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‘Ferrari’s Composer Put the Pedal to the Metal and Scored the Film in Only One Week

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‘Ferrari’s Composer Races Against Time to Create Film Score in Just One Week

In the realm of cinematic enchantment, a director’s clear vision is only the beginning. The elements of cinematography, costume design, performances, and dialogue must harmoniously blend to weave a truly captivating tale. Among these storytelling tools, music stands as a paramount pillar in the creation of a film. It shapes the story, molding the audience’s emotions and deepening their connection to the characters and unfolding events on the screen. Daniel Pemberton, renowned for his musical contributions to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Steve Jobs, All the Money in the World, Birds of Prey, and Amsterdam, is no stranger to crafting evocative scores. In an interview with Steve Weintraub of FilmSweep at the Mediterranean Film Festival, Pemberton unveiled the extraordinary feat of composing a full soundtrack for Michael Mann’s upcoming film, Ferrari, in less than a week.


Yes, you read that correctly, and Weintraub was equally astonished when Pemberton, who has also orchestrated the Enola Holmes franchise, disclosed that he had fewer than seven days to orchestrate and arrange every musical note for the film. Describing the experience as akin to “being a Ferrari driver,” the composer elaborated on his approach and mantra of pushing the limits. Initially, Pemberton’s involvement in Ferrari seemed improbable, given his already packed schedule of other projects. However, when “a very small window” of opportunity emerged, he seized it eagerly. Initially brought on board to work on the racing scenes, Pemberton explained, “Michael [Mann] just needed assistance. The racing scenes weren’t achieving the desired impact, and he wanted to elevate them.” Yet, after Pemberton delivered those sequences to Mann, the director was so enamored with the results that he instructed him to “score the rest of the movie.” Pemberton revealed to FilmSweep that he commenced writing on a Thursday, and the following Wednesday, a full orchestra was in the studio recording the score.

The greatest challenge Pemberton faced was ensuring the seamless integration of the music with the racing scenes, acknowledging that “the sound of those cars is, in a way, the score itself, and the music must not overshadow it.” Recognized for his meticulousness regarding the music in his films, the esteemed composer acknowledged the “colorful reputation” of Mann as a “demanding individual to please… when it comes to music.” Pemberton knew he had to fully commit to the project. Audiences can anticipate a blend of “energetic, high-frequency strings” and “deep, low elements” to allow the engines to become an integral part of the score. Having triumphed over this “exceedingly intense experience,” Pemberton shared that the renowned director of Manhunter, Michael Mann, was “extremely satisfied” with the final result.

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What Is Ferrari About?

Ferrari, a biographical film, delves into the real-life story of Enzo Ferrari, who finds himself overwhelmed by personal issues while preparing for the race of a lifetime—the 1957 Mille Miglia. Adam Driver takes on the titular role, with Penélope Cruz portraying his wife, Laura Ferrari—an exceptional performance, according to Pemberton. The film also stars Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey, Sarah Gadon, Giuseppe Bonifati, Gabriel Leone, Jack O’Connell, and Michele Savoia.

While Ferrari may initially appear as another sports film boasting prominent names, Pemberton asserts that it encompasses far more than that. Beyond Ferrari’s ascent in the racing world, the composer insists that the film “immensely immerses you in the frenzy of motor racing,” shedding light on the sport’s origins. Off the track, the intricate lives of the main characters unfold in what Pemberton describes as a “multilayered drama,” addressing themes of grief alongside the pursuit of victory.

Make sure to catch Weintraub’s complete interview with Pemberton later this week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about film score

How long did Daniel Pemberton have to create the film score for Ferrari?

Daniel Pemberton had less than a week to orchestrate and arrange the entire film score for Ferrari.

What was Daniel Pemberton’s initial role in the project?

Initially, Daniel Pemberton was brought on board to assist with the racing scenes in the film, as they weren’t working as intended.

How did Daniel Pemberton approach the tight deadline?

Daniel Pemberton embraced the challenge with an attitude of “foot on the pedal and just go,” working diligently to complete the score within the limited timeframe.

What challenges did Daniel Pemberton face in creating the music for Ferrari?

One of the main challenges for Pemberton was ensuring that the music seamlessly integrated with the racing scenes without overshadowing the sound of the cars, which became an important part of the score.

What is the focus of the film Ferrari?

Ferrari tells the real-life story of Enzo Ferrari and his journey as he prepares for the 1957 Mille Miglia race. The film explores both the world of racing and the complex lives of the main characters, delving into themes of grief and ambition.

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CruzFan July 7, 2023 - 3:52 am

Penelope Cruz is amazin’ in everythin’ she does can’t wait to see her performance in Ferrari gonna be a powerful drama with some racin’ action

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wow daniel pemberton is a genius creating the whole film score in just a week thats crazy he must be super talented

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gotta give props to pemberton for takin’ on the challenge and impressing mann with his score gotta see this film it’s gonna be a thrill ride

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mann this film sounds sooo exciting with all those racing scenes and the music has to match the sound of the cars it’s gonna be epic


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