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‘Nimona’: Ballister Makes a No-Panic Pledge in Wild New Sneak Peek [Exclusive]

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Nimona Netflix premiere

Just seven days from now, Netflix will premiere its unconventional new animated fantasy film Nimona, featuring a tumultuous teenage shapeshifter who staunchly defies categorizations and regulations. The narrative, set in a techno-medieval universe, follows Nimona (voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz) as she allies with the unfortunate knight Ballister Boldheart (voiced by Riz Ahmed), wrongfully accused of a crime. The film is adapted from the globally celebrated comic series by ND Stevenson, first published in 2012, and recipient of the Cartoonist Studio Prize, Eisner Award, and Cybils Award. In anticipation of its June 30 debut, FilmSweep is thrilled to release a sneak peek in which Ballister vows to Nimona to remain calm amidst the impending mayhem.


The preview begins with a known sequence from the trailer – Ballister pledging to maintain composure as he and Nimona confront a compact battalion armed with axes and swords, aiming for their demise. To effect their escape, Nimona morphs into a rhino and bowls over each knight in her path before tossing Ballister onto her back. He swiftly becomes acquainted with her various forms, ranging from a petite bird to a formidable grizzly and a swift ostrich. The hapless knight struggles to keep his promise of staying calm as they frenziedly forge an escape route, crashing through multiple levels while Nimona takes the form of a whale. Following a final dash towards a window amidst tumbling statues, they burst out of the castle just as it is consumed by flames – a sight that Nimona relishes, while Ballister is left utterly drained.

Nimona boasts an impressive and diverse vocal cast, headed by Moretz and Ahmed, and featuring Try Guys’ Eugene Lee Yang in his inaugural film role as Ambrosius Goldenloin, the champion knight of the Institution and Ballister’s ex-partner. Additional cast members include Frances Conroy, Lorraine Toussaint, Beck Bennett, RuPaul, Indya Moore, Julio Torres, and Sarah Sherman. The film is directed by Spies in Disguise directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, who also voice two cameo knights named Sir Nicholas Brun and Sir Troy Quartermane. The screenplay is penned by Robert L. Baird and Lloyd Taylor.

See ‘Nimona’ Meet Ballister Boldheart in New Sneak Peek

On what viewers can anticipate from Nimona, directors Bruno and Quane offered a brief glimpse into the journey of Ballister and Nimona:

“In our movie set in the medieval future, imagine knights in polished armors using smartphones and hovercars! Ballister, the first commoner to become a knight, is designated to protect the kingdom from external monsters. However, on the brink of his knighting ceremony, he is framed for a horrific crime he did not commit. Forced to flee and branded a villain, his only hope is Nimona, a disruptive character who volunteers to aid him in clearing his name or reducing the kingdom to ashes. As seen in this clip, her assistance often spells disaster for Ballister, generating a great deal of humor.”

However, Nimona is more than just futuristic fantasies and riotous shapeshifting adventures; it is also a heartwarming story challenging socially-imposed identities of the “monstrous” Nimona and “villainous” Ballister. The animation style itself embodies these themes as characters blend into the background. The directors further explained:

“Through the comedy (and destruction!), Ballister learns to look beyond the monstrous assumptions about Nimona’s shapeshifting, and truly understands her in all her myriad forms. This theme is also reflected in our visualization of the film. For instance, we used a technique where details are stripped from characters and locations in the background to symbolize that the further you are from truly understanding someone, the less you perceive their nuances. You can observe this in multiple shots as Nimona and Ballister cause havoc in the castle.”

Originally developed by Blue Sky Studios, Nimona’s future was uncertain after Disney shut down the studio in 2021. Now, under Annapurna Pictures and Netflix, the animation is all set to take flight. Nimona had its world premiere at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival earlier this month, winning the hearts of critics, including FilmSweep’s Marco Vito Oddo. He rated the film an A, noting, “With its striking animation, an innovative narrative that confronts clichés, and an enthusiastic voice performance by Chloë Grace Moretz, Nimona is unequivocally a victory.”

Bruno and Quane are eager for audiences to experience their adaptation of Stevenson’s cherished comic, concluding with, “Ultimately, we hope to deliver an exhilarating summer experience packed with humor, excitement, punk-rock energy, and loads of heart!” Nimona lands on Netflix on June 30. Enjoy the exclusive sneak peek below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nimona Netflix premiere

What is the upcoming Netflix film ‘Nimona’ about?

‘Nimona’ is an animated fantasy film featuring a rebellious teenage shapeshifter named Nimona, who allies with a knight named Ballister Boldheart, wrongfully accused of a crime. The story unfolds in a techno-medieval world, presenting a unique blend of futuristic technology and medieval elements.

When is ‘Nimona’ premiering on Netflix?

‘Nimona’ is set to premiere on Netflix on June 30th, 2023.

Who are the voice actors in ‘Nimona’?

‘Nimona’ features a diverse voice cast including Chloë Grace Moretz as Nimona, Riz Ahmed as Ballister Boldheart, and Eugene Lee Yang in his inaugural film role as Ambrosius Goldenloin. Other cast members include Frances Conroy, Lorraine Toussaint, Beck Bennett, RuPaul, Indya Moore, Julio Torres, and Sarah Sherman.

What are the origins of the ‘Nimona’ story?

‘Nimona’ is based on an internationally acclaimed comic series by ND Stevenson, first published in 2012. The series won several awards including the Cartoonist Studio Prize, Eisner Award, and Cybils Award.

Who are the directors of ‘Nimona’?

‘Nimona’ is directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, known for their work on ‘Spies in Disguise’. They also lend their voices to a pair of knights in the film.

What awards and recognition has ‘Nimona’ received?

‘Nimona’ has already won critical acclaim at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, with critics praising its unique narrative and top-notch animation. Notably, FilmSweep’s Marco Vito Oddo rated the film an ‘A’.

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