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‘The Flash’ Continues Its Disappointing Run at the Global Box Office

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The Flash’ Struggles to Make an Impact at the Global Box Office

Warner Bros Discovery’s hopes for a triumphant box office run for ‘The Flash’ have been dashed. As it enters its third week, the film has managed to collect an estimated $11.4 million across 13,548 screens worldwide. This brings its international total to $146.1 million, with a global tally of $245.3 million as of Sunday. Unfortunately, it took until the second week for ‘The Flash’ to surpass its production budget. Despite being touted as a significant big-screen release within DC’s multiverse by David Zaslav and his team, it’s evident that the film has fallen short.


This movie has turned into a major disappointment for the studio, not just commercially, but also critically. Warner Bros Discovery created a lot of hype by showcasing the film at CinemaCon several months before its official release. They also relied on the endorsements of celebrities like Tom Cruise and Stephen King, who saw the film before its premiere and praised it to their fans. However, the disappointing box office performance reveals that moviegoers were let down. In its first week, ‘The Flash’ received mixed reviews and performed poorly at the box office, and in the second week, it experienced the steepest second-weekend drop in the history of superhero films.

‘The Flash’ Joins Warner Bros Discovery’s List of Unsuccessful Ventures

Despite having new management in place, the films coming out of DC studios are remnants of the DCEU lineup. The studio has yet to achieve a true hit, despite releasing films like ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Shazam! The Fury of the Gods’ in grand fashion. ‘The Flash’ faced its unfortunate fate due to several factors. The film’s lead star, Ezra Miller, had encountered legal issues in the past year. Additionally, James Gunn’s plans for DC’s new ‘Monsters and Gods’ series also contributed to fans’ indifference towards the film, as they remained uncertain about the hero’s future in upcoming movies.

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Analyzing the Budget of ‘The Flash’: Warner Bros. Discovery’s Expected Losses

Despite featuring an intriguing multiverse storyline and incorporating past DC heroes for nostalgic appeal, ‘The Flash’ failed to ignite excitement among fans and casual moviegoers. To make matters worse, the film was leaked online last week, and some reports suggested that the studio should have scrapped it altogether if they wanted to turn a profit. With the fate of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Shazam’ now sealed, it remains to be seen whether Jason Momoa’s ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ can draw audiences back to theaters.

‘The Flash’ is currently showing in theaters. Don’t miss FilmSweep’s interview with Sasha Calle, who portrays Supergirl in ‘The Flash,’ below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about disappointing

What is the box office performance of “The Flash” movie?

“The Flash” movie has underperformed at the global box office, falling short of expectations both commercially and critically.

How much money has “The Flash” movie made?

As of its third week, “The Flash” movie has earned an estimated $11.4 million domestically and internationally, bringing its global tally to $245.3 million.

What were the expectations for “The Flash” movie?

Warner Bros Discovery had high hopes for “The Flash” movie, considering it an important big-screen release within DC’s multiverse. However, it has failed to live up to these expectations.

Why has “The Flash” movie disappointed both commercially and critically?

Several factors have contributed to the disappointment surrounding “The Flash” movie. The lead star, Ezra Miller, had legal troubles that impacted the film’s reception. Additionally, uncertainty regarding the hero’s future in upcoming movies, as well as leaks of the movie online, have further dampened audience excitement.

How does “The Flash” movie fit into Warner Bros Discovery’s lineup of films?

Despite new management, Warner Bros Discovery has yet to produce a hit from its DC studios. “The Flash” movie joins the list of underwhelming releases, following other films like “Black Adam” and “Shazam! The Fury of the Gods.”

Can “The Flash” movie’s disappointing performance impact future DC films?

While the impact is uncertain, the underperformance of “The Flash” movie could influence audience reception and anticipation for future DC films, such as the upcoming “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

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