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Will Ferrell Stars as a Vengeful Dog in the Hilarious ‘Strays’ Trailer

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Introducing “Strays,” a side-splitting R-rated comedy that takes a refreshing twist on the conventional family movie genre by focusing on talking dogs. However, make no mistake, this film is not meant for the whole family; it’s set to hit theaters next month with an R-rating. Centered around the neglected dog Reggie, magnificently portrayed by Will Ferrell, “Strays” follows Reggie’s quest for revenge against his less-than-worthy owner, Doug, played by Will Forte.

Reggie, a naïve Border Terrier with an overly optimistic view of the world, finds himself abandoned on the streets by his owner. He initially believes it must be a mistake, unable to fathom why Doug would do such a heartless thing. His perspective changes when he crosses paths with Bug, an experienced stray Boston Terrier voiced by Jamie Foxx. Through Bug, Reggie comes to realize the toxic nature of his relationship with Doug, and he finally sheds his rose-colored glasses. Fueled by this newfound understanding, Reggie teams up with Bug and his streetwise friends, each facing their own challenges with their owners, to plot revenge against Doug in the most cutting way possible.

Early test screenings of “Strays” have already generated tremendous buzz, with audiences responding positively and enthusiastically during the movie’s climactic moments, bursting into applause and cheers. The excitement for the film’s theatrical release on August 18 is mounting, promising a hilarious and memorable experience for all.

The film was skillfully written by Dan Perrault (known for “American Vandal” and “Players”) and expertly directed by Josh Greenbaum (“Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar”). The production is supported by a talented team, including producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, renowned for their work on projects like “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” “Cocaine Bear,” and “The Lego Movie.” The star-studded cast also features Isla Fisher as the Australian Sheppard Maggie, Randall Park as the anxious Great Dane Hunter, Josh Gad, Rob Riggle, Jamie Demetriou, Sofia Vergara, Harvey Guillén, and a delightful cameo by Dennis Quaid as himself.

With the film already gaining positive responses from test audiences, director Josh Greenbaum is thrilled for more people to enjoy this uproarious tale in theaters, confident that the laughter and enjoyment will only continue to spread.

Prepare to be entertained as “Strays” hits the big screen on August 18. Feast your eyes on the newly released trailer below:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about comedy

What is “Strays” about?

“Strays” is an R-rated comedy centered around talking dogs. It follows Reggie, a naive Border Terrier, seeking revenge on his toxic owner with the help of stray Boston Terrier Bug and his friends.

Who stars in the movie?

Will Ferrell plays the lead role of Reggie, the optimistic Border Terrier. Other notable cast members include Jamie Foxx as the voice of Bug, Will Forte as Reggie’s neglectful owner Doug, Isla Fisher, Randall Park, Josh Gad, Rob Riggle, Jamie Demetriou, Sofia Vergara, and a cameo by Dennis Quaid as himself.

When does “Strays” premiere?

The movie is set to premiere in theaters on August 18.

Is “Strays” suitable for the whole family?

No, “Strays” is an R-rated comedy and not suitable for young audiences. It offers a unique spin on the family movie genre but is intended for adult viewers.

How has the film been received so far?

Early test screenings of “Strays” have received positive responses, with audiences reacting enthusiastically during climactic moments, generating anticipation for its theatrical release. Director Josh Greenbaum is excited about the positive reactions and looks forward to more people experiencing the film in theaters.

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