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The Single Take Triumph of the Iconic Cake Scene in ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’

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In ‘Red, White & Royal Blue,’ Director Matthew López was faced with the enormous task of flawlessly executing the cake scene, a vital opening sequence that sets the film’s tone. This was no small feat, as the scene’s filming was a complex endeavor that spanned three days, involving hundreds of extras, intricate choreography, extensive dialogue, and a very specific vision.

Despite the grueling process, the directorial team succeeded in capturing the cake scene in one flawless take, choosing to use a real cake for the actors instead of Styrofoam and latex fakes, a decision that saved time and achieved the exact look they wanted.

A saying like having your cake and eating it too could be apt for this instance, but only if you’re prepared to plunge face-first into the cake first. Nearly two years after its initial announcement, ‘Red, White & Royal Blue,’ a Prime Video film based on Casey McQuiston’s bestselling debut novel, has been officially released. The story, featuring Alex Claremont-Diaz (played by Taylor Zakhar Perez) and Prince Henry (portrayed by Nicholas Galitzine), focuses on two young rivals who initially pretend to be friends but eventually develop a romantic connection. Among the numerous unforgettable moments in the book, the legendary cake scene was a must-include on the big screen. Director Matthew López explained the adaptation process of this scene during an interview with FilmSweep’s Christina Radish.

The pressure to perfectly adapt the cake scene was significant for López. He understood the importance of starting ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ with a compelling opening, stating, “If you mess up the opening of the movie, you’re in trouble.” Moreover, López recognized the iconic nature of this scene in the novel, as it acts as a catalyst that propels the rest of the narrative. The technical aspects of filming this scene were among the most challenging, taking a full three days to shoot.

The scene’s complexity involved hundreds of extras, a cake prop, choreography, and extensive dialogue. “Those three days were filled with tension for me. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience, but I knew it had to be perfect. Thankfully, I had a fantastic team, and with Nick and Taylor, we persevered. The hard work that went into filming that scene doesn’t show on screen, but it was immense,” López shared.

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Achieving the Cake Scene in ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’

López goes on to detail the scene’s creation, mentioning that initially, a Styrofoam and latex cake was used to avoid melting or spoilage over the two-day filming period. But the highlight of the scene came when Alex collided with Henry, causing them to tumble into a very costly (£75,000, to be precise) cake. Before the actors faced the cake crash, the lightweight prop was tested on the production designer for safety. Finally, it was the actors’ turn, and miraculously, the perfect shot was captured in just one take.

“We eventually laid the boys on the floor and tossed the cake at their faces. My production designer and I were off camera, making the throw. We nailed it in the first take. Though we had prepared multiple costumes and planned for showers and makeup, I realized that repeating this would cost at least 90 minutes each time. So I said, ‘We’ve got it. Let’s move on.’ And indeed, we achieved it in one take,” López stated.

‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is now available for streaming on Prime Video. You can view the trailer below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Red, White & Royal Blue

What is the iconic cake scene in ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’?

The cake scene in ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is a significant and complex opening sequence involving the characters Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry crashing into a cake. It was an essential part of the movie, symbolizing the inciting incident that drives the plot forward.

Who directed ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’?

Matthew López directed ‘Red, White & Royal Blue,’ and was highly involved in the intricate planning and execution of the iconic cake scene.

How was the cake scene filmed?

The cake scene was filmed over three days, involving hundreds of extras, choreography, dialogue, and a detailed vision. Despite the complexity, the team achieved the perfect take using a real cake instead of Styrofoam and latex replicas.

Who are the main actors in ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’?

The main actors in ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ are Taylor Zakhar Perez, who plays Alex Claremont-Diaz, and Nicholas Galitzine, who plays Prince Henry.

Is ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ based on a novel?

Yes, ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is based on the bestselling debut novel by Casey McQuiston. It’s been adapted into a movie that is now streaming on Prime Video.

What was the most challenging part of filming the cake scene?

The most challenging part of filming the cake scene was the technical complexity, involving hundreds of extras, intricate choreography, and extensive dialogue. The scene also required a vision that had to be executed flawlessly, adding to the pressure on the director and the team.

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