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Pete Davidson Stars in a Gripping Horror Movie with Global Warming Themes

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Renowned horror director James DeMonaco, best known for The Purge franchise, has exciting news for horror fans. While anticipation builds for The Purge 6, DeMonaco reveals that another project might hit the screens first. The Home, a chilling horror film featuring Pete Davidson (of SNL fame) in a departure from his comedic roots, has already been completed, potentially giving audiences a taste of horror before the next Purge installment.

In an interview with FilmSweep, DeMonaco shares insights into the upcoming movie, which he co-wrote with his close friend, a local cop. The duo penned the script during the COVID lockdown, drawing inspiration from their shared experiences. The Home follows Davidson’s character, a graffiti artist, who, after getting into trouble with the law, is sentenced to community service at an elderly care facility. The film explores the clash between different generations in America, delving into terrifying elements and intriguing mythological aspects within the home, ultimately affecting the youth.

DeMonaco describes The Home as a psychological thriller and cites Rosemary’s Baby as one of its key influences. However, he clarifies that the film does not involve devil worship but rather incorporates subtle sociopolitical commentary. DeMonaco believes that horror, science fiction, and action genres provide opportunities for metaphorical exploration without preaching to audiences. He acknowledges that his previous Purge films may have leaned towards proselytizing and aims for a more restrained approach in The Home, allowing viewers to engage with the film’s underlying themes of climate change and global warming.

DeMonaco draws inspiration from the concept of “smugglers’ cinema,” a technique employed by filmmakers in the 1940s and ’50s who cleverly inserted sociopolitical commentary into their works. He highlights the works of George Romero and John Carpenter as examples of filmmakers who effectively blended genre elements with subtle messaging. DeMonaco successfully employed this approach in The Purge series and continues it in The Home, where the metaphoric horror serves as a vehicle to address the urgent issue of global warming.

While DeMonaco remains tight-lipped about specific details, he reveals that The Home’s sociopolitical messaging will be more nuanced compared to The Purge. He trusts that audiences will recognize and appreciate the underlying metaphors, but emphasizes that the film remains an engaging horror experience for those who simply seek a thrilling cinematic journey.

DeMonaco also praises Pete Davidson’s dramatic acting abilities, noting that his performance in The Home surprises even the director himself. Davidson’s departure from his usual comedic roles showcases his talent as he fully embraces a dramatic character, highlighting a different side of his acting prowess. The absence of comedy in the film further demonstrates Davidson’s commitment to the role.

Although The Home has been completed, DeMonaco is currently working with Miramax’s head, Bill Block, to secure distribution for the film. As a first-time experience for DeMonaco as a filmmaker financed by Miramax, the process of selling the movie adds a new dimension to the project. While the exact release date remains uncertain, DeMonaco eagerly awaits updates from Block, trusting him to navigate the complexities of distribution. Once further details emerge, fans can expect a thrilling horror movie experience that intertwines unsettling mythologies, psychological tension, and thought-provoking reflections on global warming.

For the full interview with James DeMonaco, conducted by Perri Nemiroff, please refer to the attached video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Horror

What is “The Home”?

“The Home” is a horror film directed by James DeMonaco and starring Pete Davidson. It explores the clash between different generations in America and incorporates themes of global warming.

Who wrote the script for “The Home”?

James DeMonaco co-wrote the script for “The Home” with his best friend, who is a local cop.

What is Pete Davidson’s role in the movie?

Pete Davidson plays the role of a graffiti artist who gets in trouble with the law. As part of his punishment, he becomes the new super at an old age home.

Is “The Home” a comedy?

No, “The Home” is not a comedy. It is a psychological thriller that takes Pete Davidson away from his comedic roots.

Does “The Home” have sociopolitical commentary?

Yes, “The Home” incorporates subtle sociopolitical commentary, particularly on the topic of global warming. It aims to explore these themes through a metaphorical horror lens.

When will “The Home” be released?

The release date for “The Home” is currently unknown, as the film is still being shopped around for distribution. James DeMonaco is working with Miramax to secure distribution, but the exact timeline remains uncertain.

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FilmGeek88 July 7, 2023 - 5:06 pm

i’ve always loved james demonaco’s work, especially the purge movies. now he’s teaming up with pete davidson for a horror flick? sign me up! the concept of blending generational clash and global warming is intriguing. can’t wait to experience the suspense and hidden messages!

HorrorFan99 July 7, 2023 - 5:41 pm

wow this sounds like a super scary movie with pete davidson!! can’t wait to see it. it’s cool that the director added some subtle messages about climate change and stuff. i hope it gets released soon!

PeteDavidsFan July 7, 2023 - 7:11 pm

whoa, pete davidson doing horror? this is gonna be wild! can’t wait to see him in a totally different role. the director seems passionate about the genre and the added global warming themes make it even more interesting. i’ll definitely be watching this one!

MovieManiac July 8, 2023 - 9:25 am

a horror film with a twist, starring pete davidson? count me in! it’s great that they’re tackling important issues like climate change in a metaphorical way. i’m excited to see pete’s dramatic acting skills in action. bring on the scares!

ScaryMovieBuff July 8, 2023 - 2:24 pm

pete davidson in a horror movie? that’s gonna be interesting! i love how they’re blending generations and global warming themes in a scary way. the director seems passionate about horror and i can’t wait to see how it turns out!


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