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Zach Galifianakis and Elizabeth Banks Embark on Their Journey in ‘The Beanie Bubble’ Exclusive Clip

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In an exclusive collaboration between Apple TV+ and FilmSweep, we present a special clip from the upcoming film “The Beanie Bubble.” This exciting project, brought to life by the talented duo Kristin Gore and Damian Kulash Jr., stars Zach Galifianakis as Ty Warner, the creator of the renowned toy company Ty, Inc., and Elizabeth Banks as Robbie, his business partner. Together, they stumble upon a billion-dollar idea in the form of Beanie Babies.

The clip showcases the captivating color blocking technique employed in “The Beanie Bubble,” a topic that FilmSweep had the privilege to discuss with the filmmakers. During an email interview, Gore and Kulash Jr. shared their enthusiasm, stating, “The color blocking of the film was of great significance to us, to the point where our crew would tease us about it. We meticulously planned the color scheme for each scene with a detailed spreadsheet. This particular scene, as you observed, is one of the most striking examples. It introduces pink, representing the thrilling opportunity Robbie sees in Ty, into her otherwise blue world. There is also a subtle hint of orange, foreshadowing their eventual conflict. Only these colors were allowed on screen, and our exceptional production designer, Molly Hughes, ensured that every other element in the shot remained blue, including the fan, the file folders, and the pegboard.” They further explained the significance of color in key moments, stating:

“Each of the three women whose stories we follow in the film has their own color palette based on a primary color—red, yellow, and blue. As their journeys progress, these palettes shift, initially introducing something harmonious and later contrasting sharply. Our goal was to create a film that possesses a fable-like quality, not necessarily set in the 80s or 90s, but in that magical time just before the present when the foundations of today were being laid. Hence, the colors are vibrant, saturated, and slightly more coordinated and synchronized than real life. Each of the three worlds has its own palette that evolves in harmony with the others. We invested a great deal of effort into this aspect, but ultimately, we hope audiences ‘feel’ it rather than consciously notice or think about it. When it works as intended, it adds a touch of magic and allure to the entire film.”

Zach Galifianakis Unveils the Whimsy in the First Trailer for ‘The Beanie Bubble’

“The Beanie Bubble” narrates Ty Warner’s journey intertwined with the lives of three women who played pivotal roles in building his plushy empire. Warner’s contributions to the design and marketing of Beanie Babies were instrumental in their success. Recognizing their initial triumph, he strategically chose to retire specific designs and introduce limited editions, fueling their scarcity and transforming the toys into coveted collectibles. During the peak of the Beanie Baby craze, Ty Inc. reportedly amassed over $700 million in annual profits, propelling Warner into the exclusive billionaire club.

Collectors also play a subtle role in “The Beanie Bubble,” as the filmmakers acknowledged while discussing the documentary “Beanie Mania,” which focuses on the passionate collectors. They stated, “We particularly enjoyed the documentary’s emphasis on the collectors, who played a vital role in the craze. While our movie has a different narrative focus, the collectors deserve an entire series of their own, even though they only have limited screen time in our film.”

Why Were Beanie Babies Such a Sensation?
Image via Apple TV+

During the late 1990s, a sweeping phenomenon known as the Beanie Baby craze captivated collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. These adorable, cuddly animals with button eyes and bean-filled bodies became the cherished possessions of that era. Originating as relatively inexpensive toys in the early 1990s, they quickly transformed into a frenzy of buying, selling, and trading. Think of it as GameStop, but with children’s toys.

Collectors became obsessed with acquiring as many Beanie Babies as possible, believing that rare and limited-edition pieces would appreciate in value over time. However, the market soon became flooded with sellers, leading to the infamous “Beanie bubble.” Prices for these toys skyrocketed, and fans would camp outside stores overnight or scour garage sales in search of these precious bean-filled treasures.

As expected, the Beanie Baby craze eventually subsided, resulting in deflated prices. Many collectors discovered that their once highly valued plush animal collections were worth significantly less than anticipated. This craze exemplifies the risks associated with speculative markets and the unpredictable nature of collectible values. Nonetheless, Beanie Babies remain undeniably cute.

“The Beanie Bubble” draws inspiration from Zac Bissonnette’s 2015 book, “The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute.” While the film is inspired by real stories from the book, it is a fictional work rather than a documentary. The filmmakers aimed to tell a broader, more universal story about women’s relationship with the American dream and the values we hold dear. The actors connected deeply with these themes and their characters’ unique journeys, making the film a true collaborative joy.

Watch the exclusive clip above and mark your calendars for “The Beanie Bubble,” which will premiere in select theaters on July 21 before its global release on Apple TV+ on July 28.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Beanie Babies

What is “The Beanie Bubble”?

“The Beanie Bubble” is an upcoming film starring Zach Galifianakis and Elizabeth Banks. It tells the story of Ty Warner, the creator of toy company Ty, Inc., and his business partner Robbie, as they stumble upon the billion-dollar idea of Beanie Babies.

What is the significance of color blocking in the film?

Color blocking is a prominent visual technique used in “The Beanie Bubble.” The filmmakers carefully planned the colors for each scene, with specific palettes representing different characters and their journeys. The colors add a touch of magic and create a more coordinated and synchronized feel to the film.

How did Ty Warner contribute to the success of Beanie Babies?

Ty Warner played a crucial role in the design and marketing of Beanie Babies. He strategically retired certain designs and introduced limited editions, increasing their scarcity and turning them into highly sought-after collectibles. This contributed to the immense success of Ty Inc., with annual profits reportedly exceeding $700 million during the height of the Beanie Baby craze.

What was the Beanie Baby craze?

The Beanie Baby craze was a phenomenon in the late 1990s, where these adorable plush toys with bean-filled bodies became highly sought-after collectibles. Collectors believed that rare and limited-edition Beanie Babies would appreciate in value over time, resulting in a frenzy of buying, selling, and trading. However, the market eventually became oversaturated, leading to a deflation of prices.

Is “The Beanie Bubble” based on a book?

Yes, “The Beanie Bubble” is based on the 2015 book titled “The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute” by Zac Bissonnette. While the film takes inspiration from real stories in the book, it is a fictional work that explores larger themes related to the female relationship with the American dream and the values we hold dear.

When and where can I watch “The Beanie Bubble”?

“The Beanie Bubble” will first premiere in select theaters on July 21, and then it will be available globally on Apple TV+ starting from July 28.

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the color blocking in this film sounds super cool!!! i love how they planned out the colors for each scene and how they represent different characters’ journeys. it’s gonna make the movie feel so magical and inviting!

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i had no idea “The Beanie Bubble” was based on a book! gonna have to check out “The Great Beanie Baby Bubble” by Zac Bissonnette. sounds like a fascinating read.

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i used to be obsessed with beanie babies back in the day! i remember the craze and how everyone thought they would be worth so much money. it’s gonna be interesting to see the story behind it in this movie.


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