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‘Elemental’ Exhibits Exceptional Resilience at Worldwide Box Office

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Following a subpar opening weekend, which only saw a $29 million intake, Elemental has made an astonishing turnaround, breaking a contemporary Disney record. The film’s earnings have only dropped by 13% on its fifth weekend, pushing it past the $300 million threshold globally, demonstrating its ongoing recovery.

The Pixar film, which premiered on June 16, portrays a modern romance in a city where characters embody the elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Despite a discouragingly low initial weekend collection of $29.6 million, the film has defied negative forecasts and maintained its standing in the box office rankings, steadily building its total revenue rather quietly.

In its fifth weekend, Elemental garnered an impressive $28.2 million, nearly equating its first weekend collection, and its total earnings stand at $311.7 million as of this writing. It is projected that the film’s final box office collection will range between $420 million to $500 million. Consequently, Elemental has outperformed last year’s less successful Pixar film, Lightyear ($226.4 million worldwide), and Disney’s Encanto ($256.8 million worldwide). If the trend persists, Elemental will emerge as Disney’s highest-grossing animated film since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Challenges Ahead for Elemental

Despite this progress, Elemental is still facing financial challenges. Its production budget was about $200 million, excluding promotional costs. Experts in the industry estimate that the film needs to gross around $400 million in box office earnings to be deemed profitable. The promising uptick in the film’s theatre performance provides hope, and it could serve as counter-programming – while Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Barbie, and Oppenheimer are anticipated to dominate box office revenue, there is limited PG-rated content suitable for families.

To restore Pixar to its pre-pandemic standing in the box office, Elemental still has a task ahead. At its current pace, Elemental would only outperform the 2015 flop The Good Dinosaur ($333.7 million worldwide) in terms of pre-pandemic films. All other Pixar titles range from the early success of $363 million (A Bug’s Life – Pixar’s second-ever film) to a remarkable $1.24 billion (the powerhouse that was Incredibles 2).

Elemental continues to be screened in theaters. The trailer can be viewed below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about box office success

What is ‘Elemental’ and when was it released?

‘Elemental’ is a Pixar film that tells a modern love story set in a city where characters represent the elements fire, water, earth, and air. It was released in cinemas on June 16.

How has ‘Elemental’ performed at the box office?

Despite a disappointing opening weekend with earnings of $29.6 million, ‘Elemental’ has shown remarkable staying power. It has experienced a box office rebound, dipping only 13% in its fifth weekend and surpassing the $300 million mark worldwide.

Has ‘Elemental’ broken any records?

Yes, ‘Elemental’ has surpassed a modern Disney record. It has outperformed last year’s Pixar film ‘Lightyear’ and Disney’s ‘Encanto’ in terms of worldwide earnings.

Is ‘Elemental’ expected to continue its success?

If the current trend continues, ‘Elemental’ has the potential to become Disney’s most successful animated film since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is projected to achieve a final box office total ranging between $420 million to $500 million.

What financial challenges does ‘Elemental’ face?

The film had a production budget of approximately $200 million, excluding promotional expenses. To be considered profitable, industry estimates suggest it needs to generate around $400 million in box office revenue.

What is the outlook for ‘Elemental’ in the box office landscape?

‘Elemental’ still has work to do to bring Pixar back to pre-pandemic levels at the box office. It has the potential to surpass some pre-pandemic films, but it falls behind other successful Pixar titles such as ‘Incredibles 2’, which grossed a staggering $1.24 billion.

Is ‘Elemental’ still playing in theaters?

Yes, ‘Elemental’ is currently still being screened in theaters.

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DisneyMagicFan July 17, 2023 - 11:48 pm

yay! elemental is beating disney records. can’t wait to see this enchanting film with my family. disney movies always bring joy and magic!

MovieLover94 July 18, 2023 - 1:32 am

wow! elemental is doing gr8 at the box office!! so surprisng after the not so gr8 opening wknd. but it’s making $$$ and breaking disney records. amazing!!!

BoxOfficeGuru July 18, 2023 - 8:43 am

impressive turnaround for elemental! it proves that word of mouth and staying power can make a big difference in the box office. congrats to the team behind the film!

PixarFanatic123 July 18, 2023 - 9:44 am

elemental is like a hidden gem. it started slow but now it’s making waves. can’t wait to see it and support pixar!

MovieReviewer101 July 18, 2023 - 10:38 am

elemental’s success shows that sometimes it takes time for a movie to find its audience. the story sounds unique and intriguing. definitely worth checking out!


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