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Uncovering the Mystery Behind Quentin Tarantino’s 1977 Movie Critic and Why It’s Not About Pauline Kael

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Just two days after his 60th birthday, famous movie director Quentin Tarantino said that he will soon start filming his next feature film called “The Movie Critic”. He also denied the rumors that it is about critic Pauline Kael. He made this announcement during a Q&A event in the Grand Rex Theater in Paris, France.

The Movie Critic is set in 1977, an important time for movies. That’s the year Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out! During this period, some really talented directors rose to fame. They included Martin Scorsese, Dennis Hopper, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Francis Ford Coppola. These filmmakers changed the way movies were made by creating stories about conflicted characters living in a sad world with none or very few happily-ever-after endings.

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“A Graphic Novel to Celebrate Quentin Tarantino’s Birthday and His Inspirations!”

Back when he was a teenager, Quentin Tarantino was heavily influenced by the New Wave filmmakers. So if The Movie Critic ends up being his last movie, it makes sense for him to make a film about this genre of cinema that has inspired him so much. If that’s what happens, we can expect some amazing actors who will play characters of legendary status!

Someone has created a special graphic novel to celebrate the special day of director Quentin Tarantino’s birthday – and you can now get an exclusive first look at this amazing piece of art!

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The title of the new Tarantino movie suggests that it will show how Hollywood has changed. People used to depend a lot on film critics in the 1970s to tell them whether a movie was good or not, especially someone called Pauline Kael. Nowadays, people still get starry-eyed before an impressive film, just like what happened with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Possibly, Tarantino might even make up a character based off him in the movie which could represent all of us film lovers.

For several years now, Quentin Tarantino has said that he will make ten movies before retiring. He is known for creating some very important and amazing films such as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Inglorious Basterds. Despite this it appears that even announcing his retirement doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s done making movies as Hayao Miyazaki has shown us.

We still don’t know who will be in the cast of The Movie Critic, or when it’s going to come out. But you can watch a trailer for Oscar-winning Once Upon a Time in Hollywood down below if you want!

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