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New ‘Strays’ Featurette Highlights the Star-Studded Voice Cast of the R-Rated Comedy

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Universal Pictures has recently unveiled a fresh featurette for their upcoming R-rated comedy, Strays, centered around a group of dogs who are anything but the typical adorable pets. Instead, these talking canines swear and display aggression in a bold departure from the usual talking animal movie tropes. The video introduces the talented voice cast behind these rebellious pups, who share their excitement about working on a comedy that offers a unique twist on the traditional talking dog narrative. Unlike family-friendly animal comedies, Strays aims to deliver edgy adult humor, making it unsuitable for young audiences.

Leading the pack of voice actors are Jamie Foxx, Randall Park, and Isla Fisher, who bring life to the film’s main characters. In Strays, they will mentor a new stray (played by Will Ferrell) in the art of surviving life as a homeless dog after he is left abandoned for the first time. Reggie (Ferrell), initially living a cushy life under the care of his owner, undergoes a drastic change as he is thrust into the harsh realities of life on the streets. Bug (Foxx) and Maggie (Fisher) take on the task of guiding him through his new existence, hoping to prevent any catastrophic mishaps. The movie promises to deliver an engaging and hilarious experience tailored for mature audiences, embracing its R-rating to unleash its unconventional and unrestrained humor.

Steering this unique cinematic venture is director Josh Greenbaum, who previously showcased his comedic talents in the film Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, starring Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. Released in 2021, this comedy followed the amusing escapades of two best friends on a vacation that takes a wild turn when they unwittingly become entangled in a top-secret mission.

Looking ahead, after his canine transformation in Strays, Will Ferrell is set to embark on a different kind of comic journey in the adventure-comedy Quiz Lady. The film revolves around Anne (played by Awkwafina), a game show enthusiast whose beloved dog is mysteriously abducted. Determined to rescue her pet, Anne teams up with her sister Jenny (Sandra Oh) on a cross-country quest to compete in various game shows, hoping to win enough money to bring their furry friend back home. Quiz Lady, featuring Tony Hale and Jason Schwartzman, is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on November 3.

For a glimpse of the star-studded cast behind Strays, be sure to watch the featurette below before the movie hits theaters on August 18.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about R-rated comedy

What is “Strays”?

“Strays” is an upcoming R-rated comedy film featuring talking dogs who are far from the typical cute pets. The dogs swear and display aggression, making it a unique departure from traditional talking animal movies.

Who are the main voice cast members?

The main voice cast includes talented actors like Jamie Foxx, Randall Park, Isla Fisher, and Will Ferrell, who bring life to the rebellious and humorous canine characters.

What is the premise of the movie?

The story follows a new stray dog, portrayed by Will Ferrell, who learns to survive on the streets after being abandoned. Jamie Foxx and Isla Fisher’s characters mentor him, providing hilarious guidance to prevent any mishaps.

Is “Strays” suitable for children?

No, “Strays” is not suitable for children due to its R-rating and adult-oriented humor. The film targets mature audiences, delivering edgy comedy that won’t be appropriate for young viewers.

Who directed the movie?

The film is directed by Josh Greenbaum, known for his work on “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar,” a comedy starring Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo.

What’s next for Will Ferrell after “Strays”?

After “Strays,” Will Ferrell will star in “Quiz Lady,” an adventure-comedy where he embarks on a journey with Awkwafina and Sandra Oh to rescue a kidnapped dog through participating in game shows. The movie is set to premiere on Hulu.

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