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Blue Beetle’s Director Once Dreamed of Crafting a Bane Origin Tale

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The man behind the camera of “Blue Beetle,” Ángel Manuel Soto, initially had aspirations to share with the world his lifelong vision of a beginning story for Batman’s infamous foe, Bane. When approaching DC Studios, however, he was instead drawn to direct “Blue Beetle.” Though reluctant at first, fearing to fall into stereotypes around Latinos, Soto was won over by the genuine and relatable content of the script. His involvement in the “Blue Beetle” project might even pave the way for collaborations with Matt Reeves on future DC endeavors, potentially realizing his dream of creating that Bane origin story.


Often, a director or screenwriter needs to approach a producer to present their idea in hopes of getting a film greenlit. Superhero films differ; studios often already have plans and seek out directors to breathe life into beloved intellectual properties. This is the situation Ángel Manuel Soto found himself in with “Blue Beetle,” although it took him by surprise during his initial meeting with DC Studios.

While talking with FilmSweep’s Editor-in-Chief Steve Weintraub, Soto disclosed receiving a call from DC, expecting to present his passion project: a beginning tale for Batman’s adversary, Bane, especially after the character’s rise to fame through Tom Hardy’s portrayal in 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” However, Soto soon realized that Bane was already spoken for, and the conversation shifted away from that character entirely.

Soto recalled, “I walked in to discuss Bane since I longed to craft – and still do – an origin tale about Bane. I thought it was exciting. They agreed but informed me the character belonged to Matt Reeves. I was like, ‘Alright…’ ‘But we have something else for you – Blue Beetle.’ That’s how it began. They introduced ‘Blue Beetle.’ Initially hesitant due to not wanting to misrepresent Spider-Man or fall into Hollywood’s recurring stereotypes about Latinos, they reassured me and directed me to the script, penned by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, a fellow Mexican. Reading it, I became convinced, recognizing the authenticity and genuine representation only someone from our community would truly grasp. It became clear that ‘Blue Beetle’ was in capable hands.”


Watching “Blue Beetle,” one cannot help but notice the heartfelt connections to Latinx culture woven into the narrative. The elements of music, cultural references, and familial ties make it evident why Soto ultimately accepted the project.

Simultaneously, directing “Blue Beetle” might be a stepping stone for Soto in the DC universe. With Matt Reeves (director of “The Batman”) and the entire Bat-verse expanding, Soto might find himself just a phone call away from future collaborations, possibly including the once-desired Bane origin story.

For now, “Blue Beetle” graces the silver screen in theaters, leaving no room for doubt that this opportunity was anything but a secondary option for Soto. His acceptance of the project speaks to his understanding of storytelling, connection to culture, and possibly a pathway to further artistic expression within the comic book world. It’s not the Bane story he once wanted to tell, but it’s a story that resonates and thrives in theaters today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Blue Beetle

Who is the director of “Blue Beetle”?

Ángel Manuel Soto directed “Blue Beetle.”

What was Ángel Manuel Soto’s original idea before “Blue Beetle”?

Soto’s lifelong dream was to create an origin story for the Batman villain Bane, but he was eventually drawn to direct “Blue Beetle.”

Why was Soto initially hesitant about taking on the “Blue Beetle” project?

Soto was hesitant at first as he didn’t want to fall into Latino stereotypes or misrepresent characters, but he was won over by the authenticity and representation in the script written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer.

Could working on “Blue Beetle” lead to future collaborations for Soto within the DC universe?

Yes, working on “Blue Beetle” could potentially open doors for Soto to collaborate with Matt Reeves on future DC projects, including his dream of making a Bane origin story.

What aspects of “Blue Beetle” reflect a connection to Latinx culture?

“Blue Beetle” showcases deep knowledge and personal connections to Latinx culture, evidenced through elements like music, cultural references, and overprotective extended family.

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