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Behind the Scenes of the ‘Extraction 2’ Prison Sequence

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Prison sequence

Extraction 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Netflix’s action-packed sensation starring Chris Hemsworth, brings back the formidable Tyler Rake for a thrilling adventure. Director Sam Hargrave recently sat down with FilmSweep’s Steve Weintraub to delve into the incredible efforts undertaken by the production team to reach new heights in the film.

Leading up to the release, much buzz surrounded the speculation that Extraction 2 would feature another impressive “oner” – a continuous shot without camera switches – lasting a remarkable 21 minutes. This sought to surpass a memorable one-shot escape sequence from the first film, involving a dramatic shootout in Dhaka. However, as the film premiered, the production team had opted for the latter.

During the conversation with Weintraub, Hargrave discussed the logistics and the duration of filming the prison sequence. He revealed that the team drew inspiration from the opening of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, where Tom Cruise executed a daring prison escape. Interestingly, Hargrave later discovered that their own prison location shared similarities with the one used in Mission: Impossible 5.

“The prison sequence, in my mind, consisted of various parts and was filmed in different locations. One of them happened to be the same location where they shot Mission: Impossible 5. I only realized this when I rewatched that movie and recognized the doors. So, we filmed there. That’s where the corridors were, where we rescued the family, and where we started the initial phase of the sequence with Tyler running up and down stairs and engaging in fights in his room,” Hargrave explained.

To achieve the desired effect for the oner, Hargrave acknowledged the need for hidden edits to enable seamless location transitions without breaking the audience’s immersion. These edits were necessary for maintaining suspension of disbelief and creating an even more thrilling sequence. During their location scouting, the team discovered an underground tunnel system from World War II, which became a part of the prison setting.

“Then, when Tyler descends into darkness and enters the tunnels leading to the coal shoots, that was one of our hidden edits. We moved to another location many miles away, which was previously a grain storage facility during World War II. It had an incredible courtyard that served as the prison’s courtyard. The underground tunnel system was amazing, so we wanted to make the most of it. That’s how scouting works – you find these places that might work and figure out how to incorporate them. And that’s what we did,” Hargrave elaborated.

Hargrave revealed that the entire shot took approximately “five or six” days to complete, surprising Weintraub, who expected a lengthier timeframe. When asked if extensive rehearsals for the intense action scenes helped expedite the process, Hargrave explained that, along with rehearsals, the technical aspects of the shot were somewhat simplified by focusing on a single angle rather than multiple positions.

“Extensive rehearsals are crucial, and maintaining the right pace is important for the seamless transitions. When we broke it down like a shot list, on the first film, we averaged three to five stitched pieces per day. But with this one, it was twice as long, so we had a bit more time to shoot. In total, including the train, car chase, and prison scenes, we had around 27 days, which, for some, could be enough to film an entire movie or even two,” Hargrave shared before adding, “Once you’ve rehearsed and designed the shot and it works with the next piece, you move forward. Unlike traditional coverage where you have to shoot from different angles, with the oner, everything is covered in one shot. So, once you have that piece, you don’t go back; you keep moving. It allows you to progress faster since you don’t need to return and cover things separately. So, yes, it took about six days for that.”

Extraction 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix. Check out the trailer below, and stay tuned for more from our exclusive interview with Hargrave.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Prison sequence

How long did it take to film the prison sequence in Extraction 2?

The prison sequence in Extraction 2 took approximately five or six days to film.

Did the production team use hidden edits for the oner shot?

Yes, hidden edits were employed to achieve seamless location transitions and enhance the overall effect of the oner shot in the prison sequence.

What was the inspiration behind the prison escape scene in Extraction 2?

The director, Sam Hargrave, revealed that the opening prison escape scene in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, featuring Tom Cruise, served as inspiration for the prison sequence in Extraction 2.

How many locations were used for the prison sequence?

The prison sequence in Extraction 2 was filmed in a couple of different locations, including one that was previously used in Mission: Impossible 5. The team scouted various places to find the most suitable settings for the sequence.

How long is the oner shot in the prison sequence?

Contrary to initial speculation, the oner shot in Extraction 2’s prison sequence lasts for a different duration than the 21-minute one-shot escape sequence from the first film. The exact duration is not mentioned in the provided text.

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