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‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Shatters Records, Earns $678 Million at the Global Box Office

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is doing really well at the box office! It’s been the number one movie in the world for two weeks now, and it’s made a total of around $678 million so far. That’s a lot of money, especially when you consider that it all started with just an ordinary Italian plumber!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been very popular everywhere, taking the #1 spot at home and overseas. Over the weekend, it made $87 million in domestic box office sales and now it’s total for the entire year is up to $347.82 million! It was also super successful internationally as well, getting another $94 million over this past weekend, bringing its international box office sales up to a grand sum of $330 million. All these new successes have earned The Super Mario Bros. Movie the title of being ‘the biggest film of 2023’, even beating out Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – amazing!

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie was really successful at the box office! In fact, Illumination Studio had another popular movie during last summer which was called Minions: Rise of Gru. Both these hits were released by Universal, who owns Illumination and DreamWorks Animation. It’s interesting because a different studio also released a massive hit movie around the same time – it was called Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. Even after the holidays ended, people still enjoyed watching this movie!

Do you know who Lumalee is? He’s the blue star from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and he’s really adorable but kind of sad!

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie made a huge success in its second weekend at the box office, earning more than the Frozen 2 movie by $85.98 million. Also, it’s now become the highest grossing video game adaptation ever, beating out Warcraft and Detective Pikachu!

This week, The Super Mario Bros. Movie got more attention than the vampire movie Renfield and The Pope’s Exorcist led by Russell Crowe, even though Renfield still got some money back during previews. There have also been rumors lately that there will be a sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie with some hints in a special post-credits scene according to Chris Pratt (who plays Mario).

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