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‘Oppenheimer’ Made $17 Million From Just 30 IMAX Screens

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“Oppenheimer,” the R-rated drama that portrays scientists in formal attire discussing physics in tightly packed rooms, has unexpectedly triumphed in the American film scene this season. This success is in no small part due to Christopher Nolan’s influence as director, coupled with his advocacy for IMAX, the premium large screen format he has embraced for over a decade.

Of Oppenheimer’s $180.4 million global debut, IMAX screenings were responsible for 20%. However, what’s even more remarkable is that the film, having set a record as the highest-earning domestic film never to top the box office (a feat attributed to Barbie), has amassed an astonishing $17 million solely from 70mm screenings. Though this might not seem like an astronomical figure, the context changes when considering that there are only 30 IMAX 70mm screens globally, with 19 located in the U.S. Earning $17 million from such a limited number of screens is quite significant.

The popularity of Oppenheimer persists, leading to sold-out theaters not only in the United States but around the world. This success has extended the film’s run in theaters as long as it’s realistically possible to keep up with audience demand. Oppenheimer maintains exclusivity on 70mm screens until September 1, after which contractual obligations require yielding to Denzel Washington’s “The Equalizer 3.” It will also share IMAX screens with “Blue Beetle” and “Gran Turismo” once those films are released, but this is unlikely to be Oppenheimer’s farewell from IMAX theaters.

Balancing the support for Nolan’s film with other obligations, Richard Gelfond, CEO of IMAX, notes that they’ll have to “play it by ear and see where it goes.” Mark Jafar, IMAX’s global head of corporate communications, points out that IMAX 70mm film is ten times more durable than traditional film and foresees it being used in specialty theaters for Nolan-themed events in the future.

As of now, Oppenheimer’s global earnings through IMAX amount to $134 million, and in a world where traditional multiplexes are said to be dwindling, IMAX seems to be thriving. This success story underscores the director’s vision and the demand for this specialized film format. Further insights into Nolan’s work with “Oppenheimer” are available in the accompanying interview.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword IMAX

What amount did “Oppenheimer” generate from IMAX 70mm screenings?

It generated $17 million from just 30 IMAX 70mm screens worldwide.

How did Christopher Nolan contribute to the success of “Oppenheimer”?

Christopher Nolan, the film’s director, has been a champion for the IMAX format for over a decade, significantly contributing to the movie’s success in this premium large screen format.

What is the significance of the $17 million earned from IMAX 70mm screenings?

The amount becomes significant when considering there are only 30 IMAX 70mm screens globally. Earning $17 million from such a limited number of screens highlights the demand for this format.

Will “Oppenheimer” continue to be shown in IMAX theaters?

Yes, though it must give up exclusive play on 70mm screens on September 1, it is likely to return to IMAX theaters in the future, possibly for Nolan retrospectives.

What is the global contribution of IMAX to “Oppenheimer”‘s box office earnings?

IMAX has generated $134 million for “Oppenheimer” worldwide, accounting for 20% of the film’s global opening weekend.

How does IMAX’s format contribute to its longevity?

IMAX 70mm film lasts, on average, 10 times longer than regular 70mm or 35mm film, making it a valuable asset that can be used for future special screenings.

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NolanFanatic August 18, 2023 - 7:33 am

No one supports IMAX like Nolan does. This success is wel deserved and I hope to see more films in this format. Oppenheimer’s succes in IMAX shows that people still value quality cinema.

MovieBuff99 August 18, 2023 - 9:56 am

Wow $17 million from just 30 screens thats amazing! Nolan never ceases to amaze me, can’t wait to see Oppenheimer in IMAX!!

FilmCritic101 August 18, 2023 - 10:23 pm

Oppenheimer dominating on so few screens shows the demand for premium viewing experiences, It’ll b interesting to see how it shares screens with Equalizer 3 and other releases. Nolan’s impact on cinema is far-reaching indeed.

CinemaLover August 19, 2023 - 2:28 am

i saw Oppenheimer in IMAX and it was totally worth it. the visuals and sound just blow you away. Nolan is a genius, no doubt about it.

TechGeek August 19, 2023 - 5:06 am

the fact that IMAX 70mm lasts 10 times longer is pretty cool! Didn’t know that before. It’s an asset for future generations, for sure.


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