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Adam Driver Says He Wasn’t Allowed to Drive a Ferrari for Michael Mann’s Racing Movie

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Adam Driver, the man chosen to embody the legendary Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s upcoming biopic, found himself in a rather ironic situation. Despite portraying the man synonymous with speed and power, Driver was denied the exhilarating opportunity to take the wheel of a Ferrari on the movie set. Oh, the twist of fate!

In an era where we often hear about actors pushing their limits by performing daring stunts, it’s almost a breath of fresh air to hear that not all actors are rushing to get behind the wheel themselves. After all, Adam Driver might not have been overly eager to cruise at 150mph, a feat that the likes of Tom Cruise might relish.

As the star of the film, Driver takes on the persona of Enzo Ferrari, the iconic Italian figure known for his racing prowess, passion for automobiles, and his role in shaping the Ferrari brand. With the backdrop of the Venice Film Festival, Driver humorously revealed the irony of not being allowed to drive the very cars central to the movie. Meanwhile, his co-star Patrick Dempsey, possessing the necessary racing prowess and license, was granted the privilege of handling these marvels on wheels.

“They wouldn’t let me drive the cars for insurance reasons. They don’t trust me with small pieces of equipment. Big pieces of equipment like sandwiches they’ll let me handle,” Driver quipped, highlighting the amusing contrast between his on-screen persona and his off-screen driving endeavors.

Despite being grounded off-camera, Driver and the rest of the cast weren’t completely deprived of a taste of racing adrenaline. The actors participated in pre-production activities that involved racing modern Ferraris. This experience played a pivotal role in Driver’s ability to get into the psyche of Enzo Ferrari himself, understanding the intense focus required when maneuvering these powerful machines. He explained how the act of racing demands unwavering attention, leaving no room for daydreaming or distractions, lest you find yourself kissing the barrier.

“The mindset of racing cars in pre-production with Ferraris, you become painfully aware, it’s the opposite of escapism, it’s absolutely focused on the mindset of what’s happening right now. There’s no room for daydreaming or losing focus in attention, because you’ll crash obviously,” Driver insightfully expressed. “The mindset was helpful in playing the character. It’s impulsive. It’s pre-psychology. He’s making decisions in a vacuum.”

Beyond Driver’s comedic anecdotes and the irony of his non-driving situation, the film itself holds promise. The biopic delves into the tumultuous 1957 Mille Miglia race, a pivotal moment not only in Ferrari’s personal journey but also in the legacy of the eponymous brand he cultivated. Penélope Cruz takes on the role of Enzo’s wife Laura, while Shailene Woodley embodies Lina Lardi, Enzo’s mistress. Together with an ensemble cast, the film paints a vivid picture of the era, the sport, and the individuals who defined it.

The cinematic journey of Ferrari premiered at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival and is set to grace the New York Film Festival before its anticipated release by Neon just in time for Christmas. While Adam Driver may not have had the chance to roar down the track in a real Ferrari, his performance promises to ignite the screen and bring to life the enigmatic figure behind the iconic automobile brand. So, fasten your seatbelts, because this biopic is revving up for a thrilling ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ferrari biopic

Why wasn’t Adam Driver allowed to drive Ferraris in the film?

Adam Driver’s driving restriction was due to insurance concerns. The production opted not to trust him with the high-value cars.

Who was Adam Driver’s co-star permitted to drive Ferraris?

Patrick Dempsey, Driver’s co-star, was allowed to drive the Ferraris due to his racing ability and license.

How did the cast prepare for their racing roles?

The cast practiced racing modern Ferraris in pre-production, which helped them understand the focus required while driving at high speeds.

What is the film about?

The film focuses on the deadly 1957 Mille Miglia race and tells the story of Enzo Ferrari, played by Adam Driver, along with his wife and mistress.

When and where did the film premiere?

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and is set to be released by Neon during the Christmas season.

Who else stars in the film?

Penélope Cruz stars as Enzo’s wife Laura, while Shailene Woodley portrays Enzo’s mistress Lina Lardi. The film features a talented ensemble cast.

What historical event does the film cover?

The film centers around the 1957 Mille Miglia race, a significant moment in both Enzo Ferrari’s life and the history of the Ferrari brand.

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