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This ‘Wish’ Supporting Character Is Set to Steal the Spotlight

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Disney's Wish movie

In Disney’s upcoming cinematic masterpiece, “Wish,” the spotlight doesn’t shine solely on our protagonist, Asha, but rather, it extends its glow to some captivating supporting characters. One character, in particular, is poised to steal the show, and that character is none other than Star, a cosmic being with a knack for fulfilling wishes.

Directed by the dynamic duo of Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, “Wish” is a musical spectacle that revolves around Asha, played by the talented Ariana DeBose. Asha’s journey takes an extraordinary turn when she makes a fervent wish, and it’s Star who steps up to grant her desires. However, lurking in the shadows is the menacing King Magnifico, portrayed by Chris Pine, who poses a significant threat to Asha and her community. To overcome this peril, Asha and Star join forces in a quest to thwart King Magnifico’s nefarious plans.

While Asha’s story is at the heart of “Wish,” it’s the secondary characters who add depth and charm to this Disney creation. In an exclusive interview with Christina Radish of FilmSweep, directors Buck and Veerasunthorn expressed their excitement about one particular character – Star.

Star is a character shrouded in mystique, living up to its celestial name with a sprinkling of Disney magic. Audiences have been given just a tantalizing glimpse of what Star represents, but its role in Asha’s tale promises to be nothing short of essential. According to Buck, Star is the kind of character that will capture the hearts of viewers. The character’s design, distilled to the essence of animation, is a simple yet captivating one. Star, essentially a bouncing ball, pays homage to Disney’s legacy with a subtle nod to Mickey Mouse in the form of a mask. Star doesn’t utter a word, relying on the art of pantomime to convey its emotions and intentions. As Buck eloquently puts it, “People will see what they wanna see in Star sometimes because Star is only pantomime.” In fact, during a preview screening, an enthusiastic audience member exclaimed, “I just want a Star in my life!” – a sentiment likely shared by many.

But Star isn’t the only character destined to shine in “Wish.” Veerasunthorn holds a special fondness for Sabino, a 100-year-old man whose age carries significant weight as Disney celebrates its centennial anniversary this year. Sabino’s story goes beyond mere age; it delves into the complexity of life’s twists and turns. He’s a character who has lived a full life yet chose to give his wish away and forget it for an extended period. This resonates deeply with many, as life often presents distractions and fears that hinder the pursuit of dreams. Veerasunthorn beautifully sums it up, “I’m excited for people to see his story in this film.”

As November approaches, Disney fans and movie enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate the release of “Wish.” The film promises not only a magical journey with Asha and her cosmic companion but also the chance to fall in love with characters like Star and Sabino, who remind us that the pursuit of wishes and dreams is a timeless endeavor. “Wish” premieres on November 22 in theaters, and the enchanting trailer has already set hearts aflutter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cosmic wishes

What is the movie “Wish” about?

“Wish” is a Disney musical adventure that follows the journey of Asha, a young woman who makes a powerful wish granted by a cosmic being named Star. Together, they face the threat posed by King Magnifico, all while celebrating Disney’s centennial anniversary.

Who are the co-directors of the movie?

The co-directors of “Wish” are Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn.

What makes the character Star special?

Star is a unique character in “Wish” known for granting wishes through pantomime and embodying Disney’s legacy. Despite not speaking, Star’s expressive animation and simplicity captivate audiences, allowing them to interpret the character in their own way.

Tell me more about Sabino, the 100-year-old character.

Sabino is a significant character in “Wish” who has lived a full life but decided to give away his wish, forgetting it for a long time. His story explores the idea of letting life’s distractions and fears hinder the pursuit of dreams.

When does “Wish” premiere in theaters?

“Wish” is set to premiere in theaters on November 22.

Where can I watch the trailer for “Wish”?

You can watch the enchanting trailer for “Wish” to get a sneak peek of the movie’s magic.

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AshaAdventures September 28, 2023 - 5:00 pm

Asha’s journey is gonna b epic, and with Star by her side, it’s gonna b epic!

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Interview with directors, Buck and Veerasunthorn, gives us gr8 insights into the movie, can’t wait!

GeekyGadgetGuru September 28, 2023 - 10:39 pm

Sabino’s story seems interesin, real life stuff mixed with Disney magic, count me in!

DisneyFanatic123 September 29, 2023 - 3:37 am

so excited for “Wish” movie, sounds magical can’t w8 2 watch!

MovieLover55 September 29, 2023 - 5:59 am

Wow, Disney’s “Wish” looks amazin, I luv the idea of Star granting wishes, def gonna watch it!


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