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The Initial ‘Terrifier’ Returns to the Big Screen

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Terrifier Re-release

Although different genres are grappling to bring viewers to the cinemas, horror has consistently been the genre that ensures a solid financial return. In particular, the resurgence of the slasher genre is ongoing, led by franchises like Scream and Halloween. Yet, when it comes to original slashers, Art the Clown from Terrifier is arguably the most terrifying character in the genre. The murderous clown has rapidly ascended to iconic status in the genre, thanks to the unexpected success of Terrifier 2 last October. Now, the inaugural Terrifier is set for a re-release in cinemas starting from Wednesday, July 19.

What is ‘Terrifier’ All About?

The first Terrifier film doesn’t attempt to revolutionize the slasher sub-genre. The plot unfolds around two unfortunate young women on Halloween night, navigating their way back from a party in the eerie town of Miles County. The distressingly sinister Art the Clown embarks on a massacre, soaked in blood and devoid of reason. With its intense atmospheric dread and thrill of the kill, the film promises an exciting yet traumatizing experience, enough to give even the most seasoned horror enthusiasts sleepless nights. Director Damien Leone has escalated the fear associated with clowns to unprecedented heights. Art’s character, with his gruesomely creative techniques, intimidating appearance, and Leone’s daring take on the genre, is now one of the most fear-inducing figures in all of horror. The original film contains a gruesome scene involving a saw that could curdle anyone’s appetite.

Terrifier 2 is generally accepted as the superior film. It introduces a more conventional “final girl” storyline and an extensive narrative that deepens the lore surrounding Art without specifying their exact nature. It even managed to make the original film’s ending more disturbing. However, the improvements in the sequel don’t make the original any less worthy of watching. Especially in a cinema. Terrifier deviates from typical horror norms and the first film contains some of the most startling moments in recent genre history. While Terrifier 2 reportedly caused audiences to faint, the first film contains scenes that match the sequel’s extreme gruesomeness.

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Terrifier 3’: Release Window, Filming, Returning Cast, And Everything We Know So Far

Initially, Terrifier had a limited theatrical release in the late 2010s, but the success of Terrifier 2 has given the first film a fresh, horrific life. With a minuscule $250,000 budget, Terrifier 2 astonishingly raked in $15 million worldwide. The original movie had an even smaller budget of just $35,000. This suggests that despite Terrifier being screened in merely 700 theaters across the United States, it’s bound to be financially successful based on Terrifier 2’s record-breaking run. This is also the widest theatrical release Terrifier has ever had.

‘Terrifier 3’ is on the Horizon

Another major factor for the re-release of Terrifier in cinemas is the upcoming release of Terrifier 3, expected to feature the return of Art the Clown in late 2024. The filming of the third film is expected to begin this winter, depending on the resolution of the ongoing actor and writers strike. Until then, you can watch Terrifier in cinemas and purchase both films on Blu-ray. Tickets for Terrifier are available on the film’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Terrifier Re-release

When will the original ‘Terrifier’ return to theaters?

The original ‘Terrifier’ movie is set to return to theaters starting Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

What is the ‘Terrifier’ movie about?

‘Terrifier’ is a horror movie that revolves around a menacing character named Art the Clown who goes on a blood-soaked rampage, targeting two young women on Halloween night in the eerie town of Miles County.

How did the sequel, ‘Terrifier 2’, perform financially?

‘Terrifier 2’ was a financial success, making an astonishing $15 million worldwide from a small budget of $250,000.

Is there going to be a third ‘Terrifier’ movie?

Yes, ‘Terrifier 3’ is in the works and is expected to feature the return of Art the Clown in late 2024.

Where can I buy tickets for the ‘Terrifier’ re-release?

Tickets for the ‘Terrifier’ re-release are available on the film’s official website.

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JumpScareJunkie July 18, 2023 - 4:52 am

This is insane! Terrifier 2 was so scary, now they bring back the original! gotta get tickets asap

HorrorFan101 July 18, 2023 - 12:02 pm

omg! art the clown back in theaters??? Cant wait to get scared all over again, those movies are the real deal!!

SlasherFilmStan July 18, 2023 - 3:20 pm

art the clown is a legend, director leone’s a genius, lookin forward to terrifier 3!!!

NightmareNerd July 18, 2023 - 11:10 pm

Great, just what we needed. More creepy clowns to keep us up at night. No sleep for me then lol!

CreepyClownLover July 18, 2023 - 11:56 pm

I remembr watchin the first Terrifier with my friends… that saw scene still haunts me. Cant wait for the re-release!


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