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Release Date Confirmed for ‘Strange Way of Life’, Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke’s Queer Romance

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Queer Western

The queer-themed Western, Strange Way of Life, directed by Pedro Almodóvar and featuring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, is set to hit the screens in October following its positive reception at the Cannes Film Festival. The narrative explores the life of a rancher, Silva, who reconnects with his longtime friend, Sheriff Jake, shedding light on profound human emotions and ethical quandaries. Strange Way of Life will be screened consecutively with Almodóvar’s other English-language short film, The Human Voice, in movie theaters.

The highly anticipated Strange Way of Life, Pedro Almodóvar’s queer-themed Western, has now locked down an October release. The film premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, earning rave reviews from critics and piquing the curiosity of audiences. Sony Pictures Classics will ensure that fans get the opportunity to experience Strange Way of Life on the big screen.

Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal are the leading stars of the short film, portraying a queer couple reuniting after a significant amount of time, drawing comparisons to the trailblazing 2005 romance, Brokeback Mountain. This short film will be screened concurrently with Almodóvar’s 2020 short film, The Human Voice, featuring Tilda Swinton. Both these films are Almodóvar’s sole forays into English-language cinema, and fans are excited for the opportunity to watch them in theaters, back to back.

What Is the Story of ‘Strange Way of Life’?

In the film, we follow Silva (Pascal), a rancher who embarks on a desert journey to reconnect with his old pal, Sheriff Jake (Hawke). The duo used to operate as hired guns and despite Silva’s seemingly nostalgic visit, their reunion indeed turns into a celebration of their old bond. However, the situation takes a twist when Sheriff Jake discloses that the purpose of Silva’s visit is not to reminisce about the past. Echoing Almodóvar’s previous films, Strange Way of Life presents another captivating story of intricate human emotions that resonate with our personal ethical dilemmas.

Joining Hawke and Pascal in the film are José Condessa as a young Silva, Jason Fernández as a young Jake, Sara Sálamo as Conchita, Erenice Lohan as Clara, Pedro Casablanc as Carpenter, George Steane as Joe, Manu Ríos as singer, Oihana Cueto as Calixta, and Daniela Medina as Patricia. Pascal is riding a wave of success with The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, while Hawke has recently appeared in projects such as The Black Phone, Moon Knight, and The Northman. Almodóvar is renowned for his skill in creating layered narratives that grapple with themes of desire, LGBT issues, fervor, family, and identity.

Strange Way of Life is set to premiere in NYC and LA theaters on October 4 and will roll out nationwide on October 6. The trailer can be checked out below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Queer Western

What is the release date for ‘Strange Way of Life’?

The release date for ‘Strange Way of Life’ is set for October. It had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and received positive reviews.

Who are the main stars in the film?

The film stars Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal as a queer couple reuniting after a long time. They play the roles of Sheriff Jake and rancher Silva, respectively.

What is the story of ‘Strange Way of Life’?

The movie follows Silva, a rancher, who reunites with his old friend Sheriff Jake. Both used to work as hired gunmen, and the story delves into complex human emotions and moral dilemmas.

Is this film related to Pedro Almodóvar’s other work?

Yes, ‘Strange Way of Life’ will be shown alongside Almodóvar’s other English-language short film, ‘The Human Voice’, in theaters. Both films will be played back to back.

When will the film be available in theaters?

‘Strange Way of Life’ will hit theaters in New York City and Los Angeles on October 4, with a nationwide release on October 6.

What are the themes explored in the film?

The film delves into themes of desire, LGBT issues, passion, family, and identity, which are characteristic of Pedro Almodóvar’s work.

Are there any other notable cast members?

Yes, the film also stars José Condessa, Jason Fernández, Sara Sálamo, Erenice Lohan, Pedro Casablanc, George Steane, Manu Ríos, Oihana Cueto, and Daniela Medina.

Is this Almodóvar’s first English-language film?

No, Almodóvar had previously made another English-language short film, ‘The Human Voice’, which will be shown alongside ‘Strange Way of Life’ in theaters.

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