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Yes, THAT Really Is The Plot of ‘Strays’, Says Director Josh Greenbaum

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“Yes, indeed, that is the actual storyline of ‘Strays,’ confirms Director Josh Greenbaum. He elaborates on the significance of the film delivering on its commitment to depict Reggie’s act of biting off Doug’s penis. During test screenings, there was skepticism among some viewers about whether Reggie would truly carry out the action. To address this, the wording was adjusted to underscore the plot’s intention. Greenbaum emphasizes his desire to uphold the element of surprise and shock within the scene. He expresses that he would have felt let down if Reggie had not followed through.

Universal Pictures’ R-rated comedy ‘Strays,’ featuring talking dogs, has finally hit theaters, providing audiences with a mix of raunchy humor and endearing adventures. The movie revolves around Reggie, an unfailingly positive yet naïve Border Terrier, played by Will Ferrell, who is abandoned by his neglectful owner Doug, portrayed by Will Forte. After forming a bond with a stray dog named Bug, voiced by Jamie Foxx, and his companions, Reggie pledges to seek vengeance on Doug by carrying out the act he declared, involving biting off his penis. Prior to the film’s release, ‘Strays’ leaned heavily into the anticipation of Reggie’s actions, which might appear to be a surprising twist by the end. However, the film stays true to its promise of depicting the penis-biting scene, a priority for Director Josh Greenbaum.

In an interview with FilmSweep’s Steve Weintraub, Greenbaum elaborates on why it was crucial for the film’s plot to align precisely with the marketing. From the initial test screenings, doubts arose among viewers about Reggie’s actual execution of the act. Greenbaum notes how this skepticism influenced one of the movie’s characters. He explains, “Interestingly, during our initial test screenings and previews, we encountered a challenge where some people still found it hard to believe that was the actual plot of our movie. It seemed like Reggie (Ferrell) was merely making a humorous statement. We insisted, ‘No, that’s indeed what they’re going to do!’ Therefore, we adjusted the phrasing, and if you observe, Reggie reiterates it as Bug (Foxx) expresses disbelief, questioning, ‘Did you really just say what I think you did?’ So, part of our intent was to emphasize this aspect.”

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Josh Greenbaum’s Desire to Preserve the Element of Surprise

Although the general outline of ‘Strays’ was disclosed, the audience was aware of Reggie’s central objective, no matter how absurd it appeared. The movie’s promotion also relied on capturing attention, partially due to Reggie’s unconventional revenge plan. Nonetheless, Greenbaum aimed to introduce an element of astonishment when the actual act takes place, endeavoring to keep it under wraps in previews. He shares his joy upon reaching that juncture in the script. He expresses greater satisfaction with the ending that showcases Reggie’s commitment rather than a scenario where he walks away having learned a lesson. Greenbaum asserts, ‘I would have been greatly disappointed if it turned out like, ‘He gained wisdom and walked away.’ I insisted, ‘No, let’s avoid that.’ So indeed, that is the plot.’

‘Strays’ is currently being screened in theaters. Watch the trailer below:”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Authenticity

What is the movie ‘Strays’ about?

‘Strays’ is an R-rated comedy featuring talking dogs. It follows Reggie, an optimistic Border Terrier, abandoned by his neglectful owner Doug. Reggie seeks revenge by attempting the shocking act he declared.

How did the director emphasize the plot’s authenticity?

Director Josh Greenbaum adjusted the wording after test screenings, as some viewers doubted Reggie’s action. He repeated the plot through characters to reinforce its reality and maintain the surprise.

What was Director Greenbaum’s intent with the shocking scene?

Greenbaum wanted to uphold the shock factor by not revealing the actual act in previews. He aimed for Reggie’s commitment to the act and expressed disappointment if it hadn’t been depicted.

What’s the significance of the keyword “Authenticity”?

“Authenticity” captures the director’s emphasis on delivering the promised plot without compromise, enhancing the overall impact of the movie.

What are the main themes and elements of ‘Strays’?

The movie blends raunchy humor and endearing adventures. It revolves around revenge, loyalty among friends, and the unexpected actions of the characters, exemplified by Reggie’s shocking act.

Is the shocking scene central to the movie’s marketing?

Yes, the movie’s promotion heavily leaned into Reggie’s promised action, creating anticipation and curiosity among viewers about whether it would actually occur in the film.

How can I watch ‘Strays’?

‘Strays’ is now showing in theaters, offering audiences a mix of humor and heartwarming moments through its unique storyline and characters.

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