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David Fincher Confirms 4K Remaster of ‘Se7en’

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David Fincher, the acclaimed director, has officially announced that his gripping thriller from the 90s, ‘Se7en,’ is set to receive a 4K restoration. Variety reports that the revelation took place during this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Although no specific release date for the remastered version has been provided, Fincher’s involvement alone is enough to generate excitement among his devoted fans. With its unforgettable plot twist and a well-deserved Best Editing nomination at the Academy Awards, ‘Se7en’ continues to captivate audiences.

In ‘Se7en,’ Detective William Sommerset (Morgan Freeman), on the brink of retirement after dedicating his life to a corrupt and crime-ridden city, is paired with the optimistic rookie David Mills (Brad Pitt). Their partnership takes a dark turn when they find themselves entangled with a serial killer who meticulously plans his murders around the seven deadly sins mentioned in the Bible. As the situation escalates, the murderer, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, gets dangerously close to their loved ones.


Apart from confirming the 4K restoration of one of his finest works, Fincher revealed his preference for the rehearsal stage over the shooting process in filmmaking. He expressed his love for discussing intentions, dissecting every word, and analyzing the script’s meaning during rehearsals. Additionally, he emphasized his fondness for the casting process and collaborating with the production designer and director of photography to convey specific messages and direct the audience’s attention.

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What’s Next for David Fincher?

While overseeing the restoration of ‘Se7en,’ David Fincher is also occupied with his upcoming project, ‘The Killer,’ an adaptation of a 1998 French comic book, which he will direct for Netflix. Starring Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton, the film follows the journey of the eponymous assassin, delving into a world of violence and despair. Fans can anticipate the return of Fincher’s distinct storytelling style when ‘The Killer’ premieres on Netflix on November 10 later this year.

You can watch FilmSweep’s interview with Brad Pitt below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about thriller

When is the 4K remaster of ‘Se7en’ expected to be released?

No specific release date has been announced for the 4K remaster of ‘Se7en’ at this time. However, fans can anticipate its arrival with excitement as David Fincher is currently working on the project.

What is the plot of ‘Se7en’?

‘Se7en’ follows detective William Sommerset, played by Morgan Freeman, who is nearing retirement in a city riddled with corruption and crime. He teams up with rookie David Mills, portrayed by Brad Pitt, as they investigate a serial killer who meticulously plans murders based on the seven deadly sins. The film takes a suspenseful turn as the killer, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, targets their loved ones.

Will there be any additional content or features in the 4K remaster?

Details regarding additional content or features in the 4K remaster of ‘Se7en’ have not been revealed. It is best to stay tuned for any official announcements or updates regarding the release.

What other projects is David Fincher currently working on?

Aside from the 4K remaster of ‘Se7en,’ David Fincher is directing ‘The Killer,’ an adaptation of a French comic book, for Netflix. Starring Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton, this project explores the journey of an assassin filled with violence and despair. ‘The Killer’ is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on November 10.

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