror anthology films. These films drew inspiration from the classic 1945 British movie “Dead of Night” and showcased the talents of renowned British horror actors like Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence, and Christopher Lee. Notable anthology releases such as “Torture Garden,” “Asylum,” and “The House That Dripped Blood” were adapted from stories authored by renowned horror writer Robert Bloch, best known for creating “Psycho.”

Additional releases, such as “Tales from the Crypt” and “The Vault of Horror,” were influenced by the horror comics of EC Comics from the 1950s, which later served as inspiration for projects like “Creepshow” and the HBO series “Tales from the Crypt.” Beyond anthologies, Amicus also produced notable horror films including “The Beast Must Die,” featuring a unique “werewolf break,” “Madhouse,” starring Vincent Price, and “I, Monster,” an adaptation of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” starring Lee and Cushing.

While Amicus did venture into non-horror territory, adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “lost world” adventures and producing Doctor Who films with Cushing, international films eventually dominated the British horror market, leading to Amicus’ gradual decline in the late 1970s.

For future updates, stay tuned to FilmSweep, and catch a glimpse of Amicus’ classic contribution with the trailer for “Doctor Terror’s House of Horrors” below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Horror Anthology

What is Amicus Productions known for?

Amicus Productions is renowned for creating horror anthologies and classic British horror films.

What is the upcoming film “In the Grip of Terror” about?

“In the Grip of Terror” is a new anthology film by Amicus Productions, adapting stories from horror authors H.P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, and E.F. Benson.

Who is the director of “In the Grip of Terror”?

Scottish director Lawrie Brewster is helming “In the Grip of Terror.” He aims to honor Amicus Productions’ legacy with this film.

Who are the actors in “In the Grip of Terror”?

The film features actors such as Laurence R. Harvey, Megan Tremethick, Jonathan Hansler, and Michael Daviot.

How does Amicus Productions plan to re-establish itself?

Amicus Productions aims to become a prominent figure in independent British horror, recapturing the atmospheric storytelling of the genre’s golden epoch.

What inspired Amicus Productions’ horror anthologies?

Amicus drew inspiration from classic British film “Dead of Night” and the horror comics of EC Comics for their anthology projects.

When was Amicus Productions founded?

Amicus Productions was founded in 1962 by American producers Max Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky.

What led to the decline of Amicus Productions?

Amicus’ decline in the late ’70s was attributed to the rise of international films consuming the British horror market.

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HorrorFan82 August 16, 2023 - 8:40 am

omg amicus back from the grave??! ‘In the Grip of Terror’ sounds like a total scream fest!! luv how they pick stories from Lovecraft, Bierce, and Benson, like classic spooky vibes y’know?


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